Hearings and Investigations Heating Up? Re: Obama’s Eligibility To Be POTUS




New Hampshire To Investigate Obama’s Eligibility 


New Hampshire State Representative, Lawrence M. Rappaport paid a visit to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State, on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

His stunning request: an investigation of Barack Hussein Obama’s presence on the NH 2008 Ballot.
Gardner’s stunning response:  “an investigation will commence.”
John Charlton interviewed Mr. Rappaport by email, and asked him, on what basis did he make his complaint; he responded, “The basis for all of this is possible fraud.  I don’t know what penalties will be assessed if fraud is proven.”
Rappaport’s action follows stunning revelations that Nancy Pelosi deliberately signed two different forms certifying Barack Hussein Obama was the Democratic National Party candidate for the presidency.  While these forms have been known to exist for some time, it was J.B. Williams, writing for the Canadian Free Press who brought them national notoriety, earlier this week.
It is unclear, if, in the eventuality that New Hampshire determines fraud was committed, on the grounds that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States, if the State will move, through its governor, to take some sort of action on the national scene, or who would be liable in law for the crime committed in-state.
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Captain Rhodes Hearing — Outrageous Update


The Count Us Out blog reports that a U.S. District Court hearing, scheduled for Friday in Georgia, has been rescheduled for Monday.

Capt. Connie Rhodes is fighting deployment to Afghanistan until Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of POTUS is established.  Dr. Orly Taitz  filed the complaint last week and Judge Clay Land granted an emergency hearing Friday afternoon in the Columbus federal courthouse.
Rhodes, a medical doctor who was with her unit in Fort Riley, Kan., did not attend the hearing because she was ordered by her commanding officer not to leave Kansas.  That prompted Land to reschedule it for noon Monday.  Rhodes was scheduled to arrive at Fort Benning today and deploy within seven days.
Rhodes’ attorney Orly Taitz was in Land’s court.
Dr. Orly Taitz, “We had a hearing on 11th.  Defendants (that’s Obama and others) were represented by 3 attorneys:  a US attorney, a Pentagon attorney and a Fort Benning attorney.  They claimed that my client, flight surgeon Cpt. Rhodes, MD, didn’t show up for no reason, she just didn’t feel like coming.”


“I presented to the judge a notarized statement, showing that Col. Jeffrey Johnson, her commander from Fort Riley, KS, has forbidden Connie from leaving Fort Riley a day early and she was threatened that if she does, she will be court-martialed and can be thrown into military prison.  In this fashion the government prevented Connie from being at her own hearing and 5 minutes before the hearing they served me with the motion to dismiss.”
“Judge Land did not appreciate this strong hand tactic of the government and he ordered the government to make sure Connie is able to leave the base to be at her hearing, which was scheduled for Monday at 12 noon.  This time it is their responsibility to do whatever is necessary for Connie to be in court.”

I still want to know why civil servants are doing representing the Usurper. What happened to his legion of civilian attorneys?  Isn’t he paying them?  Did they quit?

Captain Connie Rhodes, MD is challenging Obama’s eligibility and, thus, the validity of her orders to Iraq and the lawfulness of the orders going down the chain of command.

Will her orders be revoked like they did for Major Cook shortly before his hearing?

Will the government flinch again?

Or, will they claim — with audacity — that she does not have “standing” as an active member of the military going into harm’s way?

Stay tuned.

Hat tip to http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm



My End note: 

Will this make the Main MSM’s??……don’t hold your breath.

BEFORE Nancy Pelosi tries to make a mockery out of Rep. Joe Wilson, I suggest she answer the question as to WHY her own signature is on BOTH the DNC forms!

Did she knowingly conspire with the DNC?

Layers are being peeled away for all of America to see.

Sunshine is a wonderful disinfectant of corruption and deceit.

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