King George Soros; Obama’s Puppeteer Who Leads “Shadow Party” Within The United States.

How many Americans have heard of the Shadow Party?

How many Americans truly know George Soros’ goals in destroying the United States?

How many people know that most of Obama’s millions during his campaign for Presidency actually were bundled into the “Shadow Party”?

A bit of history:

“The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat.”

George Soros
February 1997


“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

George Soros
June 2006


“The separation of church and state, the bedrock of our democracy, is clearly undermined by having a born-again President.”

George Soros
October 18, 2004


“I have known George Soros for a long time now […] We need people like George Soros, who is fearless, and willing to step up when it counts.”

Hillary Clinton
June 3, 2004


Who pulls the levers of power in America?

America is under attack. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are a cabal of influential and powerful Americans who have formed a secret party within the Democratic Party, led by radical billionaire George Soros.

This Shadow Party seeks to undermine the War on Terror, destabilize the nation, and effect radical “regime change” in America.

New York Times best-selling authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe (both former radicals) weave together riveting history, investigative reporting, and cutting political analysis to help expose and explain:

  • The Shadow Party’s plan to rewrite the US Constitution.

  • How the Shadow Party overthrows foreign governments – and why it may attempt to use the same methods here.

  • The vast network of private think tanks, foundations, unions, stealth PACs, and other front groups through which the Shadow Party operates in America.

  • The network’s voluminous contributions to the Democrats, which totaled more than $300 million in the 2004 elections, and its growing influence over the party’s message and policy.

  • The politicians on both sides of the aisle who have exchanged political favors with George Soros and his “government-in-the-wings.”

  • The Shadow Party’s efforts to conceal its radical agenda behind the “moderate” pose of Hillary Clinton and other public figures.

  • The radical network’s plan to seize power in 2008.

A battle is raging for the future of America, and the forces of the insurgent left have masked themselves behind the mainstream façade of the Democratic Party.

Who’s Who in the Shadow Party :

An index of significant people and organizations discussed in The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Lawrence Poe.

The list is LONG.  Go here:

As of 2004

The so-called “Shadow Democratic Party,” or “Shadow Party,” is a nationwide network of more than five-dozen unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats.

 Its activities include fundraising, get-out-the-vote drives, political advertising, opposition research, and media manipulation.

The Shadow Party was conceived and organized principally by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold McEwan Ickes — all identified with the Democratic Partyleft.

As of August 2004, the husband-wife team of George Soros and Susan Soros had contributed $13,120,000 to Shadow Party groups and operations, second only to Soros’ longtime friend and collaborator, insurance mogul Peter B. Lewis ($14,175,000). The third leading donor was Jane Fonda ($13,085,750), followed by Hollywood producer Stephen Bing in fourth place ($9,869,014). Other major funders of the Shadow Party include the Tides Foundation and the Open Society Institute

Wall Street billionaire George Soros is the Shadow Party’s principal founder and mastermind.

Clear hints of Soros’ intentions began to appear as early as the 2000 election. It was then that Soros (shouldering about one-third of the cost) sponsored the so-called “Shadow Conventions.” Organized by author, columnist, and socialite Arianna Huffington, the Shadow Conventions were media events designed to lure news crews from the real party conventions that year. Huffington held her “Shadow Conventions” at the same time and in the same cities as the Republican and Democratic Conventions, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles respectively, and featured leftwing critics of mainstream politics. The Shadow Conventions promoted Huffington’s view that neither Democrats nor Republicans served the interests of the American people any longer. In Huffington’s view, U.S. politics needed a third force to break the deadlock.Mumia” chants from the crowd and an incendiary tirade by Jesse Jackson. A former conservative, Huffington told reporters, “I have become radicalized.”

Among the issues highlighted at the Shadow Conventions were racism, class inequality, marijuana legalization and campaign finance reform. 

It was during the 2000 election that Soros first experimented with raising campaign funds through Section 527 groups. In preparation for the 2000 election, Soros assembled a team of wealthy Democrat donors to help him push two of his pet issues — gun control and marijuana legalization. Their donations greatly exceeded the limits on political contributions stipulated by campaign finance laws. Soros therefore laundered their contributions through Section 527 groups — dubbed “stealth PACs,” by the media of that time.

More importantly, Soros discovered in Hillary Clinton an ideological soulmate. Mrs. Clinton shared his aversion to U.S. “hegemony.” Like Soros, she sought to subordinate U.S. interests to global interests; U.S. sovereignty to global government; U.S. law to global courts; U.S. wealth to global taxation; and U.S. productivity to a scheme for global income redistribution. She also shared Soros’ hostility to Israel. Soros and Mrs. Clinton formed a friendship based upon their mutual beliefs. When the Clintons left office, Soros dedicated himself to restoring Hillary to the White House. experience in effecting “regime change. He helped fund the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” that brought Vaclav Havel to power in the Czech Republic. By his own admission, he has helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia and Yugoslavia. When Soros targets a country for “regime change,” he begins by creating a shadow government — a fully formed government-in-exile, ready to assume power when the opportunity arises. The Shadow Party Soros has built in America greatly resembles those he has created in other countries, prior to instigating a coup.

Hillary Clinton tries to minimize the depth of her involvement with the Center for American Progress. But persistent press leaks confirm that she — and not its official President, John Podesta — has ultimate authority at CAP. “It’s the official Hillary Clinton think tank,” an inside source confided to Christian Bourge of United Press International. As Robert Dreyfuss notes in The Nation, “In looking at Podesta’s center, there’s no escaping the imprint of the Clintons. It’s not completely wrong to see it as a shadow government, a kind of Clinton White-House-in-exile — or a White House staff in readiness for President Hillary Clinton.”

Dreyfuss notes the abundance of Clintonites on the Center’s staff, among them Clinton’s national security speechwriter Robert Boorstin; Democratic Leadership Council staffer and former head of Clinton’s National Economic Council Gene Sperling; former senior advisor to Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget Matt Miller; and more. Dreyfuss writes: “[T]he Center’s kickoff conference on national security in October [2003], co-organized with The American Prospect and the Century Foundation, looked like a Clinton reunion, featuring Robert Rubin, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary;  William Perry, his Defense Secretary;  Sandy Berger, his National Security Adviser; Richard Holbrooke and Susan Rice, both Clinton-era Assistant Secretaries of State; Rodney Slater, his Transportation Secretary; and Carol Browner, his EPA administrator, who serves on the Center’s board of directors.” Hillary Clinton also attended the event, Dreyfuss reports.

To develop the Shadow Party as a cohesive entity, Harold Ickes undertook the task of building a 21st-century version of the Left’s traditional alliance of the “oppressed,” the disgruntled, and the “disenfranchised.” He formed a coalition of pro-abortion activists, leftwing minority groups and leftwing labor unions. By the time Ickes was done, he had created or helped to create six new groups, and had co-opted a seventh called Together, they constitute the administrative core of the Shadow Party. They are: America Coming TogetherAmerica Votes; the Center for American ProgressJoint Victory Campaign 2004; The Media; and the Thunder Road Group.

George Soros described how he had jump-started the Shadow Party in the summer of 2002. The Wall Street billionaire told how he summoned a team of political strategists, activists and Democrat donors to his Southampton beach house in Long Island. According to The Washington Post, attendees included: Morton H. Halperin (Director of Soros’ Open Society Institute); John Podesta (Democrat strategist and former Clinton chief of staff); Jeremy Rosner (Democrat strategist and pollster, ex-foreign policy speechwriter for Bill Clinton, and former special advisor to Secretary of State Madeline Albright on NATO; Robert Boorstin (Democrat strategist and pollster, ex-national security speechwriter for Clinton, and former advisor to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin); Carl Pope (ACT co-founder, Democrat strategist, environmentalist, and Sierra Club Executive Director); Steve Rosenthal (Labor leader, CEO of America Coming Together, former chief advisor on union matters to Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, former Deputy Political Director under DNC chairman Ron Brown, and AFL-CIO Political Director from 1996 – 2002); Peter Lewis (major Democrat donor and insurance entrepreneur, and founder and chairman of Progressive Corporation); Rob Glaser (major Democrat donor and Silicon Valley pioneer); Ellen Malcolm (co-founder and president of ACT and founder of Emily’s List); Rob McKay (major Democrat donor, Taco Bell heir, and McKay Family Foundation President; Lewis and Dorothy Cullman (major Democrat donors, and founders of the Lewis and Dorothy Cullman Foundation in New York).

At the meeting, Soros laid out his plan to defeat President Bush. He began implementing his plan before the meeting had adjourned. Blumenfeld writes: “Standing on the back deck, the evening sun angling into their eyes, Soros took aside Steve Rosenthal, CEO of the liberal activist group America Coming Together (ACT), and Ellen Malcolm, its president. They were proposing to mobilize voters in 17 battleground states. Soros told them he would give ACT $10 million. … Before coffee the next morning, his friend Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corp., had pledged $10 million to ACT. Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, promised $2 million. Rob McKay, President of the McKay Family Foundation, gave $1 million, and benefactors Lewis and Dorothy Cullman committed $500,000. Soros also promised up to $3 million to Podesta’s new think tank, the Center for American Progress.

New groups are constantly being formed in the Shadow Party, while others vanish. To determine how many groups exist in the Shadow Party at any given time is difficult. Even more daunting is try to determine the purpose of each group. In some cases, groups seem to have no function other than to transfer funds from one 527 to another, perhaps in order to obscure the money trail. On December 10, 2003, for instance, a 527 group called the Sustainable World Corporation suddenly sprang into existence in Houston, Texas. Within days of its birth, it gave $3.1 million to the Joint Victory Campaign 2004, which in turn disbursed half of the payment to Harold Ickes’ Media Fund.

As of 2004, an alphabetical list of Shadow Party groups included the following: Air America Radio; America Coming TogetherAmerica VotesAmerican Constitution Society; American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; American Federation of Teachers; Anshell Media; Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN]; Association of Trial Lawyers of America; Band of Progressives; Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; Campaign for a Progressive Future; Campaign for America’s Future; Center for American Progress; Clean Water Action; Communication Workers of America; The Constitution Project; DASH PAC; Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund; Democracy for America; Democratic Governors Associations; Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee; Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; Dog Eat Dog Films; EMILY’s List; Environment 2004; Gore/Lieberman Recount Committee; Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union; the Human Rights Campaign; INdTV; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Joint Victory Campaign 2004; Laborers International Union of North American; League of Conservation Voters; New Democrat Network; The Media Fund; Media Matters for America; Million Mom March; Moving America Forward;; Music for America; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; NARAL Pro-Choice America; National Education Association; National Grassroots Alliance; National Jewish Democratic Council; National Treasury Employees Union; New American Optimists; New Democrat Network; Partnership for America’s Families; People for the American Way; Phoenix Group; Planned Parenthood; Pro-Choice Vote; Service Employees International Union; Sheet Metal Workers International Association; Sierra Club; The Thunder Road Group; United Food & Commercial Workers Union; United Progressive Alliance; USAction; Vagina Votes; Voices for Working Families; Vote for Change; Young Voter Alliance; and 21st Century Democrats.

George Soros Funding New Liberal Advocacy Group (2/10/2008) Billionaire financier George Soros is contributing $2.5 million to a new political organization that promotes Democratic causes in the 2008 elections.

A year-end campaign report filed with the IRS and uncovered by The New York Times confirmed an earlier Newsmax report disclosing that the group, Fund for America, was organized by Taco Bell heir Rob McKay, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, and Anna Burger of the Service Employees International Union.

The SEIU matched Soros’ contribution.

Newsmax reported in November that the liberal activists had joined forces to form the so-called 527 group — named for a section of the tax code that allows such an organization to attempt to influence elections as long as it discloses donors and expenses.

Fund for America is expected to air television ads and take other political action designed to help Democrats win the White House and retain control of Congress, Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times reported. The organization will also focus on direct mail and door-to-door canvassing.


George Soros, at first, backed Hillary Clinton for President in 2008.  Soros then realized that Barack Obama had the rhetoric, the speaking ability and the nuance to have millions back him for President.  George Soros then decided to back Obama for the Presidency.

ANY American in the right mind can put “two and two” together.  By bundling money through his 527 PACs, Soros was able to hide under the FEC radar thus pumping millions into Barack Obama’s campaign.  Is it any wonder WHY Obama picked Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State.  After all Hillary Clinton is PRO WORLD GLOBALIZATION and will work with the UNITED NATIONS to affect America’s sovereignty.

George Soros’ dream is a WORLD without borders! Free border crossings, drugs, etc. 

George Soros needs to be exposed for the manipulator he is  in the attack against the sovereignty of America. 

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  1. why is this not the number one news story of all time–where is the media?

    Response by Romanticpoet:

    It seems REAL Journalism died in 2008.

    George Soros has injected his money into the left-biased media;, Media Matters, etc.

    Tides Foundation tied to ACORN, Wade Rathke; Dale Rathke sits on their board.

    NBC is within the White House (Jeffrey Immelt the CEO of GE)

    ABC is within the White House (George Stephanopoulos part of 6:30 AM call with Rahm Emanuel, Paul Begala, James Carville, Also his Sunday Morning show’s producer is Ian Cameron who is married to Susan Rice the US Ambassador to the UN)

    CNN has always been left-biased (our son calls it the Communist News Network)

    and so on, and so on.

    WHY do you think the White House is attacking Fox News? Could it be they are the ONLY ones telling the truth about this Administration?

    Glenn Beck has been informing America about what is actually happening. If you don’t watch him I highly suggest you do. 5 PM EST on Fox News Network. If you can’t watch him, tape it…..DVR it and watch at later time.

  2. The referenced websites have already disappeared.


    That is what this administration does. “Web wipes” any information that is not of their liking.

    Yet they are the FIRST ones to claim there should be “net neutrality”….

    I made files of these links in case they “disappear”:

    And this one:

    Here is Soros’ latest attempt to destroy free markets (made a file of this also)

  3. […] King George Soros; Obama’s Puppeteer Who Leads “Shadow Party” Within The United States. […]

  4. If all this info is common knowledge, Why isn’t anything being done to stop this monster?!


    It is called $$$$$.

    Media has been bought and paid for by Soros.

    $1.8 million to NPR recently.

    We can only hope that Soros is on Rep. Issa’s radar screen.

  5. sometimes it seems that to fight this scourge would be fruitless,,but i believe in most of the people in this country and that they are starting to wake and see what is transpiering.every day someone will comment i had no clue,,my thought is open your eyes and look around. i think this whole administration is in on this transformation to socialism,,some where i personally don’t want to be. so i watch with great interest to what will come

  6. […] King George Soros; Obama’s Puppeteer Who Leads “Shadow Party” Within The United States. […]

  7. stand up

    Is this the way we go?

    After the bloodbaths of Revolution,
    Civil War, global wars
    burnt, busted, broken bodies
    strewn across the fields of foreign lands
    how brave, how honorable
    hundreds of years of visionary
    building cars in tick, tack, toe order,
    lighting prairies, silos feeding the world
    statesmen, guiding humanity
    struggles of the skin,
    of the organs…
    freedoms always finding more places
    to argue
    to thrust our people
    the many little faces and sharp tongued
    fraternities…. yet on
    we move with burning lanterns heralding our way
    each culture taking root bearing
    hybrids, happy engaged, engulfed in our dream
    a starry, striped dream
    conquering all… making the strongest stronger
    the timidest more timid
    in private recluse insured, guaranteed from pulpit to perpetuity
    casting pen to paper forever enshrining
    our place. our time. our land. our purpose. our family. our friends.
    our humanity. our faults. our frailties. our joys. our heartbreaks.
    our rights. our freedoms. our choice. our success. our homes.
    our hearts, our country. our land. our decisions.
    yet, we sit
    mired in loss. dragged down and divided.
    relentlessly assaulted not by enemies.
    but by robes and roll calls, lecterns and laws
    empire making proclamations.
    time has come
    you dwellers in delirium, you faceless you fatuous
    forgotten forlorn….
    time to stand up
    blast the horn, signal the siren, wave the flag, scream, yell
    shout be boisterous, be loud, be forthright, be bold
    for you are holding the future in your grasp
    time to stand up
    cinch yourself tightly…
    ride the gallop of Revere, share
    Lincoln’s languish, behold Wasington’s wisdom,
    Madison’s majesty, Key’s compassion… look back to America
    where humanity cast the alchemy of its greatness…
    now stand up
    it is time to stand up
    on your feet, in your town, on your block
    time to beat the socialist saboteurs…
    the Lenin lovers – makers of mass nothingness.
    no these bodies, these minds,
    this history of transcendence will not
    die the slow death
    of legislation, publication, broadcastration…
    no, no, no… man’s footprint on the Moon is
    a mere first step in our journey
    far and long it will be in the hearts and minds as writ;
    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the blinding
    light of all our battles.

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