Rosa Brooks: Obama’s Selection as a PENTAGON Advisor Has Radical Idea For Communications? ***UPDATED***

Obama Appointee Suggests Radical Plan for Newspaper Bailout

Rosa Brooks, who has moved from the L.A. Times to the Pentagon, called for more “direct government support for public media” and government licensing of the news, which critics say would destroy the independent media.

Influential Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks has hung up her journalistic hat and joined the Obama administration, but not before penning a public proposal calling for some radical ideas to help bail out the failing news industry.

Brooks, who has taken up a post as an adviser at the Pentagon, advocated upping “direct government support for public media” and creating licenses to govern news operations.

“Years of foolish policies have left us with a choice: We can bail out journalism, using tax dollars and granting licenses in ways that encourage robust and independent reporting and commentary, or we can watch, wringing our hands, as more and more top journalists are laid off,” she wrote in her parting column on April 9.

Brooks said this would help rescue the industry from a “death spiral” and left the government unaccountable to the journalists who must keep it honest. “[I] can’t imagine anything more dangerous than a society in which the news industry has more or less collapsed,” she wrote.

But critics say her proposal would spell an end to the independent media and make journalists reliant lapdogs.

“The day that the government gets involved in the news media you see the end of the democratic process, because an independent news media is absolutely essential to the success of a democracy,” said L. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group.

 “Since when did our Founding Fathers envision that … you could exercise your right to freedom of speech provided you had a license from the federal government? This is the kind of stuff you have revolutions about,” he told

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From Atlas Shrugs:

Brooks is a Soros cohort: she has been Special Counsel to the President at Soros’s Open Society Institute.

And Brooks worked for Honjou Koh, the pro Sharia lawyer and transnationalist now at the State Department.

She called Cheney and Bush psychos to be dealt with like psychos, referring to their “crimes”.

Bush in the Dock? Don’t bet on it Rosa Brooks LA TIMES

In her role in the Pentagon, Brooks will have significant security clearance. That means that the proprietor of the sort of lunacy I just linked will have access to more of our secrets than many Congress and Senators.

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My note:

The MSM’s have been fawning over themselves during this election cycle.  Mysogynist attacks, “tingle up the legs”, the NY TIMES expressing its love for “The One”……

Yes, TRUE JOURNALISM has died.  There is no longer an objective view about the NEWS.

Rosa Brooks is the daughter of Barabara Ehrenreich.  For those that don’t know Barbara:


Barbara Ehrenrich:

  • Socialist
  • Feminist
  • Sixties radical
  • Honorary Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialists of America
  • Author of Nickel and Dimed

Barbara Ehrenreich is a well-known socialist, feminist, and social critic. A self-described fourth-generation atheist, she has authored more than twenty books, including Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America (2001). Between 1994 and 1998, she was a regular columnist for Time magazine. Today her editorials appear commonly in The Progressive. She also has written for The New York TimesMother JonesThe Atlantic MonthlyMs., The New RepublicZ MagazineThe Nation, and the socialist online publication In These Times.

After completing her studies, Ehrenreich turned her attention to political and anti-war activism. She met her first husband, John Ehrenreich, during an anti-Vietnam War campaign. Together they would parent two children, Rosa and Benjamin, before eventually divorcing.

Candid about her affinity for Marxism, Ehrenreich is the Honorary Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialists of America. When the Communist Manifesto was re-released on its 150th anniversary in 1998, Ehrenreich celebrated the event. She noted that in producing the Manifesto as a commercial product, capitalists were — as Lenin had once predicted — providing the rope that eventually would hang them.

In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Ehrenreich wrote that the real threats to America were not Islamic terrorists, but poverty, illiteracy, and environmental degradation. In an interview with On the Page, she recoiled at the characterization of the 9/11 terrorists as evil:

“The word evil always makes me nervous. It’s not just a more intense form of bad; it’s usually a signal that we’ve stopped thinking…. The real challenge is to look at the terrible acts and try to work our way towards an understanding of how a human being might undertake them.”

The interviewer asked, “Which would involve some level of compassion?” Ehrenreich replied, “Maybe not compassion, but an empathetic ability.”

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NOW REMEMBER Barbara Ehrenreich is Rosa Brooks’ MOTHER. What a great way to raise a child under these RADICAL views.

Barbara Ehrenreich is a frequent writer for Progressives For Obama and cowrites with Tom Hayden (of SDS fame) and Bill Fletcher Jr.

A Call for Unity Behind Barack Obama

By Tom Hayden, Bill Fletcher Jr., Danny Glover & Barbara Ehrenreich

an excerpt from the above article;

By its very existence, the Obama campaign will stimulate a vision of globalization from below. As progressives, we believe this sudden and unexpected new movement is just what America needs. The future has arrived.


So now Obama has appointed another radical (with definite radical roots: mother) for an advisory position at the PENTAGON!

Amazing…..just amazing!


UPDATE: June 24, 2011

Rosa Brooks Leaves the Pentagon


WHERE is she now?




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