Rev. Al Sharpton Says American People Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama


After the health care vote last night, Reverend Al Sharpton told Fox News:  “I think that this began the transforming of the country where the President had promised. This is what he ran on.” When the interviewer interjected that many view the vote as a step towards socialism, Sharpton didn’t skip a beat, responding:

“the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.”



Is Glenn Beck right? The MASK has come off of the Obama Administration exposing their agenda?  We may have lost this battle: healthcare, BUT we have not lost the war.


Go here for information of Obama’s connections and history:

All you MAY…..or MAY NOT…..want to know.




A Paper by V.I. Lenin:

To rally these Marxist elements – however small their numbers may be at the beginning – to recall in their name the now forgotten words of genuine Socialism, to call upon the workers of all countries to break with the chauvinists and to come under the old banner of Marxism – such is the task of the day.

Conferences with so-called programmes of “action” have amounted up till now only to the proclamation, more or less fully, of the programme of simple pacifism. Marxism is not pacifism.

It is necessary, of course, to fight for the speediest termination of the war. But only if a revolutionary struggle is called for does the demand for “peace acquire proletarian meaning. Without a series of revolutions, so-called democratic peace is a philistine utopia. The purpose of a teal programme of action would be served only by a Marxian programme, which gave the masses a full and clear explanation of what has occurred, which explained what imperialism is and how to combat it, which openly stated that it was opportunism that led to the collapse of the Second International, which openly called for the building of a Marxist International without and against the opportunists. Only such a programme as would show that we have confidence in ourselves, confidence in Marxism, that we proclaim a life-and-death struggle against opportunism would sooner or later ensure for us the sympathy of the genuine proletarian masses.




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