Obama to Rule by Fiat Beginning With Net Neutrality


Beware America…..Freedom of Speech and Objective Punditry is at risk here.


From: http://www.canadafreepress.com

By Fred Dardick

November 19, 2010

Apparently Obama has had it up to here with the whole American people know best deal. Ignoring the resounding message sent by voters only a couple weeks ago, the Obama administration has decided to move ahead with its socialist transformation of America through federal fiat starting with Net Neutrality as soon as next month.

In what is sure to become a test study in the use of federal regulations to sidestep the influence of Congress, Politico has reported that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will release an outline of his proposal next Wednesday that all internet traffic is to be treated equally. Whether it is streaming porn to a cell phone or life saving remote surgery by physicians, privately owned internet providers will no longer be able to determine priority for select customers and services as is common in almost every other industry in existance… it’s kind of like Marxism for your computer.

Internet providers argued successfully in court in 2009 that the FCC did not have the authority to interfere with their operations, but like the Gulf drilling moratorium, ever resourceful government bureaucrats were determined to get around the judge’s ruling. Genachowski was quoted as saying “We were on a course to adopt smart, sensible rules when we got a frustrating and seriously incorrect decision from the courts… (but) we have terrific, smart lawyers to figure out the best way” to manipulate the system.

Genachowski had internet providers reclassified as telecommunication companies allowing him to regulate them under decades old laws that were developed years before anyone had ever even dreamed of the information superhighway.

Taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday and the lame duck session, Genachowski hopes to force through his agenda before the newly elected Congress is in a position to challenge him. He is fully aware that Republicans, including Rep. John Upton who once argued the FCC does not have the “legal authority for such a blind power grab”, are dead set against Net Neutrality.

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John Podesta, the CEO of Center for American Progress, a George Soros funded leftist think tank, stated that in order for Obama to push the Progressive agenda, he should rule by Executive Order if necessary.

Read at link below:

Podesta calls on Obama to circumvent Congress


Obama has already circumvented Congress as is ruling by fiat on legislation that has been “stalled” in Congress.

Go to link below and view Obama Chart:






We are not racist.

We are not violent.

We are just no longer silent.

“I AM………..Unwavering.”



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