Jeffrey R. Immelt’s Connection To Obama Is More Than Just GE and NBC: Look!

From muckety maps:

Jeffrey R. Immelt’s relationships and connections:

1.  The Federal Reserve

2.  Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board

3.  GE: includes NBC Universal

4.  Catalyst

5.  Robin Hood Foundation

As I stated in my previous blog about the Conflict of Interest between GE and Obama; this just confirms it.

Jeffrey Immelt(GE)connected to the FEDERAL RESERVE?

Jeffrey Immelt (GE) is on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board?

What else  is going on at the White House that America doesn’t know about?

No bid contracts for the Healthcare initiative, the Energy Initiative, the Economic Recovery Plan?

GE’s “Healthymagination”

GE’s “Ecomagination”

Transparency?…….what a crock!

And America thought Dick Cheney did sneaky deals…….

Oh, that’s right we have to blame everything on BUSH!  LOL…..

YOU are being HOODWINKED and DUPED America……..


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