Yep, you read the title correctly.


August 26, 2011

By Buck Sexton

Marines in Afghanistan have reportedly been told not to pass gas around Afghans to avoid offending the indigenous population


That’s right, now any leatherneck who lets one rip on patrol with Afghans nearby could receive a a talk from his superior officer.

The new flatulence restriction was first picked up by the Military Times, and has since become fodder for online discussion ranging from the curious to the ridiculous.

A few military bloggers have taken it seriously and found the ban to be indicative of a trend among military brass of bending over backwards to avoid offending the locals.

Others have pointed out that a culture that has allowed stoning, various forms of execution, and amputations as penalties for criminal offenses should be able to withstand a little passed gas.

The new regulation is not covered in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the military has not even confirmed it exists.

For now, the “fart ban” appears to be simply a guideline for good manners while Marines are out on patrol.




BUT Obama wants us to eat our Peas.

Let’s NOT eat our Peas……Pass the beans…….

What is next for this Administration…….a FART CZAR?


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  1. Perhaps this is because the anti war crowd is claiming this is a form of “chemical warfare”. After all it is a type of gas. Or maybe its the climate change crowd is saying this goes with cattle and methane debate. Either way to me its nothing but a lot of hot air.

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