The Progressive’s Revolution; The Ends Justify the Means.


Progressives have infiltrated the Democratic Party.  Now they proclaim to be “Better Democrats”.  They attack Blue Dog Democrats as in the past primary against Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.

The Progressives represent Socialists/Marxists/Communists.  The Communist Party of the United States started in 1919.  Surprise, right around Woodrow Wilson time.  Realizing they have strength in numbers, the Progressives are starting to collude into what they feel is a revolutionary force. 

They tried to build in the 30’s and gathered strength until the McCarthy era.  They tried again under Bill Ayers the Students for a Democratic Society and the fractured Weather Underground.  They ended up slithering back to the shadows once again.

Now, during this current period, they have “learned” HOW to work the crowds of American people.  Put on a suit and tie, speak softly but carry the “message” of Communism/Maoism/Marxism.  They have learned that the MSM’s will follow the “fracas”.

They have tried to “paint” the Teaparty Patriots as militants, terrorists, etc. to try to reverse how America looks at politics. “Change the radical pose, for the radical ends”……

They have changed the radical pose and they have put themselves in power and made YOU the radical…….

1976: The Weather Underground had the financial backing from Cuba, the technology from North Korea…..with people like Bill Ayers that was okay with killing 10% of American people.



Part #1:

Part #2:

Part #3

Part #4:


Valerie Jarrett & Van Jones Talks About Transforming Society



Revolution starting?

November 16, 2009 — For the last 38 weeks, a group of patriots (TEA PARTY FTL), have stood on the corner of Oakland Park Blvd. & US1 every Saturday. This past Saturday a member was hit over the head with a sign by a pro-amnesty
rally supporter when words were exchanged. The pro-amnesty group was from Party For Socialism and Liberation ( The Pro-
Amnesty Protesters then go on to assault other immigration reform
supporters at Oakland Park Blvd and Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale Florida on 11/14/09. Due to the nature violent nature of the pro- amnesty group, the tea party member has decided to remain anonymous for the safety of friends and family.


SEIU Attack Black Tea Party Patriot & Tampa Town DNC Slaps Man


August 31, 2009 — Obamacare supporter decides to antagonize and taunt a peaceful Tea Party. Let the truth speak for itself… they can’t attack the facts, so they attack YOU. So much for Tea parties being racist. Not one sign said anything to back his statement up… He was cursing and shouting down Senior Citizens.


SUMMER 68 – a Newsreel Film – excerpts

Progressive/Communist/Maoist beginnings?  Note they say the Democrats are the Enemy……


This demonstration of communist-led, integrated working-class power showed the way forward in the struggle for black liberation through socialist revolution!


Bill Ayers meets the new activist




October 19, 2008 — Amazing Ayers Audio unearthed from the very same week Obama worked directly with Ayers!
Extremist Ayers and Obama match almost word for word on major issues.

Ayers says everyone around him knows his views, he doesn’t hide them!
This is a must see!


Garner the YOUTH; obtain power


Van Jones speaks of the “Green President”


Communist Party USA (CPUSA) view of Political Resolution 2008


“Miltant fight-back”



End note:

Progressive Revolution is building.  Will this repeat the Summer of ’68…..?

Beware of wolves (Progressives) in sheep’s clothing.

QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS as to what their stance is.

SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR as to your views about America, the Constitution, Liberty and Freedom.




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  1. I appreciate this – I will blog it also. You do a lot of very important digging.

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