Joel Rogers and The New Green Deal. Sandors Sells His Shares of CCX to ICE

The New Green Deal – Take Back America 2008

Well here is Joel Rogers and you can pick the Marxist policy out of every sentence the man speaks.  He even tells you in your face the WE CANNOT FIX the climate but we can take over government.  And don’t get to excited about the money yet.

Here is what to watch for and when he states it.

Joel rogers is introduced at 31:32 seconds into the video.

33:42 it extends our politics into the organization of the economy.
34:02 …redistribute opportunities to people…
34:11 Climate, not just the thing we are responding to but the profitability of it.
34:27 you can do everything you want to in theUS to reduce greenhouse gases and it wont make much of a dent frankly in world wide climate change.  Its only 22 %….
35:00 He goes after the constitution, how to get around it.

35:36 Think of carbon as not just another commodity that we will be willing to let people bribe us to spend but think of it more like a neurological poison, like Mercury.
36:08 …carbon trading markets should apply to our appliances transportation machinery and other sorts of things.
36:20 we should re-authorize transportation safety bill and drive the money to the MPOs, The Metropolitan planning Organizations…
38:14 and we should not only spend money on the Federal land….
38:25 ..well on your way to greening the American economy,. You will grow the wealth and GE and Cisco and he other people that are announcing great plans should be relatively happy with that.

Link to video


Van Jones Praises Joel Rogers

Link to Video


Crime Inc. Obama, Joel Rogers & Van Jones in : Collusion

***Listen carefully from 0:30 sec to 1:05**

Link to video


Emerald City Radical Joel Rogers

Link to video


Thanks to Glenn Beck; America’s new Paul Revere with sneakers and his exposing the Chicago Climate Exchange SCAM, there is BREAKING NEWS!


The Chicago Climate Exchage was suddenly sold on friday.. 4 days after this story broke (for 1/3 of it’s value from 6 months ago). They are trying to make a rapid exit..\






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  1. It is an enormous scam to enrich Obama , professor’s and the “elite” at the expense of America. If oil, gas, coal, nuclear are so bad why are all the rich countries getting rich off these energy sources?

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