The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX),Obama’s Connection and WHY Goldman Sachs is Willing to Take the Heat


First, a post by me on April 21, 2009:

It is long, but connects the dots.

Obama’s Climate Change Initiative (Cap and Trade) = Friends In High Places?

Now a video lesson for those that are visual learners:


Part 1:

Part 2:





Joyce Foundation:

Funds Tides Foundation

Tied to John Ayers (Bill Ayers brother)

CCX  tied to  Barack Obama 2003


About Joyce Foundation:

02/08/02 NEWS RELEASE Center files complaint with IRS against Environmental Working GroupGroup calls on IRS to revoke non-profit status for unlawful lobbying and political action. Joyce Foundation grant is a material factor in EWG’s unlawful lobbying

Joyce Foundation
70 W Madison St 2750
Chicago,IL 60602

Type of foundation: Private
1999 Assets: $1,009,755,735
EIN: 36-6079185
EGA Member

THE JOYCE FOUNDATION was established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago. The Joyce family wealth came from the lumber industry (Tremont Lumber Company), including family-owned timberlands, plywood and sawmills, and wholesale and retail building material distribution facilities which were located in the state of Louisiana and the Midwest.

Projects: The foundation emphasizes environmental, campaign-reform, and gun control issues, with education and culture programs.

Joyce Foundation Board of Directors


John T. Anderson

Vice Chairman
Richard K. Donahue

Robert G. Bottoms

Carin A. Clauss

Charles U. Daly

Anthony S. Earl

Roger R. Fross

Carlton L. Guthrie

Marion T. Hall

Barack Obama<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<——

Paula Wolff

MORE on the Joyce Foundation at Discover the Networks:



Tied to Sandor that stated it is a $10 TRILLION dollar a year business.

Tied to Goldman Sachs

Tied to Al Gore (wants to save “Gaia”)

Tied to Frank Raines (Previous CEO of Fannie Mae)…..again WHY would a mortgage company want to invest in carbon credits?

Frank Raines tied to Barack Obama



All buried by the buy-off of other MSM’s through George Soros.


America………Are you listening?

WHERE are the Muckrakers in the style of the Watergate scandal?

IS true journalism really DEAD?









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  1. How do we get anyone to report on this? This makes Halliburton look like chump change.

    Response by Romanticpoet:

    Glenn Beck has been challenging the major MSM’s like ABC,NBC,CBS, CNN, etc. to report this.

    ABC is tied to Obama through Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN; married to Iam Cameron a producer at ABC. George Stephanopolous is part of the 6:30AM phone conference “crew” of Rahm Emanuel, Paul Begala, James Carville, etc. to discuss the “SHILL of the day”……

    NBC and MSNBC is tied to Obama through Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric that owns NBC and MSNBC.

    CNN has always been a leftist mouthpiece.

    etc., etc., etc.

    The ONLY way this will get out is talk to your family and friends, have them talk to THEIR family (in-laws) and friends and so on…..and so on…..

    George Soros funds, Media Matters, Huffington Post (Arianna part of Shadow Party; Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes included). The Media basically has been “bought OFF”….

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  3. Like the 1st person asked, how do WE the People get the media to televise this important information? Can FOX News report this then? I can tell everyone I know about this but when it’s on tv, everyone hears it & then can research to see if it’s legit or not (like I did not vote for Obama but really had the ‘hope’ that he could change things for the better; not just change the world which is really what he wants to do…. he wants to rule the world, not really be President of the USA. He now makes me sick to the stomach when I see him or even hear his voice since he just talks out of both sides of his mouth; depending on whom he is speaking to and what the subject is about. No one needs to listen to him, just watch what he does since it’s always the opposite of what he says he’ll do! Thanks for this information.

  4. As a 2nd generation American and my parents immigrated to America knowing this is the land of freedom how can Americans regardless of color, creed or religion turn your back on the truth?
    I have not been one to get involved in politics for such a long time or even have watched the news or television for over 15 years yet I am so thankful to God Almighty that he may now bless America with the truth and courage to all of us citizens of America to not let any presdent be it Bush or Obama lead our country to bondage of the government powers.
    Mr. Glenn Beck, you have put your life on the line and I send out powerful positive energy to you and the universe for you to continue to tell the truth and educate us on the truth and win. President Nixon was impeached for much less than what is happening now.
    Mind you, I have never left a comment on the internet let alone spend time surfing the net but I am going to support you as you speak the truth.
    I do believe in karma and we as human beings are already ascending to more spiritual paths and it is about time a leader in America emerge to represent us! It is certainly not Mr. Obama.

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  6. The only problem is using an establishment republican like Glen Beck as a credible source. There are plenty of exposes on the topic of Goldman Sachs connections with the CCX and how that ties back into Halliburton through a series of incest laden relationships on both left and right. The problem here is you are still stuck in the Left – Right paradigm created by the corporate controlled media, used to divide us into two camps. This is the bigger truth most people cant bring themselves to accept.

    I can’t get behind Glen Beck because of a number of reasons including the fact he said he he hated the families of 911 victims, said the people who stayed in New Orleans after Katrina were scumbags, calls 911 truthers nutjobs, denies the existence of FEMA enternment camps when proof exists to the contrary and has attempted to high jack the tea party movement to which he was never a part of to begin with.

    I feel bad for the people that fall for his charade. Instead, those people should turn their attention to someone who isn’t so obviously partisan and is against tyrany like Alex Jones.

    Glen Beck is just the right win branded version of Keith Olberman. Anyone still holding onto a L-R paradigm needs to have their head examined. It’s all a means of control.


    Response by Romanticpoet:

    Alex Jones feeds on conspiracy theories. After listening to his tirades, one gets the impression he is promoting a anti-tyranny ideology and promoting extremism of the opposite scale from communism.

    Glenn Beck is a Libertarian, not a Republican. Glenn Beck started the 9-12 project and then turned it over to the american people, hence the Tea Party Movement.

    That is the wonderful thing about the First Amendment. Everyone can voice their opinions and form discussion groups of their own liking.

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  8. […] The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX),Obama’s Connection and WHY Goldman Sachs is Willing to Take the… […]

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  10. […] Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange […]

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