America Under Seige From Within: The Threat of Totalitarianism

  By Hilmar von Campe  |  July 16, 2009

The Threat of Totalitarianism 

(Editor’s note:  Hilmar von Campe, who grew up under the Nazis and wrote the book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, offers comparisons between Nazi Germany and America today. “Our nation has elected an anti-American left-wing radical if not Communist to be president of the United States,” he warns. “We better begin to plan now for the reality and not for a democratic daydream. The ideological war has reached us at the top of our power structure threatening our very existence from inside.”)

The executive director of the Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington received me twice. I apologized to him for the atrocities committed by a German Government and German citizens to his people. I had not participated in these atrocities but my ungodly life had made the godless Nazi government possible. I asked him to forgive me and my country, Germany at that time. We became friends. I told him that most people look at the criminals when trying to figure out how it was possible, that such evil could happen in a cultured nation like Germany. They should look, however, at the real culprits, the bystanders like me, who allowed evil to dominate. Germany went down because of godlessness.

 The national Socialist ideology was built on lies-the most important being that that there is no God. That godless concept led to the Holocaust, the destruction of Germany, and to the death of millions of families. Hitler lied to the German people and to the world. At every stage, including the beginning of WWII, he fooled the population. 

It may sound like I am exaggerating or over-dramatizing the situation, but I think that we have a repetition of Hitler’s policy to get total power developing in the United States. Obama’s massive expansion of the federal government will destroy the United States as a world power, make us even more dependent on our enemies, and will ruin a great part of the present population and their descendants.

 The rest of the family was expelled from our home in East Germany and we came as refugees to West Germany. Everything I write or lecture about is based on my personal experiences in Nazi Germany. There is nothing theoretical about my description about what happens when a nation throws God out of government and society. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to go through the same.


I believe his real purpose is not to get the United States out of the financial mess but to set the stage for a total takeover. The liberals controlling Congress are helping him in that task.


 I lived through the Nazi nightmare and my family paid dearly. My elder brother fell in Russia and my father perished in a Soviet concentration camp without having committed any crime.

My writing is part of my restitution for the crimes of a godless government, of the evil of which I was a part. My restitution includes a commitment to the state of Israel and the God-given rights of the Jewish people.

Afraid Of Government 

During the Nazi years people were afraid of their government. Everybody spoke practically two languages-one in public and one with close friends. Since the Gestapo always tried to find out from children what their parents were thinking, my parents like all other parents had to be careful about what they said in our presence. My father listened to the Swiss broadcasts of Beromünster late at night so that we wouldn’t notice. To listen to foreign news was a crime and could lead to death. 


I noticed now that here in America many people are also afraid of their government and guns sales are on the rise. Thomas Jefferson stated: when the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, then there is liberty. I hope that the new tea-party movement is successful in frightening the Washington establishment.


 Something is very wrong in America and this nation is moving in the wrong direction. We are getting close to Nazi reality.


Threat To A Free Press 

I am especially concerned about the dangers of a government-takeover of the media. Hitler didn’t need to do that because the Nazis already controlled the media-newspapers, radio and the film industry.

We were told in the Hitler Youth and in school that we could pray and sing hymns at home or in our church as much as we liked. But the rules for the German society would come from the National Socialist Party and nobody else. They, like the Soviets, had realized that a moral authority above the government in the form of God would be a threat to their power grab.


The ACLU has taken up this Nazi philosophy and applied it successfully to American society. The ousting of God from our schools is far advanced and our youth are exposed to immoral and godless indoctrination instead of learning American history, our Constitution,  and the concepts of our founding fathers. Our government establishment has been watching this development for decades without doing anything about it. Our enemies don’t need suicide bombers to bring us down. We commit national suicide ourselves by watching the destruction of the moral and historical basis of our society.


When the Nazis took over power on January 30, 1933, they immediately set up a parallel party structure to the administration to watch over the action of the civil servants. They were responsible to Hitler. Obama has taken a similar approach and has already at the time of this writing appointed 16 czars, part of an unconstitutional governmental apparatus. It seems that their task is to watch over and interfere in the private sector. However, they report only to Obama, bypassing the Congress. 


The first Hitler government had only two members of the National Socialist German Workers Party, one being the minister of interior who was in charge of the police. Obama has some Republicans in his government and he acts like a military hawk in Afghanistan. These moves are designed to fool the opposition until total power is established.

The Arab-Israeli Dispute 

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, lived as a guest of Hitler from 1941-1945 in Berlin. They agreed to eliminate the Jews in Palestine and across the world. He had a major part in lining up the Jews for destruction in Europe.

At the end of the war he returned to Jerusalem and began immediately to poison the relations between Jews and Arabs. He created the hatred of Arabs against Jews and Americans and said that Israel had no right to exist. His pupil and successor was Yasser Arafat, trained by the Soviets, who headed the Palestine Liberation Organization. 

Western politicians believe that giving the Arabs pieces of Israeli land will bring peace. It is ridiculous. Islamic terrorism is a religious ideological program for global conquest.


There is a global ideological war going on. The United States of America is the principal target.  America is the last bastion of freedom in the world but we are in very bad shape as a nation. Our “leaders” do not face the issue. Our government believes or pretends that there is no such war and does not define the enemy.  Many people don’t even understand that they are being attacked.


The battlefield is morality: truth vs. lies. There is no neutrality-you can only be on one side or the other.

 It is the way you live, not necessarily the way you talk, that decides who you are. We must live a personal and national purpose with a global vision, Freedom. Freedom is a moral issue and needs to be defined. We must speak plainly and openly while we can.

 Slander, lies and the rewriting of history for political reasons have become reality in the minds of millions of people and whole nations. A great part of the world lives in a dream world which does not exist.

Institutionalized Lying

Once a specific lie is institutionalized and becomes a basis for policy decisions, for legislation and law enforcement, then it advances an entire system of lies.

The more lies that are being elevated this way, the closer we get to a society where lies dominate. If this continues, the next and final phase leads to a society where the lie rules, or in other words, to godless and totalitarian rule.

When lies are being enforced with government power and opposing the lie is being treated as a criminal act, then we will have opened the door to a Nazi-style totalitarian system.



Nationalized Banks

Nationalized Auto Industry

Government controlled Stimulus Money

**Government Carbon Tax Bill: Government control over industry

**Government Healthcare Bill: Government control over individuals through health needs.


**In Congress now


Will there be a referendum the likes of Honduras where there will be NO TERM LIMITS for Obama?

Gun control?

Loss of free speech?

ABOLISHMENT of the US Constitution?




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  1. i have been saying the same thing ,seems like no one cares.i believe that is why the interest rate was so low for so long,get everybody in debt so much that people only pay attention to buy things and not worry about paying for it.they can`t stay out of work to protest anything they have to work to pay off debt.the people worry so much about thier bills they won`t watch the news,they don`t want to be upset about the problems of the country,they have too many problems anyway.this was part of the plan of the far it has slipped up on everybody while they were buying suvs and 3000 sq foot houses and all the other things they didn`t need.i was a contractor and saw it coming 20 years ago…i wish the jones hadn`t moved in

    Response by Romanticpoet:

    The alarm was sounded months before the election. Through manipulation of the left biased media and the “visual manipulation” of the numbers (UNIONS and leftist activists, the Communist Party of American, Progressives for Obama, and the Socialist Party of America, gathered to increase the visual numbers of Obama’s “crowds” at his speeches. They literally followed him from big city to big city; possibly to Germany for his famous Berlin speech.), most Republicans and Independents did not go out to vote because they had the “It won’t matter anyway” mentality. Obama is the end result.

    ACORN has been allowed to run rampant, has 361 “Umbrella organizations” that we know of; money “laundered” through ONE address in New Orleans, La. that is connected to ACORN and the SEIU Local 100. Yet NONE of the Democrats, especially Barney Frank and Conyers, want to push for legislation to investigate ACORN when there is astronomical proof that they are corrupt. Obama trained ACORN before he became a State Senator in Illinois and REPRESENTED ACORN in a lawsuit against Citibank for NOT lending to low income citizens.

    No matter WHO is running in the 2010 elections, Americans need to ASK if the candidate, be it Democrat, Republican or Independent if they are PROGRESSIVE. If they answer Yes, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. It is the “Progressive” movement that has been working to Change America…..What you are seeing now.

    A video of HOW the economic crisis happened:

    Democrats Fighting Regulators in 2004:

    Obama supporter:

    The OBJECT is to bankrupt America so everyone will be totally dependent on the government.
    Cloward Piven strategy:

    Pass the word to family and friends, then have then pass it on to their extended family and friends and so on, and so on and so on. With the left biased media in place, the truth is hidden from America. That is Obama’s ultimate goal: HIDE THE TRUTH.

  2. Raised by god fearing parents, eight brothers and I, (record for one family) joined and were drafted into the U.S. Military. On my 17th. birtgday,following four months of boot camp and amphibious training, went ashore in N. Africa; One year and two months later, went ashore in Salerno Italy. Indeliable on my mind are the expressions of grief of German prisoners over bombing thers love ones as we transported them to prisoner of war enclosures (next to our Navel Base on Lake Bizerte (on the tip of N Africa).

    In my eighties, I realize the concerns suffered by the German presoners of war, most of whom were innocent of their governments unspeakable inhumanity, would one day haunt us as the revalutionaries seek to destroy our own government.

    What is ocurring today is a clarion call to vote out all members of congress (most of whom are lawyers (violation of separation of powers), stop bankrupting our government; return our troops, stop exportinhg manufacturing and service industries, reform governmen, start with voiding supreme court ruling that pornography is free speech, and punish violators of constitutional due process of law, by so many court officers named/pictured on our web site www/ . Wake Up America, Vincent Germano

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