The Geithner/Soros/Obama Connection..And The Dodd/Soros/Obama Connection…

From The Post Chronicle:

Our “Road To (Financial) Hell” Is Paved With Gold For The Likes Of George Soros
by Vincent Gioia

Tim Geithner, the man who President Obama said the United States could not do without despite his record of tax cheating, has come up with the “Big Sham;” a plan to reward fat cat investors who are Democrat supporters (or who will be) at tax payer expense. Geithner’s so-called Public-Private Partnership Program is a sham. It’s a lie. It supposedly “pairs” government money with private investors’ money to buy toxic mortgages from banks but there is no pairing and there’s no partnership.

Private investors favored by Democrats put up a fraction of the money and get almost all the profits while taxpayers get stuck with almost all the risk.

Here is an example of how this works.

Goldman Sachs (home of many Obama appointees) wants to buy a million dollars of mortgages from a bank for $420,000; Goldman puts up $30,000 and Treasury puts up $30,000 but then the FDIC guarantees a loan for $360,000. Goldman gets 93% of the profits while taxpayers (suckers like us) are on the hook for 93% of the risk.

Tens of thousands of defaulted mortgages on tens of thousands of homes are bought giving favored bankers like Goldman Sachs ownership of them by putting up just 7 cents on the dollar. The sub-prime mortgages total more than $2 trillion so this amounts to another huge give-away to politically well-connected bankers.

Looking at the scheme all together: $80 billion goes to make JPMorgan Chase whole on its bad trades; $319 billion goes to Citibank; $300 billion goes to bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac $185 billion to bonus-giving AIG; $29 billion to Bear Stearns; $25 billion to General Motors Finance; $700 billion in currency swaps to other governments and trillions for the TARP, TALF; and other programs that will make bankers who have shown their greed and incompetence wealthy while Obama and Geithner make the rest of poorer.

Although Geithner and Obama are able to fool Americans with the aid of the Democrat news media house organs, the rest of the world is not so gullible.

Recently China’s central bank governor joined three other economic giants (Russia, Brazil and India) in calling for the world to abandon the dollar as the world’s reserve currency; then the International Monetary Fund said the same thing. As the G-20 meet the US dollar as the international reserve currency is on the agenda there.

As the dollar trends lower against other countries’ currencies, people like George Soros make billions. Soros has already said “This has been a good crisis for me,” and why not? Soros was able to get 158% profits in just 24 days by buying options that stood to gain when the Euro rose against the dollar. The Euro rose less than a dime but Soros and others like him wound up with huge gains. Add another 74% profits in two weeks with options on the British pound and more profit on just a change of 9 cents – a 77% profit when the pound increased 10.3 cents against the dollar. Now with the size the bailouts and the huge multi-trillion dollar deficits, the US dollar will likely fall even more.

The profit potential for the likes of George Soros who gains and adds to his fortune by currency speculation will now, from currency options on stronger currencies, be enormous.

 Those with 401 Ks who lost large sums in the market meltdown can attest that no matter how well diversified you are, there are times when the whole stock market goes pretty much straight down, and the same for bonds and real estate. But that doesn’t happen with currency investments because it’s mathematically impossible for the US dollar to go down without other currencies like the Euro, Chinese Yuan, or the Canadian dollar going up in equal measure.

 Geithner is perpetrating a huge lie that will wreck the dollar and is the biggest scam in our history – all for the benefit of wealthy bankers who will be beholden to Obama and the Democrat Party. Even the president of the European Union called these bailouts and other lunatic American policies “the road to Hell.” But in this case the road to hell is paved with gold for the fortunate few.


The IPC Christopher Dodd’s wife connections to AIG…..



Dodd’s Wife a Former Director of Bermuda-

Based IPC Holdings, an AIG Controlled


By Kevin Rennie

No wonder Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn) went wobbly last week when asked about his February amendment ratifying hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to executives at insurance giant AIG. Dodd has been one of the company’s favorite recipients of campaign contributions. But it turns out that Senator Dodd’s wife has also benefited from past connections to AIG as well.

From 2001-2004, Jackie Clegg Dodd served as an “outside” director of IPC Holdings, Ltd., a Bermuda-based company controlled by AIG. IPC, which provides property casualty catastrophe insurance coverage, was formed in 1993 and currently has a market cap of $1.4 billion and trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol IPCR. In 2001, in addition to a public offering of 15 million shares of stock that raised $380 million, IPC raised more than $109 million through a simultaneous private placement sale of 5.6 million shares of stock to AIG – giving AIG a 20% stake in IPC. (AIG sold its 13.397 million shares in IPC in August, 2006.)

Read the rest HERE



George Soros’ connections to IPC Holdings in Bermuda……

George Soros

Hungarian born, British, worth at least $968 million. Via two funds, he holds shares in Bermuda based IPC Holdings, a subsidiary of which is catastrophe insurer International Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Company Ltd.

So now there is a tie between Dodd/Soros andSoros to Obama……

Other interesting connections: Besides Soros banking in Bermuda…..

Offshore accounts in Bermuda include Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch…..

Is this why these Millonaires and BILLONAIRES are not screaming about Obama’s taxation plan?  Money offshore in Bermuda and other “untouchable accounts” by the IRS in America?


America…….do you feel “used” yet? 

Glenn Beck stated the other day a family of three now is in debt $100,000 + so far with Obama’s spending spree and it ain’t over yet!


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  1. […] The Geithner/Soros/Obama Connection..And The Dodd/Soros/Obama Connection… […]

  2. With all the info we have, WHY are steps not being taken to remove them? (Obama, Soros.Alinsky,Axlrod etc.) Is every thing a game? this is starting to remind me when I was a child playing hopscotch.
    I thought the people of AMERICA was in charge.I think WE The People are going to have to take over, because all the BS going on is such a waste of time lost in positive action.



    Impeachment proceeding have to be done in the House of Representatives (under Democratic control until January 2011.) Then voted on for Impeachment in the Senate (still do NOT have majority Republicans in Senate). SO, even though the articles for Impeachment are intiated through the House, IF the Senate does not vote for impeachment, then Obama rules until 2012.

    From the legal dictionary definition of Impeachment


    Impeachment, the constitutional method for removing presidents, judges, and other federal officers who commit “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” requires a majority vote by the House of Representatives, and then conviction by a two-thirds vote in the Senate. President William Jefferson Clinton’s impeachment trial was the fifteenth in U.S. history, and the second of a president. Andrew Johnson, the other president to be impeached by the House of Representatives, was acquitted by the Senate in 1868 in a vote that mostly followed party lines. Especially in light of prior impeachments, seven of which ended with the removal of federal judges, Clinton’s case will affect the future use of impeachment, the process of impeachment, and the definition of “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”


    Rep. Issa from California has lined up several hearings on WHAT the Obama Administration has or has NOT done since taking office in January 2009.

    Alinsky is dead, but his theory and practices live on through Obama, the Communist Party and some factions of the Progressives within America.

    Would love to see Soros tied to this Wikileaks debacle. Soros has been “tied” to a majority of the “Wiki” system.


    The Soros Connection

    March 2010 — Although Jimmy Wales, the public figurehead of Wikipedia, tries to give the world the impression that his website is an independent entity, the reality is that the Wikimedia Foundation, of which Wikipedia is a project, is directly dependent upon support from super-wealthy benefactors with connections to the pharmaceutical investment business.

    One of the most notable of the Wikimedia Foundation’s supporters is the so-called “Open Society Institute”, founded by the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, George Soros.

    Links between George Soros, the Wikimedia Foundation and the drug industry

    George Soros is a Hungarian-born currency speculator and multi-billion dollar stock market wheeler-dealer who has been convicted of insider trading in France. Accused in court by the Dr. Rath Foundation of having funded the ARV drug-promoting Treatment Action Campaign to the tune of 1.4 million South African Rand, Soros has invested heavily in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors over the years, buying large holdings in companies such as Pfizer, Merck and Monsanto.

    Significantly, therefore, Melissa Hagemann, Senior Program Manager of the Soros Open Society Institute’s Information Program, currently sits on the advisory board of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia. Hagemann has also worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – an organization that, like Soros, has previously invested heavily in the drug industry and, according to the Los Angeles Times, reaps vast financial gains every year from investments that contravene its claims to good works.

    Similarly, Ethan Zuckerman, a member of the Wikimedia advisory board since its formation in January 2007, simultaneously sits on a funding board for the Information Program of the Soros Open Society Institute.

    Another member of the Wikimedia advisory board, Trevor Neilson, is currently President of the so-called Global Philanthropy Group and has notably advised the likes of Bono, Bill Gates and former U.S. president Bill Clinton – all of whom have been prominent promoters of ARV drugs – on HIV/AIDS. Moreover, Neilson has also served as Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GBC), which was created with investments from Soros, Gates and the American media tycoon Ted Turner. GBC has close connections to the drug industry and the members of its inaptly-named “Health Systems Strengthening” intervention include the drug multinationals Merck; Sanofi-Aventis; Abbott; Pfizer; Schering-Plough and others. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations – whose honorary chairman is the key drug industry investor David Rockefeller – Neilson is said to have recruited over 100 companies to join GBC.


    Rumor is that David Axelrod will resign soon to start work on Obama’s re-election campaign.


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