George W Bush Statue Unveiled in Albania


Posted by Brian O’Connor

July 8, 2011

George W Bush Statue Unveiled in Albania

Celebrating freedom.

Toronto Sun – A tiny Albanian village that President George W. Bush visited in 2007 has unveiled a short-sleeved statue of him, in a square named for him.

The 2.85 m- (9.3 ft-) tall statue of the former president, raising his left hand in greeting, was unveiled on Wednesday in the square festooned with Albanian and American flags for the occasion.

Albanians’ pro-Americanism has its roots in our attempts… to build our deserved future as a free nation, as a free country,” Prime Minister Sali Berisha told the crowd.

Bush was the first U.S. president to visit post-communist Albania, which is hoping to join the European Union.

Albanians have a special affection for the United States, which they credit with ending their country’s Cold War isolation and leading NATO’s 1999 bombing offensive that halted ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians by Serbian troops.

Washington also was a staunch supporter of Albania’s drive to join NATO, which accepted it into the military alliance in 2009.



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America is EXCEPTIONAL and promotes liberty and freedom for people, NOT  Statism or Communism.




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  1. Serial killers go to prison. Mass murderers like Bush and Reagan have statues erected in their honor…people really cant see these animals for what they are because of the media controlled propaganda. I was drawn to making money from a very young age and i always thought, why would someone spend all that money to go to college and then take a job that pays less than that of many businessmen. I soon came to realize, power equals money and money equals power, you cant lose either way. Thanks to the low IQ and defensive attitude of gwb jr. i saw the truth! It is very sad what the Bush family has done to what was once a great country to live in. I thought Hitler was bad…but, now i know america is responsible for all the suffering of the world due to the greed of the few. The only way to fix this problem would be to exterminate the elite, right down to the last one


    Your IP address locates you at the Embassy of Djibouti?


    Are you an American?

    Or are you just a liberal hack working in the embassy in WASHINGTON, D.C.?


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