DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States! » Obama Arkansas eligibility filing

Arkansas Eligibility Filing Obama

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  1. So now that we have this information what will or can be done about it??

    Who will lead the charge and will the charge fail to remove BHO because of the Dem controll of Congress??

    Add to that a liberal Supreme Court and I think we have a problem, Houston!

    Response by Romanticpoet:

    Now that we know, we MUST follow the rule of “Sunshine is a wonderful disinfectant.” Others have followed the path of tell your family and friends, then have them tell their extended family (In-laws) and friends and so on and so on.

    Like the current ACORN scandal, sending this information to Fox News (Glenn Beck, Hannity, Greta Sustern, et.al) tends to expose the corruption.

    With it becoming a blogosphere topic and then addressing it via Fox News, the MSM’s under the control of the liberals eventually CANNOT ignore it. Look what happened at the most liberal newspaper, The New York Times recently about the ACORN scandal.

    Eventually even the Liberal Supreme Court will have to uphold the Constitution.

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