“Gangster Government” The Obama/Chicago Way…

Hat tip to Trevor Loudon.


Rep Michele Bachmann On “Gangster Government”


June 12, 2009

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is very impressive.

Here she gets to the guts of what’s happening in America-“gangster government.”

Then add this:

About Pay Czar

Yeah, right like the Pay Czar is ACTUALLY going to tell the truth at the Financial Hearings in Congress!  They only answer to Obama.  They will have “crib sheets” from Obama as to what they can and cannot say.  NO ONE in Congress actually knows what they do?  What their (Czars)/Obama’s plans are?


Link to video

So let me get this straight:  A Pay Czar to oversee and make demands of banks, insurance companies, Car manufacturers that received TARP/bailout funds.  Will it all go “down hill” to soon cover ALL businesses/Americans? Bonuses from the hospital they work for, bonuses for Employee of the Year, bonuses for Teacher of the Year, etc.?

If a Pay Czar is to look at and regulate the pay and bonuses of executives; which may grow to include ALL Americans, will the Congress including the House and Senate be regulated too?  After all they receive lobbyist money in the thousands of dollars as “bonuses”!

How about the lobbyists that are within the White House?  Will their salaries be scrutinized/capped under the Pay Czar? 

How about Anna Burger for example: she more than likely receives a salary for being on the Obama Economic Recovery Advisory Board, a salary for being the Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU, a salary for director of They Work for Us organization, etc.  Will she be audited by the Pay Czar for all these compensations?

What’s fair is fair.




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