A Plutocracy? Obama to Name CEO of GE Head of Economic Council. But WAIT….


The term “plutocracy” is formally defined as government by the wealthy, and is also sometimes used to refer to a wealthy class that controls a government, often from behind the scenes. More generally, a plutocracy is any form of government in which the wealthy exercise the preponderance of political power, whether directly or indirectly.



NOT TO MENTION GE is the PARENT Company of  NBC,


As a federal contractor, General Electric Company provides the following goods and/or services to the government:

· gas turbines and jet engines, aircraft; prime moving, and components.

· operation of government-owned facilities – production buildings.

Find federal contracts for General Electric Company (USAspending.gov)



Jeffrey Immelt is also a DIRECTOR at the Federal Reserve of NEW YORK



Obama Taps GE Chief to Head Job Board

By Kelly Chernenkoff

Published January 21, 2011

President Obama is seeking to put a big business stamp of approval on his efforts to generate American jobs as he picks the head of General Electric to lead a new economic recovery board.

While in Schenectady, New York, Friday, Obama will name Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO and Chairman of General Electric, as chair of the new ‘President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness’.

Immelt is a familiar face to an administration seeking to put more branches on its business tree. The White House has been struggling with a reputation among Republicans and business leaders alike of favoring big government at the expense of private enterprise.

The announcement is perhaps an attempt to counter that image and serves up a big name for what will become an effort to “promote growth by investing in American business to encourage hiring, to educate and train our workers to compete globally, and to attract the best jobs and businesses to the United States,” said a White House press release.

The council will be created by executive order and will replace the previous iteration: the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, or PERAB. Obama is allowing that board’s two-year mandate to expire on February 6, as scheduled. PERAB’s future was uncertain after its public face and leader, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, announced he would step down in recent days. Volcker’s office tells Fox News that it was time for him to move on and that Volcker would be willing to counsel the president in the future, should he ask.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/21/ges-immelt-head-obama-economic-panel/#ixzz1BfSJUUqG





General Electric Company PAC current relationships:

People related to General Electric Company:

Robert B. Barnett – attorney
W. Geoffrey Beattie – president & CEO
James I. Cash Jr. – director
William M. Castell – director
Brackett B. Denniston III – SVP & general counsel
Nancy Dorn – VP
Linda W. Filardi – attorney
Ann M. Fudge – director
Kathryn Fulton – manager government relations
Susan Hockfield – director
Sarah Hughes – endorser

Jeffrey R. Immelt – chairman & CEO

Andrea Jung – director
Alan G. Lafley – director
Robert W. Lane – director
Ralph S. Larsen – director
Rochelle B. Lazarus – director
James F. McGovern – lobbyist
James J. Mulva – director
Michael A. Neal – vice chairman
Sam Nunn – director
Roger S. Penske – director
John G. Rice – vice chairman
John Rice – vice chairman
Robert J. Swieringa – director

Other current General Electric Company relationships:

American Capitol Group – lobby firm
Bingham McCutchen LLP – lobby firm
BKSH & Associates – lobby firm
C2 Group LLC – lobby firm
Capitol Counsel LLC – lobby firm
Clark & Wamberg LLC – lobby firm

GE Aviation Systems – division, subsidiary

GE Enterprise Solutions – division

GE Healthcare business unit

GE Security, Inc. – subsidiary

GE Supply Company – division

Gephardt Group – lobby firm
Hogan Lovells – lobby firm
Hunton & Williams – lobby firm
LHD & Associates – lobby firm

NBC Universal Inc. – majority owner

Nickles Group – lobby firm
Normandy Group – lobby firm

Podesta Group – lobby firm>>>>>>

Raben Group – lobby firm
RCA Corporation – acquirer
Sidley Austin LLP – lobby firm<<<Michelle Obama connected
Smith-Free Group – lobby firm
Sullivan & Cromwell – lobby firm
Tassey & Associates – lobby firm
Universal Studios – subsidiary

U.S. Climate Action Partnership – member

U.S. Department of Defense – contractor

U.S. Department of Energy – contractor

U.S. Navy – contractor

Washington Council Ernst & Young – lobby firm



GE Relationship map HERE.

Jeffrey Immelt Relationship map HERE.


GE Owns the White House;

How GE Milks the Government

January 20th, 2011

Written by Jordan

I don’t even need to go into the details myself; many other bloggers and news websites have already covered this in length. Here are a few of the best:

$300 Million Water Heater Rebate Lines GE’s Pockets

Cap N Trade, Bailout, Healthcare, and Private Investment

GE CEO on Economic Stimulus Board

Health Care Earnings from Wash Examiner.

CEO Reappears at White House Dinner with Chinese President

General Electric is to the Obama Administration what Halliburton Company (NYSE:HAL) was to the Bush administration. Honestly, though, Barack Obama plays General Electric 10 times better than Bush did Halliburton. Look what Obama gets in return:

Yep, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) is a majority stakeholder of NBC, the parent company of MSNBC. Is it any coincidence that the station has been Obama’s biggest cheerleader; Or that it is a shameless promoter of renewable energy, and “smartgrid” technology—a product on which General Electric has a virtual monopoly?

[I]f you’re in this market to make money, you better be in General Electric, because it has first dibs on the world’s largest consumer: the Federal Government of the United States.




GE Healthcare: “Healthymagination”


GE Green Energy: “Ecomagination”…….another catalyst…..Carbon tax comes to mind…..


GE Capital gets money from FDIC: What?……. American taxpayers on the hook for $224 BILLION dollars to GE just to back up their credit card mess, etc.





Archived video:



#1.  Has Obama already given GE the healthcare contract?  Notice how some of the words in the “introduction” match some of what we have already heard Obama state about healthcare.

GE has already spent millions and have already made commercials (thousands of them) to be played on NBC and MSNBC……

#2.  Did Obama’s “Green Team” in the White House already give the Energy contract to GE?

#3.  Did Obama, through the White House insure GE received $224 billion dollars through FDIC?

GE/Immelt owns NBC/MSNBC; the “tingle up the leg” journalists talking about Obama…..”The One”…..

Immelt is a Director at the Federal Reserve of New York.





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