Is FCC in Violation of its own Rules/Standards?


Stacking the deck so to say:

Even the Left doesn’t like the “Net Neutrality” vote……

Net neutrality ‘betrayal’ queued up for tomorrow

The FCC is as Obama and whatever part of the Dem establishment he represents wants it.

Of the five current members, the president has appointed chairman Genachowski, Baker and Clyburn. Copps was appointed in 2001 but is also a Democrat. According to Wikipedia, only three members of the committee can be from the same party, but the four commissioners listed above are all Democrats.

In other words, Obama and the party really own the FCC, above and beyond what even the rules of the FCC allow.


Where are the objections from the HOUSE and SENATE?

Will ANYONE question OBAMA on what is his intent here?

Obama ruling by edict?

The below chart shows how it has become standard procedure in the Obama administration not to take no for an answer. When Obama’s radical agenda is rejected by Congress and the American people, he goes around the democratic process to do what he wants anyway.

Go to the link below and LOOK at the Chart:


Morning Bell: It’s Time to Stop the FCC Internet Czars


Imagine a future where the Internet is governed by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC, who rule at their own whim, regardless of legislators’ demands or judicial rule. Sadly, that future is now. Today, the Federal Communications Commission is poised to make an unprecedented power grab and assert the authority to regulate the Internet, despite opposition from Congress and a contrary federal court ruling. And while it’s a story that has gone largely unnoticed amid Congress’ big-ticket lame duck decisions, it’s a tale of unchecked government expansion that must be told.

Meet FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, a political appointee and Harvard Law classmate of President Barack Obama. Genachowski is leading the FCC’s charge for new powers over the Internet so it can enact a policy known as “net neutrality,” which would allow the commission to regulate how Internet providers like Comcast or Verizon offer their services. If you’re someone who is suspicious of big corporations, that sounds like a great idea. If you’re someone who is fearful of big government, take heed. In reality, the policy will limit consumer choice while granting the federal government unprecedented power over the Internet.





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  1. […] Is FCC in Violation of its own Rules/Standards? […]

  2. […] Is FCC in Violation of its own Rules/Standards? […]

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