US Radical File #2: Carolyn Trowbridge. Ties To Communist Party, SEIU, ACORN, Healthcare for America Now (HCAN) and Obama Supporter


Radical File # ONE:

US Radicals File # 1 Margarida Jorge: US Radical Tied To Communist Party: Field Director for Health Care for America Now (HCAN)

From Trevor Loudon at New Zeal:

NOW Radical File # TWO:

US Radicals File #2: Carolyn Trowbridge

US Radicals 1 here


Carolyn Trowbridge is a leading Communist Party USA activist from Tuscon Arizona.


Carolyn Trowbridge

Carolyn Trowbridge

A retired nurse, Trowbridge chairs the Party’s Women’s Equality Commission and unsurprisingly is an active feminist.

She has been active in the Raging Grannies peace group and the immigrants rights group Derechos Humanos, supports the Alliance of Retired Americans and was recently vice president of the Arizona ACLU.

She has been active for many years-agitating against aid for the Nicaraguan contras in the ’80s and is no friend of Arizona Senator John McCain.


Like many of her comrades, Carolyn Trowbridge has worked closely with the radical community group ACORN.

She is also active in Health Care for America Now-a nationwide network of mainly ACORN and SEIU aligned activists agitating for socialized health care.

Health Care for America Now is directed from Washington DC by Trowbridge’s comrade, Communist Party supporter Margarida Jorge.

Carolyn Trowbridge represented SEIU and Health Care for America Now at a National Health Care Forum in Tucson on May 26 2009.

Trowbridge said she is confident the Obama administration will be able to push substantial health care reform through Congress before December.

“We have two things this year that we have never had before at the same time…an administration that is dedicated to reform and a lot of pressure coming from people that are informed about the crisis in health care.”

Carolyn Trowbridge despises Arizona’s world famous hard-line Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio


In an October 2009 interview with comrade Pepe Lozano of the People’s World, Carolyn Trowbridge heavily criticized Sheriff Joe for his alleged harsh treatment of Latino immigrants. Trowbridge also played the race card.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has removed Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s authority to arrest suspected undocumented immigrants on the streets based solely on their immigration status.

Carolyn Trowbridge, described as a Tucson, immigrant rights activist and a state board member of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the government’s move was correct. The Maricopa County sheriff “has clearly violated people’s human rights on a grand scale”” in tracking down and sweeping up anybody with brown skin.

In most cases he is clearly out of his jurisdiction and clearly he is also out of his mind…The guy is a maniac.

Trowbridge said Arpaio is known for causing confrontations with small town mayors and chiefs of police who speak out against his immigration roundups.

Arpaio and his posse will arrest anybody who looks like an immigrant and his definition of ‘illegal’ is anybody with dark skin… Racism plays a major role here

In March, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division announced it was investigating Arpaio’s office on accusations of racial profiling, discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures.

There needs to be a real change in how we view immigration rights in this country and I’m heartened to know that the Obama administration is looking at this process in a more humane way said Trowbridge.


End note:

1.  A Radical connected to ACORN, SEIU, the Communist Party, Healthcare for America NOW (HCAN) and a supporter of Obama.

2.  A Radical that despises Sheriff Joe Arpaio; the one trying to hold illegal immigrants accountable for their breaking  American law.

3. A Radical with ties to the ACLU that wants illegal immigrants handled in a more humane way?

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