Obama’s Cunning Tactics Against America….

It amazes me yet once again to watch the throes of the campaigns. Obama claims McCain is running a “dirty” campaign yet when I get on the internet or pick up a newspaper, all I see are innuendos of the McCain/Palin ticket compared to Hitler or names of “Caribou Barbie”. Cindy McCain who has done an enormous amount of philanthropic work is being put in a grinder, called a drug addict, etc.

“Joe the Plumber”, an American, asked a question of Obama about taxes and the tax plan that he plans to put in place should Obama become President. Because of this, “Joe” has had his life turned upside down, scrutinized and the world now knows he owed back taxes and probably the kind of underwear he is currently wearing. All Joe asked was, “You are going to raise my taxes, aren’t you?” Obama’s response including the words, “Spread the wealth” are from his own mouth.

The Democrats are running about as dirty a campaign as I have seen in years. I was a Democrat for near 40 years, but after I realized my own party had been hijacked by the corrupt Socialism party and I basically consider myself a Patriot, I changed my party affiliation to Independent on Independence day (July 4th). I guess I would have to classify myself a Reagan Democrat. I am not totally for the Republican platform; more a moderate of “middle of the road” kind of voter.

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. was called down on his use of the word racist for Western Pennsylvanians. Why? Because they aren’t voting for Obama. Please! Now because he had to apologize for that word, he now calls them rednecks! Get on any forum or blog and if one of Obama’s paid “sitters” are there you will be called lots of names if you say anything against Obama. I personally have been called all kinds of nice “female types of names.” The best one was a Nazi whore. Why? Because I have been blogging and talking about Obama’s very radical far left “pals” for months! It is finally making headway into the national news.

The most hypocritical statement I have heard lately was that Fox News was not “fair and balanced.” That makes me just laugh myself to tears. The main MSM’s of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS have basically been bought off to make sure nothing bad or curious about Obama gets to the eyes and ears of America! To prove my point, any of you reading this: Do you know these people or names? Dr. Al-Mansour, Marilyn Katz, Penny Pritzer, Norm Chomsky, Carl Davidson, Tom Hayden, Michael Klonsky, John McKnight, Valerie Jarrett, Rashid Khalidi, Robert Malley, James Zogby, Raila Odinga, The Midwest Academy, The Gamaliel Foundation, Heather Booth, George Soros, Auchi, Mayor Daley of Chicago, The New Party……just to name a few. If you are at a loss, I suggest you either look them up or stop being blind! And I mean BEFORE November 4, 2008. There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet. Try Googling one of the names above and put Obama after, for example: Marilyn Katz Obama just like that and hit enter. America has already heard about the Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn connections to Obama; I have blogged a timeline to prove he is not just “a man in my neighborhood”, Tony Rezko, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. I am talking about the people you don’t know about.

That is if you can just take the time to VET who Obama “really” is. What his true plans for America are!

It has been hinted that he is promoting a Socialism agenda. He is, but he is pushing the “far left” Socialism agenda. Let me give you a hint: The Socialism party is also known as the “Workers Party”. Focus word is workers. Even Michelle Obama hinted at this at the rally in North Carolina. “Barack will not allow you to go back to the lives you knew, uniformed, unengaged.” also this: “In order for Barack to get the programs he needs, some Americans will have to give up their pieces of pie so other’s can have more.” Even Barack Obama has hinted at a National Civilian Security Force (as large as and funded as well as our military?) at a rally in Colorado. What does he need this civilian security force for? Now because this has been brought up, he mentions “volunteerism” like a national Peace Corps. He promises our youth a college education, BUT they will be required to volunteer in a “civil service duty” capacity. A question here would be: Who is paying for this college education? College is not free, so will our colleges be nationalized? No freedom of college choice anymore? You will go to college for a specific degree for national duty? Obama’s Healthcare program is nothing more than “socialized” medicine. We will see a decline in the amount of Medical School graduates. Why? Because they will not be able to start a practice where they want to. The government will tell them what they can practice and where. Kind of in the fashion of “spreading the wealth.”The major Unions of America, AFL-CIO, SEIU, AFSCME are all Socialized. Their presidents like Andy Stern are all part of the Democratic Socialists of America. Why do you think they are working to take away “secret balloting” of whether to unionize companies? Voting will then turn to “vocal” balloting. If you vote against unionizing, would there be retribution against you? My guess would be a resounding, YES. The workers union.Obama’s connections to Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam. The one that has called Obama the “Messiah.” Louis Farrakhan has even mentioned that Obama has awakened our youth. “And when the Messiah speaks, they listen.” What does Michelle Obama say about this? Something to the effect that Louis Farrakhan came out and supported Barack too soon. Too soon?

The connections to Dr. Al-Mansour. This should be a wake up call if nothing else. The one that says, “Cut off the noses and ears of the white man, take off his skin…kill them.” All in the name of God….. Go to UTube and put in his name and just watch one of the videos where he speaks of Apartheid and the white man. He is connected to Obama. Sutton, who was the lawyer for the Black Panther Party, stated in a video recently that Obama received a letter of recommendation from John L. McKnight of the Gamaliel Foundation as well as a letter of recommendation from Dr. Al-Mansour for Obama to go to Harvard. Add to this between Dr. Al-Mansour and a Saudi Arabian billionaire, Obama had his Harvard education paid for; no student loan as Obama speaks about.

There have been hints that Obama really wants to promote a Islamo-fascist doctrine if he should become POTUS. Connections to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. who preaches Socialism minus scripture; ties to Africa and Khadafy (Muslim), Louis Farrakhan (Muslim), etc. African theology a la James Cone is basically black Muslim teachings. I don’t mean the passive Muslim teachings either….. Remember the words of Wright: “Rich white people”, “Economic justice”, “Economic redistribution”…. “God damn AmeriKKKa”….Raila Odinga, Obama’s supposed cousin that promotes Islamo-fascism in Kenya, (that he campaigned for in 2006) and wants to invoke Sharia Law. These ARE connections to Barack Obama. Does this give you pause? It should! I don’t believe for a second that either Barack OR Michelle could sit in the Trinity United Church of Christ for twenty years and NOT hear one word of malfeasance against America! Barack helped funnel money through the Woods Foundation to this church. There are hints that Barack helped with a grant to give this church 15 MILLION dollars in government grant money to this church. Yes America, the preacher that damns America has received millions of taxpayer money with the help of Barack Obama.Young children singing praises for Obama’s Hope and Change. Middle school boys dressed in camouflage stomping and chanting about Obama. The youth: Remember what I said about Louis Farrakhan’s praises of the Messiah? UTube has the videos of this.

Obama’s promises to America. Has anyone really asked him what his visions for America really are? I liken Obama to a “snake oil salesman”: one who will speak what he thinks they want to hear, yet hides his true agenda. With the “Progressives” in Congress (Socialists within the Democratic Party) gaining power this election season and they hope to have 60 seats in the Senate in November to fight filibustering on legislation; anything Obama wants……

Our Constitution already in jeopardy. The First amendment has been violated with suppression of the real news about Obama being emitted. Now Nancy Pelosi (Socialist) wants to renew the Fairness Doctrine which in turn will suppress any “violations” of what they want you to hear. The Second amendment of the right to bear arms has been tested by Obama in reference to the Washington, D.C. gun legislation; with his statement of rural America clinging to their “guns and religion”. Those of us that have registered guns will have them “collected.” The Nineteenth amendment of voter’s rights and free and fair elections is being tested through the ACORN investigation. Are you getting the picture yet America? Will our Constitution, written by the founding fathers be replaced for a manifesto?Will there be another Civil War in America’s history? One of Patriots against Socialism? Is this the Change Obama speaks about? Remember the words of previous patriots for America. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Judge not a man by the color of his skin, but of his Character within. Or Patrick Henry: I have but one life to give for my country; give me liberty or give me death. 

We will soon be voting for the next President to lead our country. America…..choose wisely! Or will Obama’s cunning tactics work?


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