Democrat: We Need ‘Analysis of How Christian Militants … Might Bring Down The Country’


From CNS News:

June 16, 2011
By Michael W. Chapman

( – At a congressional hearing on Muslim radicalization in U.S. prisons, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said that investigators needed to analyze Christian militants in America because they too might try to “bring down the country.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Likens Islamic Radicals to ‘Christian Militants’ in U.S.

In an exchange with witness Patrick Dunleavy, the former deputy inspector of the criminal intelligence unit, New York Department of Correctional Services, Rep. Jackson Lee mentioned the case of a man who blew up an abortion clinic and proposed that this perhaps was an attempt to undermine U.S. law that allows a woman to procure an abortion.

Rep. Lee then said, “As we look to be informational, we should include an analysis of how Christian militants or others might bring down the country. We have to look broadly, do we not?”

Dunleavy answered:  “I don’t know that Christian militants have foreign country backing or foreign country financing.”


***Note: Listen carefully from 1:40 to 1:47. In her words “or OTHERS might bring down the country” AND from 1:59 to 2:05.

One needs to LISTEN to her words and THINK about this.



About Sheila Jackson Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 18th district of Texas.

She is also a vice chair on the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Cuba visit

On February 18 1999, six members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus visited Cuba to evaluate the U.S.-imposed embargo. Among the visitors: Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee of CaliforniaSheila Jackson-Lee of TexasJulia Carson of Indiana and others.[1][2]

Employed Stoney Cooks

In 2006, far left activist Stoney Cooks served as Sheila Jackson-Lee’s chief of staff and administrative assistant:[3]

About Stoney Cooks:

Stoney Cooks is a U.S. activist.

Czechoslovakian trip

In 1967, Cooks was one of 41 Americans who traveled to Czechoslovakia to meet with representatives of the North Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong.

The American delegation included members of Students for a Democratic Society and other leftist groups. According to one participant[1], the meeting had been initiated by the North Vietnamese, and the Americans “were expected not only to oppose the war in Vietnam but also to favor, on balance, an NLF (National Liberation Front) victory.”[2]

Support for communist front

Cooks served as part of the Jimmy Carter administration, as executive assistant to Carter’s ambassador to the United NationsAndrew Young, for whom he had worked in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and when Young was elected to Congress in 1972.

Stoney Cooks was among sponsors of a U.S. Preparatory Committee for the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students held during 1973 in East Berlin. The committee operated from the offices of the offcial youth front for the Communist Party USA and its promotional literature was printed by a firm characterized by the Attorney General of the United States as “reliably known to be owned by the Communist Party.”[citation needed]


Back to Sheila Jackson Lee:

Houston “progressives”

Texas Congressmembers Al Green and Sheila Jackson-Lee lead a march of 300 supporters through downtown Houston in March 2007

Texas Congressmembers Al Green and Sheila Jackson-Lee lead a march of 300 supporters through downtown Houston in March 2007

According to James Thompson of the Communist Party USA paper People’s World[8];

Houston also has a strong union movement which is very progressive and is active in electoral politics. The city’s three Congress people Al GreenGene Green and Sheila Jackson Lee are at the forefront of the progressive struggle in the House of Representatives.

Violated Election Laws

On October 19, 2010, Jackson-Lee entered into Acres Home Multiservice Community Center, walked to where the voting booths were looking for the poll watchers, greeted voters there, and then found and confronted the poll watchers before being directed to, and then asked by, the presiding judge Bernard Gurski to leave the area. A source stated that Jackson-Lee loudly stated to the crowd in the voting area, “I’ve heard a lot of complaints about voter intimidation by poll watchers. I am not going to allow voter intimidation.” Lee then reportedly went to the poll watcher and asked, “What’s your name? Who do you represent?” The presiding judge then asked Congresswoman Lee to leave.

It was noted that Congresswoman Jackson-Lee’s office is located in the building where voting takes place.[9]

For more information and references go HERE…..


From Discover the Networks:

Lee belongs to the Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus in the House of Representatives. Americans for Democratic Action consistently rates her voting record as 95-to-100 percent on the left side of legislation.


According to the AFL-CIO, Lee has a 100 percent pro-union voting record. In 2003 she spoke at a rally in support of organized labor’s Immigrant Worker’s Freedom Ride, an effort to liken the unionizing of illegal aliens to the African-American civil-rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s.

One of Lee’s crusades as a Representative of subtropical Gulf Coast Houston has been to end what she calls the government policy of giving hurricanes “lily white” names. “All racial groups should be represented,” she told The Hill Magazine, adding that she hoped the weather establishment in the future “would try to be inclusive of African American names” such as “Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn.”

Among Lee’s largest campaign contributors are the American Association for Justice and the Service Employees International Union.

Lee has called for improved relations between the United States and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, which she characterizes as a friendly nation. Toward that end, she has called for the U.S. to lift its ban on selling F-16 fighter jets and spare parts to Chavez.


That same month, Lee spoke at an NAACP meeting where she derided the Tea Party movement as a racist phenomenon, saying:

“All those who wore [Klansman] sheets a long time ago have now lifted them off and started wearing [applause], uh, clothing, uh, with a name, say, I am part of the Tea Party. Don’t you be fooled. [voices: “That’s right.”, applause] Those who used to wear sheets are now being able to walk down the aisle and speak as a patriot because you will not speak loudly about the lack of integrity of this movement.”

Over the course of her political career, Lee has earned a reputation for having both an entitlement mentality and a volatile temper. In 1998, for example, she was accustomed to having an aide drive her daily, in a government-leased car, back and forth between her Capitol Hill apartment and her congressional office one block away. One day she told a staffer who had failed to reserve a limousine: “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen!”



Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Likens Islamic Radicals to ‘Christian Militants’ in U.S.

Christian Militants……uses ONE MAN as an example……

Hmmm…..what would she call Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn?







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