While Maurice Strong and George Soros Drool the Climate Hoax Marches On


In the fashion of Judi McLeod, entries in my personal journal (that I started January 2008) mirror her thoughts.

A Christmas Gift that will one day lead your grandchildren out of the dark

By Judi McLeod

December 7, 2009


Make Christmas 2009 count for something by writing a Book of Truth for your grandchildren and their children.

The Book of Truth may someday in the far away future be the key to freedom rising out of the ashes.

Entitle your Book of Truth “Strong Sorrows”, which is a simple play on the names of the two men most responsible for stealing freedom from humanity, Maurice Strong and George Soros.

While the culmination of their life’s work takes place at the COP 15 climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark over the next two weeks, Strong and Soros won’t likely be there. They will watch and wait from their comfort lairs, Canadian Strong in his beloved China and Soros, only God knows where.

The Copenhagen path to the false God of the United Nations will be well-trodden. Some 17,000 delegates from over the globe will attend the conference carbon footprint writ large.

Some 98 leaders and heads of state will be in Copenhagen at some point during the two-week leading-up-to-last-week-before-Christmas global event, with most Pooh-bahs, attending for the crucial final two days on December 17 and 18.

Like everything decent, Christmas trees have been banned from the summit. No Christmas trees, but delegates can avail themselves of the the city’s prostitutes who have offered their services free to anyone who wants it.

The summit, whose promoters boast that 65% of all food and drink available is organic in nature, will outdo the UN’s Johannesburg summit, which was all about ending poverty. While delegates in Johannesburg gorged on pails of caviar, dined on lobster and steak, washed down with champagne, thirsty children lined up not even a mile away for a drop of water from a single spigot.

Tell your children who can tell theirs how wanton hypocrisy over cooked up climate change turned the world upside down.

Tell them in your Book of Truth’s Strong Sorrows how unscrupulous politicians banding together the world over like Britain’s Gordon Brown, Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Johnny Come Lately Barack Obama sold out their country’s sovereignty for fast cap and trade cash and the sheer power made possible by a UN-manufactured One World Government.

Don’t forget to record for your grandchildren’s posterity, the place of mainstream churches in the hypocrisy. Churches across Denmark will be ringing their bells 350 times at 3 p.m. on December 13, “in recognition of the 350 parts of C02 per million that represents the safe upper limit for our atmosphere.”

Don’t leave out the Hollywood celebrities, not the least of whom is Leonardo Di Caprio, who will temporarily leave their lavish parties behind, adding their voices to build pressure for a global warming deal.

Tell your children how individual rights began a slide down the greased pole when governments could lean into private homes and turn the thermostat up or down at will; when Thomas Edison’s light bulb was tossed on top of the banned list and when how long you bathed or what you ate became Big Brother’s business.

The serfs known as the Danish population have been on an enforced year-long tutelage from their government as it prepared for the Copenhagen summit. They were instructed to take only short showers, to change all their light bulbs, to forgo public transit for their bicycles and to eat less bacon.

Don’t forget to add how the summit took place during ClimateGate, science’s biggest scandal ever when leaked emails between some of the leaders of global warming alarmists was still being suppressed by the MSM.

Meanwhile, the oft-repeated line, “the stockings will be hung by the chimney with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there” will be lovingly put away for another year after December 25. But The Book of Truth’s Strong Sorrows will live on as hope and real change for generations yet to be born.


It IS all about POWER and MONEY.


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  1. RE “They were instructed to take only short showers, to change all their light bulbs”

    Yes crazy world….

    These kind of gatherings generate a mass-hysteria for a common cause.

    Like George Orwell’s Animal Farm book, where mass hysteria meant one pig
    overtrumping another in self-sacrificial willingness
    – except here it’s always someone else (not the politicians) who has
    to make the sacrifice…
    “We must all cut down to save the planet”

    There is no energy shortage
    (given renewable/nuclear development possibilities, with CO2 emission
    limits set as deemed necessary)
    and consumers – not politicians – PAY for energy and how they wish to use it.
    Notice: If there WAS an energy shortage, its price rise would
    – limit people using it anyway, and make renewable energy more attractive
    – make energy efficient products more attractive to buy.
    No need to legislate for it.

    And since when do light bulbs, TV sets etc give out any CO2 gas?
    Not like cars.
    And cars are taxed.
    They could of course tax the bulbs etc, and lower the tax on energy
    efficient alternatives.
    Governments make money on the reduced sales, they can pay for CO2
    emission processing and renewable energy, and consumers keep choice.
    Taxes are unjustified, but better for all than bans.

    Few seem to know about the industrial politics behind the supposedly
    environmentally justified bans


    I will take an incandescent bulb any day over a CFL. CFL’s are more dangerous for the environment that a good ‘ol Edison bulb. Ever read how to clean up after a CFL breaks?

    NOTHING justifies taxation on everything consumable (what the Copenhagen treaty will do), now our infamous President has allowed the EPA to claim CO2 as a dangerous gas!

    Anyone that has studied Science including botany knows that plants, trees, etc. utilize CO2 to manufacture their FOOD and emit oxygen as an end product.

    If you want to fix CO2 abundance…..plant more vegetation and quit raping the rain forests!

    The carbon footprint these “brilliant” (sarcasm here) world leaders have created for their Copenhagen get together is ridiculous.

    I want the United States to REMOVE the United Nations from our soil!

  2. getting imformed, reveals the true intent of srong,sorrows,thanks for helping get out the message. MSM definitely in the tank. corruptness always leaves a money trail.maybe some college kids will starting asking questions instead of drinking the kool-aid. and really research this propaganda being instructed. many of the college,and high school kids i talk to get defensive when i question global warming. hopefully internet will answer the question, at least offer true debate.Science without debate is only propaganda.

  3. every sitting congess member & senator should be replaced in 2010! we need a SARAH PALIN to replace the garbage politicians! or the freedom loving people will have to repeat 1776! this time the enemey are not the redcoats but the commie socialist! -30-

  4. […] While Maurice Strong and George Soros Drool the Climate Hoax Marches On […]

  5. WOW!! thank you for getting this out. This is unbelievable…

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