Ari (Ariel) Emanuel: The Obama/Media Connection (Movies,Arianna Huffington and The Producer of “An Inconvenient Truth”..Al Gore’s film)

The final leg of the Emanuel Brothers’ Triad: Ari (Ariel) Emanuel.

While Rahm was busy campaining for President Clinton’s election, he relied on his brother Ari.

As the chief fundraiser representing the Jewish community, Rahm Emanuel raised an unheard of $72 million for Bill Clinton.

Kid Brother Ari.

Beginning in New Hampshire, raising that $72 million in what he himself freely called “Jewish money” to me, he relied largely on his kid brother. Ari (for Ariel) Emanuel, 46, is a hugely wealthy Hollywood agent who was the inspiration for “Ari Gold,” the hustling Sammy Glick character on HBO’s film “Entourage.” Ari and three others from a talent agency decided in 1995 to start their own firm. Ari was fired when the owner found his assistant rifling the files to use for his own venture but that didn’t stop Ari. He now heads his own boutique agency, Endeavor, the most powerful in Hollywood with an estimated $100 million in revenue yearly.

Ari doesn’t get much press (and doesn’t want it) but he did score in 2006 by calling on Hollywood to blacklist Mel Gibson for Gibson’s alleged anti-Semitic remarks following his DUI arrest. But there was more than religious outrage in it for Ari: Gibson was represented by a rival agency. Earlier, in 2002, Ari was sued by some of his Endeavor employees who alleged he allowed a friend to operate a pornographic website out of Endeavor’s offices, a suit that was settled for $2.25 million. Memory of that settlement sort of took the edge off some of the self-righteousness Ari used against Gibson. Rahm and Ari are as close as any two brothers can be.

Ever wonder WHY the Hollywood elites donate oodles of money for the “Obama cause”?  The answer is: Ari Emanuel.

Connections of Ari Emanuel:

Ari Emanuel lives and/or works in Los Angeles, CA.

Ari Emanuel personal relations:

Ezekiel Emanuel – brother
Rahm I. Emanuel – brother
Michael Moore – agent
Aaron Sorkin – client
Steve Tompkins – client
Mark Wahlberg – client
Bradley Whitford – client

Other current Ari Emanuel relationships:

Ari Gold – inspiration for
Live Nation – director
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment – co-CEO, co-CEO & director

Ari Emanuel past relationships:



Ari Emanuel Connections

Ari Emanuel Connections

Then this connection:
Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars

Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars

End note:

Ever wonder HOW Obama’s Administration can produce commericials/infomericals so readily and its media campaign?  Answer:  Ari Emanuel.

“Hollywood media”…..”Hollywood stars”……

So there you have it America:  The Brothers Triad

Rahm Emanuel:  Chief of Staff for Obama Administration

Ezekiel Emanuel: Healthcare Advisor to the Obama Administration and is also tied to Peter Orzag.  Zeke is a Liberal Communitarian.

Ariel (Ari) Emanuel:  Connected to the Hollywood elite: has his own media agency; was a fundraiser in Hollywood for the Obama Presidential Campaign and is co-founder of Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars that is tied to Laurie David,  Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) and Lawrence Bender, the Producer of AL GORE’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.



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  2. […] Ari (Ariel) Emanuel: The Obama/Media Connection (Movies,Arianna Huffington and The Producer of “An… […]

  3. […] Ari (Ariel) Emanuel: The Obama/Media Connection (Movies,Arianna Huffington and The Producer of “An… […]

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