Fidel Castro and Obama Narcissistic? A Brief Comparison to Hitler and Stalin


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Fidel Castro’s Narcissism: A Brief Comparison to Hitler and Stalin

August 23, 2010

By Andy Gomez

Many Cuban analysts have been asking themselves why Fidel Castro has shown up again. First, it appears his health is much better. Second, he just can’t let go of the control he has had for almost 52 years.

Like Hitler and Stalin, many psychiatrists believe that Fidel Castro suffers from a personality disorder known as “the syndrome of malignant narcissism,” characterized by ego-syntonic (an internal feeling that is perceived as normal by the person who experiences it) aggression, paranoia and antisocial tendencies. (1)

Drs. Eugenio Rothe and Jorge Hernandez-Chaple, whom have studied this disorder, call these tendencies “a consistent attempt to exploit, destroy, symbolically castrate and dehumanize others significantly.”(1)

For example, Hitler saw himself as called on by providence to rescue the German people from the humiliation of defeat and the decadence of Weimar; to restore them to their rightful historic position as a master race. Stalin saw his mission as ending the centuries old backwardness of Russia, turning a peasant society into a modern industrialized country at the expense of many lives. One might say that Fidel sees himself responsible for liberating Cuba from the grasp of “El Imperio,” the United States. In addition, Fidel has always projected the concept that he is the revolution. In his youth, Castro admired Hitler. At the university he carried around a copy of Mein Kampf. His statement at the Moncada trial in 1953, “History will absolve me,” was lifted from one of Hitler’s speeches. As Hitler did when he was at the bunker, Fidel has shown little regard for what may happen to Cuba after he is gone, a very narcissistic way of looking at things. These men eliminated both rivals and opposition who did not agree with their ideas.

Narcissist personalities are convinced of their special qualities and their superiority over others, and any threat to their self image such as being criticized, or defeated produce a violent reaction and often a desire for revenge. Thus as certain important events in Cuba developed recently such as the release of political prisoners, Fidel found the need to take center stage and once again in practice and symbolically came out of his bunker in Punto Zero and assumed a major leadership role. The cameras were rolling and the world was watching. He needed to be part of it. The commonest symptom of a paranoid state is the delusion of grandeur with the conviction that one is the victim of persecution and conspiracy, producing an excessive suspicion and distrust of others. Fidel’s recent comments that he is only an advisor to the leadership are very difficult to believe. Does he trust that Raul will carry on with the revolution in the same manner in which he has?

The power of the myths and symbols Hitler, Stalin and Fidel Castro represented to their people is very powerful. At a time when Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis, Fidel Castro’s appearance reassures many Cubans that things will be ok no matter how bad the economy is. His appearance arouses strong emotions of devotion and protection. Narcissistic personalities believe they will live forever. Hitler and Stalin did not pick successors; they believed that their reigns would never end.


(1) Fidel Castro and his Relationship to the United States (The Story of Envy): A Psychoanalytic Perspective. By: Eugenio M. Rothe, M.D. and Jorge Hernandez-Chaple, M.D.




Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder

March 2, 2011

Ben Shapiro says that during the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton suggested that if the emergency phone rang at 3 a.m. in the White House, you wouldn’t want Obama picking it up.

She was wrong.  Obama wouldn’t pick it up in the first place.  He’d let it go to answering machine.  He’d be too busy chasing the nearest camera.  Obama is the “Girls Gone Wild” president: Stick a lens in front of him and he’ll take off his shirt, mince about like a coed, and babble nonsensical nothings to an audience oddly fascinated by his antics.

How else to explain Obama’s desperate injection of himself into the Oscars this past Sunday? Even as the Middle East goes up in flames, even as oil prices spike dramatically, even as the national debt skyrockets toward $19.6 trillion by 2015, Obama took time out to tackle a pressing question: What is his favorite movie song?  Answer: “As Time Goes By,” from “Casablanca.”  Feeling better about the world situation yet?

Obama had a busy week — at least in terms of pop culture.  Thursday evening, Obama held yet another party at the White House, this time in honor of Motown music.  Celebrity attendees included Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Smoky Robinson, John Legend, Seal, Sheryl Crow, Nick Jonas and Jordin Sparks.  Jamie Foxx summed up the Obamas’ view of what it means to inhabit the “people’s house” in his rendition of Robinson’s “Get Ready”: “We won the election.  White House, baby, so much fun!”  Meanwhile, Muammar Qadafi shot people at will in the streets of Tripoli, and Americans struggled to pay their rent.

Obama has become the Salahis of entertainment, cropping up in random places when he’s least wanted.  We can’t escape him.  He delayed the fifth game of the 2008 World Series, so he could broadcast a 30-minute infomercial for his campaign.  He threw out the first pitch at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2009.  He did a 10-minute interview with Katie Couric during the 2010 Super Bowl broadcast.  In both 2009 and 2010, he did interviews with ESPN to tell the world about his NCAA tournament brackets.  In 2010, Obama showed up on “American Idol.”  As commander-in-chief, he’s hit “The View,” “The Tonight Show,” “The Late Show” and “Jersey Shore.”  OK, he hasn’t hit “Jersey Shore” … yet.

In fact, Obama is worse than the Salahis — at least the Salahis don’t use tax dollars to subsidize their antics.  Obama doesn’t just crash other parties — he spends millions of taxpayer dollars to throw parties of his own.  Not that Obama cares; as he put it, “This is a pretty big house so we get lonely.  It’s hard for me to move around out there sometimes, so I got to bring the world to me.”

Obama’s desperate need for attention is clearly a psychological condition.  He drinks in applause like a washed-up movie star.   It is usual for neglected children to develop narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), typically characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a strong sense of entitlement, preoccupations with utopian fantasies, elitism, manipulative tendencies and pathological need for praise.

Obama was abandoned by his parents during childhood.  Now he exhibits the textbook symptoms of NPD.  He thinks his powers are godlike in import; “I have a gift, Harry,” Obama once told Sen. Harry Reid.  He believes he is entitled to positions of power and prestige.  He has never worked a real job in his life, yet deigns to tell the rest of us that he embodies our hopes and dreams. He is obsessed with nonsensical utopian fantasies of one-world peace and harmony in which nuclear weapons are beaten into plowshares.

Obama is an elitist through and through, disdaining ordinary Americans as “bitter [people who] cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”  He is manipulative in the extreme, seeing every crisis as an opportunity to magnify his personal power.

Most dangerous, he requires a constant stream of paeans to his persona.  Radical Muslims, socialists, anti-Semites — so long as they clap, they’re worthy of his warmth.  Obama strongly resembles a once-abused puppy; he doesn’t care who pets him, so long as he receives the petting.

With one exception: Obama has no interest in the attention or praise of Americans who challenge his radical agenda. To make himself subject to their philosophy would force him to acknowledge a fundamental truth: His parents abandoned him because they were bad parents, not because America is a “downright mean” country.  Obama has told himself for decades that America’s selfishness forced his parents to make him a social outcast.  To acknowledge now that the system was largely good and his parents were largely bad would fracture his fragile ego.

So expect to see Obama on the next telecast of the next big event.  He can’t stay away from the cameras, and he certainly won’t leave behind the enthusiastic hurrahs of his supporters.

Mr. De Mille, Obama’s ready for his close-up.

Unfortunately for Mr. Shapiro, on November 29, 2010, the American Psychological Association (APA), cancelled Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).  Obama can’t be tagged with a personality disorder.  It wouldn’t be politically correct.  So the APA simply remove NPD from the list.  Problem solved.  Long live Caesar!

TheObamaFile The United States Library of Congress has selected for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials.


(Quote from above): The commonest symptom of a paranoid state is the delusion of grandeur with the conviction that one is the victim of persecution and conspiracy, producing an excessive suspicion and distrust of others.



Those that go against Obama?









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