Part of Obama Healthcare Plan: Mandatory Counseling For Seniors Over 65 Regarding End Of Life Issues

July 21, 2009

Government ‘counselors’ on end of life treatment

By Don Parker

The House version of the Health Care Bill is going to require (p 425-430) mandatory counseling for all seniors at a minimum of every five years, more often if the senior is sick or in a nursing home. 
Just how many government trained counselors will that put into the work force? With an over 65 population of 38,000,000 US (Census, 2007), 4 counseling sessions daily, over 37,000, at a minimum, that’s how many. Plus their supervisors, plus the report readers, plus the oversight agency.
Don’t even think that anyone should receive mandatory counseling regarding the end of life issues surrounding abortion; that’s a invasion of the right of privacy!
“Counsel” a senior about their end of life “choices” under Obama Care? Somehow that’s not the same, so just keep your mouth shut.

Previous blog of mine relating to Rahm Emanuel’s brother Zeke Emanuel that just so happens to be part of the Healthcare initiative:

Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel’s brother) has written a book called: “The Ends of Human Life”.

Ezekiel Emanuel, The Ends of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal Polity. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1991.

This book argues that two key unresolved issues in medical ethics today, terminating care and the equitable allocation of medical resources, require that we rethink the premises of liberal political theory. The author develops in detail a liberal communitarian model of community health programs, which recognizes fundamentally different conceptions of the good life among different communities deliberating about values, and yet secures individual rights and equity within a larger liberal polity. While the topic is specialized, it is perhaps the single best extended communitarian argument that grapples with the specifics of alternative (though nonutopian) institutional design, and incorporates insights from existing civic innovations in the health arena.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a Liberal Communitarian.

Communitarians see themselves as building a major social movement paralleling that of the Progressive movement in the early twentieth century. Their ideas have been very influential in academia, and have filtered into the Clinton White House.

While a few communitarians have developed refined institutional analyses to match their critiques—one thinks of liberal-communitarian Ezekiel Emanuel’s very interesting proposals on health care—communitarian thinking has not yet contributed to moving the debate on specific community and civic institutions substantially forward. This tends to give their arguments a moralizing quality, according to various critics.

From Ezekiel Emanuel’s book, “The Ends of Human Life” :

Look at the index of chapters.  This ought to make you feel “warm and fuzzy”

Then this:

Chapter 5:

The Liberal Communitarian Vision:

Background Tenets for Political Philosophy

The Ideal of Liberal Communitarianism

The Conception of Deliberation

The Conception of a Person

Political Rights and Goods

A Federated System

Liberal and Communitarian Facets


Note here:*** Politics have to garner/be part of  a Healthcare System? WHAT exactly does that  mean?  Liberals are put at the front of the line and all others (Republican,Libertarian,Independents, Non-party, etc.) are on the “Waiting list”?


Ezekiel Emanuel is the Director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the National Institutes of Health.  Does this connect to the point of whether YOU will be worthy of medical treatment.

Map of Ezekiel Emanuel’s connections:


End note:

Does anyone find this disturbing that the Healthcare Bill contains “End of Life” issues to be discussed at least every FIVE YEARS with those over 65 years old and Zeke Emanuel (Rahm’s brother) has written a book about THIS VERY THING?

Yet the White House CLAIMS they did not write this bill?

 Link to Healthcare Bill 1,000+ pages:

.pdf format

put in pages 425-430 and READ.


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    Dear Legislator,

    I am completely against the current ram-rodding through Congress of two very significant pieces of legislation: healthcare reform and energy/carbon reduction. I urge you to VOTE NO on both Bills. These issues are too important to be rushed through without a thorough discussion in the public realm. We need to get it RIGHT, not just get it done! Additionally, both of these bills appear to be way too complex and expensive (and with too much pork, especially the energy/carbon bill).

    1. On healthcare: It’s one thing for the government to regulate private enterprise, another for the government to get into the healthcare business. We don’t need everybody in the country on Medicare! We must preserve private enterprise and try to reduce taxes, not increase them. And please: no illegal aliens on my tax nickel! Finally, any provision that would take benefits away from our SENIOR CITIZENS in order to try to finance this Health Bill must be removed, and any “END OF LIFE” COUNSELING that would try to pressure SENIORS into foregoing health treatment must be not only removed but strongly CONDEMNED. This Bill is a legislative nightmare that must not pass.

    2. On energy/carbon: Where are the nuclear power plants, the obvious low-hanging fruit? Nuclear is not the dangerous proposition it perhaps once was (look at France, et al.). For starters, there are numerous approved sites that could be expanded or up-graded (or where this is no current plant at all). And I am highly dubious of carbon trading: From what I can see, it is not working in Europe (Scientific American). Also, the major emerging markets (China, India, etc.) are not going to participate anytime soon. Further, WHY PENALIZE HOMEOWNERS, many of whom are under-water with diminishing home values, with a scheme to force them to upgrade their houses before they can put them on the market for sale? This Bill is ill-conceived.

    Please take seriously my concerns, as your response to the above will determine whether you will be removed or voted back into office next time around.

    Thank you for your time in reading my concerns,


    An Irate American-Voter-Taxpayer


  2. I would suggest that everyone take a look at two movies, “Soylent Green” and “Logan’s Run”.

    Sub-plot of Soylent Green
    Set in the year 2022, the movie depicts a”dystopian” future in which Roth opts for assisted suicide or active, voluntary euthanasia (euphemistically known as “going home”) at a government clinic. There, he is taken to a comfortable bed, is given a poison-laced beverage, and is shown panoramic views of an unspoiled pristine Earth as he dies.


    Plot of Logan’s Run
    The movie depicts a “dystopian” future society in which population and the consumption of resources is managed and maintained in equilibrium by the simple expedient of demanding the death of everyone upon reaching a particular age, thus avoiding the issue of overpopulation.


  3. I think we should all burn our orgon donor cards. Against Obamas healthcare reform.

  4. May God intervene in stopping this travisty!

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