Soros, John Podesta, Petrobras, Obama…..and Their Web of Connections

If you want to know who sets policyfor Obama and finances political action, look no further than Soros, John Podesta, Petrobas and the Circle of Crime, Inc.

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George Soros…..Puppetmaster

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John Podesta, George Soros, Tony Podesta who’s in charge of oil

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John Podesta Relationship Map:

John Podesta Relationship Map


The Center for American Progress:

1.  Melody Barnes:   Executive Vice President of CAP, Barack Obama Golf partner, Director of the Obama Administration Domestic Policy Council, Married to Marlan Buckner Founder of Global Strategy Partners.

2.  Phillip J. Crowley:   Assistant Secretary of State for Obama Administration, Director of Homeland Security at Center for American Progress.

3.  Todd Stern:  Special envoy for Climate Change for Obama Administration (State Department), Past relationship to CAP; Senior Fellow

4.  Esther M. Olavarria: Was a Director of Immigration Policy at CAP; Managing Attorney for Florida Immigration Advocacy Center, Currently the Deputry Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the Obama Administration.

5. Derek Douglas:  Previous lobbyist for CAP; currently Special Assistant for Urban Affairs for Obama Administration.

6.  Bradley J. Kiley: Past VP of Center for American Progress; Currently Director of Management and Administration for the Obama Administration.

Center for American Progress was on the Steering Committee for Healthcare for America NOW (HCAN), the Coalition of UNIONS,, USAction, Campaign for America’s Future, LaRaza, NAACP that recently pushed for Obamacare.

Center for American Progress Relationship Map


Obama, Lula discuss concerns in Americas

August 22, 2009

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) — U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday morning spoke with his Brazilian counterpart Inacio Lula daSilva to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern in the Americas, said the White House.

President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to “long-standing United States relations in the region and his desire to work in constructive partnership with Brazil and others throughout the hemisphere to help advance democracy, security, and prosperity for the people of the Americas,” said the White House in a statement.


Obama and da Silva Brazil

U.S.-Brazil Meet on Economic & Hemisphere Alliance

March 14, 2009

President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva discussed the economy, energy and the environment Saturday during their first meeting in the Oval Office. It is significant that Da Silva is the first Latin American leader to meet with President Obama in terms of relative importance among Latin American allies as the Administration puts its stamp on U.S. Foreign Policy.  Trade and economics are one of the driving issues in contemporary U.S.-Latin American relations.


There is an interesting parallel between the two leaders: both were raised by single mothers out of relatively difficult situations; both were “outsiders” to the traditional party systems who managed to overcome the entrenched political aristocracy (e.g., Clinton, McCain, Bush) to become leaders of their respective countries; both advocate progressive social policies.


In turn, President Obama stated, “I have been a great admirer of Brazil and a great admirer of the progressive, forward-looking leadership that President Lula has shown throughout Latin America and throughout the world.” He went on to say, “We have a very strong friendship between the two countries but we can always make it stronger.”


Brazil, in the past two years, discovered 80 billion barrels of oil which could help turn the country into a major oil exporter and put it in a relatively stronger bargaining position with the U.S. Still the two nations are in a row over Brazil’s position that the U.S. lift a 53-cent-per-gallon import tariff on ethanol, a gasoline alternative. Obama said he has admired Da Silva’s efforts to develop bio-fuels and wants to follow a similar path developing cleaner sources of energy for the U.S. President Obama acknowledged tensions between the two countries over ethanol, and suggested they can be resolved over time, saying, “It’s not going to change overnight, but I do think that as we continue bold exchanges of ideas, commerce and trade around the issue of bio-diesel that, over time, this source of tension can get resolved.”

Furthermore on the Foreign Policy front, under Da Silva’s leadership, Brazil has emerged as an influential regional leader, so their meeting today could pave the way for the Obama Administration’s new foreign policy in Latin America. For example, among other things, Da Silva has (1) publicly called on the U.S. to view Latin America not just as a front for the ‘War on Drugs,’ but also as important hemispheric trading partners; (2) he has committed peacekeeping troops to Haiti, calmed the threat of war between Colombia and Venezuela, and is effectively dealing with a crisis in neighboring Bolivia; (3) in quiet fashion behind the scenes, he acts as a diplomatic conduit with the U.S. for Cuba’s Castro regime, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez (on this trip he delivered an official message from Chavez to Obama); and (4) of great importance to the U.S. – some would say a missed opportunity – Brazil finalized a new multi-billion dollar military defense pact with France during President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit last month, for the delivery of 50 military helicopters, four conventional, and one nuclear-powered submarines.




Obama Loans 2 Billion To Petrobras/Soros For Offshore Exploration In Brazil






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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This is the administration of crooks and they are just using the constitution as toilet paper. It’s embarrassing how naive and ignorant my country is now. So wrapped up in the fact that they are right and everyone else is just dumb and wrong. Get over the party politics and just see the truth of what goes on!

  2. Romanticpoet, this is my first time visiting your blog, but it won’t be my last. Fantastic post… I was writing about this when I came across it via Google. I’ve hat tipped you.

  3. […] Soros, John Podesta, Petrobras, Obama…..and Their Web of Connections […]

  4. Wow, good info. I am constantly amazed at the corruption of this government. I keep hoping I’ll wake up and find I’m in a bad Liberty robbing dream.

  5. As I sit here in South Louisiana listening to the local news, I hear Petrobras is taking a couple of our wells in the gulf and have sent a staffing agency to recruit workers and explain the process! I know the process, first Obama puts a moratorium, next the puppet master steals our wells! Oh, but we should be thankful, he is helping out the unemployed and non producing wells… NOT! Go away Obama and George, we don’t want nor need you.

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