A “New America” being Planned for YOU by Progressives


A “New and Progressive” America has been in the works for nearly 100 years by the Progressives.

They are Nudging Americans toward their goal inch by inch.

Don’t believe it?  Read the following.

First this:


October 02, 2010

The Five Year Plan Makes Its American Debut

By Marcia Sielaff

The central planners have you and your lifestyle targeted for change. They draw on a long historical tradition — just not an American tradition.

Pyatiletka (пятилетка): A five year plan as pioneered by the Soviet State Planning Authority, GosPlan. The state planning committee developed these plans based on the Theory of Productive Forces. This theory was one of the general guidelines of the Communist Party for economic development. This planning methodology was adopted by Communist China among many other bastions of liberty, and emulated by Nazi Germany in preparation for WWII. Centralized planning was in force in the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

“The power which a multiple millionaire, who may be my neighbor and perhaps my employer, has over me is very much less that which the smallest functionaire possesses who wields the coercive power of the state, and on whose discretion it depends whether and how I am able to be allowed to live or work.”  F.A. Hayek

On March 11, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a new policy directive: Transportation policies will no longer favor motorized transportation, i.e. cars and trucks.

On May 21, LaHood told reporters at the National Press Club that his department has formed an Interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He said the partnership was designed to “coerce” people out of their cars. When asked to respond to the complaint that the partnership would intrude in people’s lives, he replied, “About everything we do around here is government intrusion in people’s lives. So have at it.”

The following excerpts from The U.S. DOT Strategic Plan FY 2010 – 2015, referred to in this essay as the Five Year Plan (FYP), provide a guide to the extent of the intrusion.

“President Obama has made place-based policy a key component of his domestic agenda and has challenged all Federal agencies to coordinate and innovate around this goal in an unprecedented way. Fostering livable communities – places where transportation, housing and commercial development investments have been coordinated so that people have access to adequate, affordable, and environmentally sustainable travel options …”

The FYP is replete with similar “we’re from the government and here to help” rhetoric that attempts to mask the coercion alluded to by Sec. LaHood. Under six “livability” principles, “Safety, State of Good Repair, Economic Competitiveness, and Environmental Sustainability,” the FYP justifies the assaults on liberties that, until now, have been taken for granted: housing choice and mobility.

Justification for restricting access to automobile travel can be found in the “Safety” section of the FYP.

“Discretionary/recreational travel is considered much riskier than necessary travel for work and family obligations. It places motorists behind the wheel for longer lengths of time and during all hours of the day and night. … DOT will continue its ongoing efforts to develop new and innovative strategies in the pursuit of safe and livable communities…”

One of the “innovative strategies” suggested by LaHood, and reported in the Washington Examiner, is that people be taxed for every mile driven: “We should look at the vehicular miles program where people are actually clocked on the number of miles that they traveled,” As the Examiner pointed out, that would require tracking people’s movements. The White House press secretary quickly announced that the president did not endorse LaHood’s innovation.

The FYP complains that U.S. transportation spending “has contributed to the prevalence of low-density, scattered, auto-dependent communities and disinvestment in many of our Nation’s core urban centers.”

This trend was amplified by single-use zoning that separated housing from shopping, work, and schools. Such zoning emphasized wide streets, ample off-street parking, and large front and side yard setbacks… This kind of development is energy-intensive and contributes to a dependence on fossil fuels and a tendency toward high carbon-emissions; it has been correlated with increasing rates of obesity in the U.S. and higher transportation costs for American families…

DOT now resolves to “give the same priority to walking and bicycling as is given to other transportation modes.” In other words, funding that would otherwise go to roads and highways will now be diverted to walking and bicycling paths – traffic congestion and accidents to follow. On its face, this seems ridiculous but, it turns out, no laughing matter. The Heritage Foundation reports that Highway Trust Fund money is being diverted to pay for the FYP.



Do you feel like corralling the populations into living centers is in the future?  No?

Read on…..

USDOT and HUD Launch Groundbreaking, Collaborative Effort to Create Sustainable, Livable Communities

Joint Effort Combines DOT TIGER II and HUD Sustainable Community Challenge Grant Investments

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today announced a groundbreaking collaborative effort designed to help foster planning for more livable, sustainable communities – places where transportation, housing and commercial development investments are coordinated to better serve the people living in those communities.

Together, the U.S. Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD), for the first time ever, will join forces to award up to $75 million in funding – $35 million in TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) II Planning Grants and $40 million in Sustainable Community Challenge Grants for localized planning activities that ultimately lead to projects that integrate transportation, housing and economic development.

“This joint effort by DOT and HUD is a giant step toward improved coordination at the state, federal and local levels and reinforces the Obama Administration’s commitment to finding better ways to make government work for people,” said Vice President Joe Biden. “Together, their investments will strengthen communities by connecting housing and transportation options, increasing economic opportunities, promoting environmental sustainability and improving their overall quality of life.”

“This is another example of the Obama Administration giving the American taxpayer a bigger bang for the buck. The winners will be the people who live in communities and have access to travel options that better serve them,” said Secretary LaHood.

“This partnership demonstrates President Obama’s commitment to changing the way the federal government operates by breaking down silos and making smarter investments,” said Secretary Donovan. “This is the first time HUD and DOT have worked together to develop a joint grant program. For the first time, federal agencies are truly collaborating with each other to make government work better and build the kinds of communities where families can prosper.”

The new program builds on the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, an innovative new interagency collaboration, launched by President Obama in June 2009, between the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Guided by six Livability Principles, the Partnership is designed to remove the traditional federal government silos that exist between departments and strategically target the agencies’ transportation, land use, environmental, housing and community development resources to provide communities the resources they need to build more livable, sustainable communities.



Then add this…..

Emerald Cities Collaborative

In the wake of the financial crisis, the historic election of President Obama, and the release of the $787 billion in federal stimulus funds, a new partnership emerged among national leaders in urban sustainability, social justice, labor standards, housing development, community organizing, and workforce development. Their common goal:

Green America’s cities in “high-road” ways that advance fair opportunity, shared wealth, and democracy within them.

The Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) was founded in November 2008 by MIT DUSP Professor J. Phillip Thompson, COWS director Joel Rogers, and SEIU Executive Vice President Gerry Hudson. National partners include: the Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL-CIO), Center for Community Change, Change to Win, Community Action Partnership, The Corps Network, COWS, Enterprise Community Partners, Green for All, LISC, LIUNA, MIT CoLab, NAACP, NeighborWorks, Partnership for Working Families, PolicyLink, and YouthBuild USA.

ECC’s first project is to comprehensively retrofit all of America’s urban building stock. Recognizing that market-driven models of green retrofits will likely pass over low-income neighborhoods, weaken labor standards, and threaten quality of work, ECC proposes an alternative energy-efficiency model to be implemented city by city, maximizing gains from shared learning and mutual assistance. ECC plans on launching city-scale building retrofit and inclusive green job training programs in roughly a dozen cities over the next two years.


The Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) is a center for planning and development within the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP).

CoLab supports the development and use of knowledge from excluded communities to deepen civic engagement, improve community practice, inform policy, mobilize community assets, and generate shared wealth.

We believe that community knowledge can drive powerful innovation and can help make markets an arena for supporting social justice.

CoLab facilitates the interchange of knowledge and resources between MIT and community organizations. We engage students to be practitioners of this approach to community change and sustainability.

CoLab’s Focus:

  • Democratic Engagement
  • Shared Wealth Generation
  • Urban Sustainability

The Innovation and Equity Can Transform America” policy series provided eighteen briefs, written by leading scholars and policy makers, to the Obama Presidential Transition Team that focus on the role of equity in today’s critical policy challenges. The goal of these papers is to open up policy conversations in new directions that we believe go to the heart of our problems and aspirations and that move beyond business as usual. The papers are grouped into four basic categories: 1) growing an equitable economy; 2) transforming the urban environment; 3) sustaining people and families; and 4) re-imagining community.



Start with transportation, then affect your housing…..thus nudging you into their ideal of a sustainable community.

Your life, your vehicle, your home and  your community has been planned for you…..The Five Year Plan.


The ONLY thing the Progressives FEAR is the BALLOT BOX.

Will Americans send a CLEAR MESSAGE to Washington,D.C. on November 2nd?


Question with boldness; SPEAK without fear.




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  1. I’m sure they will start making fuel prices go up so people can not afford to drive their cars. What about the trucks that bring goods to supermarkets? How does a few people decide where people are going to live and what they are going to drive, or that they must not eat this and must eat that? I have been out campaigning for a few people running here in Florida and people are so ignorant of what is going on. I want to scream my head off.

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