Progressivism = Communism




Progressivism = Communism

So sayeth Sam Webb, National Chairman of the Communist Party USA, and one of Obama’s biggest boosters.

Slightly over a year ago, the American people elected a young African American to the presidency and increased the Democratic majority in the Congress.  President Obama’s victory represented a repudiation of right-wing ideology, politics and economics and a setback for neoliberalism in both its conservative and liberal skins.

This victory was a long time in coming.  When it finally happened it did so not only because of the brilliance of the candidate, but also due to the broad shoulders of a people’s coalition.

The swing in the political pendulum ushered in the possibility of a new era.  After 30 years of right-wing dominance, the balance of political power tilted once again in a progressive direction.

Though that tilt wasn’t far enough for a people’s agenda to be easily enacted, political advantage did shift, and that’s no small accomplishment.

Perhaps it is obvious, but if McCain and Palin had been elected, a public option would not be in the center of the conversation — in fact, health care reform wouldn’t even be on the agenda.  The Employee Free Choice Act would be off labor’s wish list.  The stimulus package would be far smaller and unemployment much higher.  There would not be a Puerto Rican woman on the Supreme Court.  Our government would be actively supporting the coup regime in Honduras, and relations with Cuba would be frozen or worse.  Legislation extending hate crimes to include anti-gay violence would still be on the “to do” list.  And not a word would have been mentioned about the abolition of nuclear weapons.

In short, President Obama’s election has made a difference, and the progressive movement has space to dream again.  There are limits and obstacles to be sure, but what should frame our outlook are hope and possibility.

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Eighty-three members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) belong to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Is your congress-critter one of them?    ***UPDATED 2/10/13**

Marxist — socialist — progressive — communist — it’s all the same thing.  Remember what Lenin said about socialism — “The goal of socialism is communism.”


End note:

Van Jones a self-avowed Communist; Resigned after being exposed as radical.

Carl Browner: International Socialist with connections to the Sustainable World Society.

***Congressional Progressive Caucus: Prior sponsorship by the Democratic Socialists of America until outed.

The CPC is committed to helping progressives, both inside and outside of Congress, work together more effectively, in order to bring all of us closer to making good on The Progressive Promise.

Below is a series of links to sites with the progressive political arena — from think tanks to advocacy organizations to associations and media.



American Prospect

Americans for Democratic Action

Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs


Campaign for America’s Future

Center For American Progress

Center for Progressive Leadership

Citizen Works

Common Dreams News Center

Hip Hop Caucus

In These Times

Institute for Policy Studies

League of United Latin American Citizens [LULAC]

Mother Jones

Moving Ideas

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

National Council of LaRaza


Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Majority

Progressive Populist

Public Citizen

Public Interest Research Groups

Rainbow Push Coalition

The Nation

The Progressive

True Majority

Budget and Taxes

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Citizens for Tax Justice

OMB Watch

Civil and Human Rights

ADA Watch

Alliance for Justice

American Civil Liberties Union

American Library Association

Amnesty International

Child Labor Education and Action Project

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Watch

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

People for the American Way

Southern Poverty Law Center

Elections and Voting

Center for Voting and Democracy

Common Cause

Public Campaign

Environment and Energy

Friends of the Earth

Sierra Club

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Center for International Policy

Development Gap

Foreign Policy in Focus

Housing and Hunger

Second Harvest

Labor and Economics



Center for Law and Social Policy


Dollars and Sense

Economic Policy Institute

Financial Markets Center

Free the Children

Global Exchange

Jobs with Justice

National Jobs for All Coalition

National Labor Committee

National Priorities Project

The Multinational Monitor



ANNA BURGER is the conduit between the White House and several progressive groups: SEIU, Change to Win, The Democracy Alliance[Vice Chair: connected to George Soros and Drummond Pike], They Work For Us [Move on, Daily Kos, Campaign for America’s Future, the United Steelworkers Union, America Coming Together, Newsweek], and is a member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

One big Progressive Happy Family!




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