Allen West Considers Leaving Socialist, Racist Caucus



From Trevor Loudon:

August 31, 2011

The Congressional Black Caucus has been touring the country in recent weeks, attacking the “Tea Party,” rallying black people behind Barack Obama and agitating for socialist public job creation schemes.

The CBC overlaps considerably with the Congressional Progressive Caucus and is , if that is possible, even more socialist in its outlook.

Manning Marable, a leader of both Democratic Socialists of America and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, wrote in 2003:

That the Congressional Black Caucus is the most progressive organized formation in national politics is not an accident. The CBC’s politics are what they are because of the base they reflect.
To the degree this base socially fragments and deteriorates and becomes splintered from the broad progressive movement is the degree to which the entire progressive movement is weakened.

Writing in Granma April 7 2009, Fidel Castro in The seven Congress members who are visiting us gave a history of the CBC and its relations with Cuba:

An important US political delegation is visiting us right now. Its members belong to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) which, in practice, has functioned as the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

The Congressional Black Caucus was founded in January 1969 by the 12 African-American legislators who were members of the U.S. Congress at that moment. During the first 50 years of the 20th century only four African Americans were elected to Congress.

Presently, as a result of the struggles they have waged, the CBC has 42 members. Several of its representatives have maintained very active and constructive positions on Cuba-related topics.

The almost lone exception to CBC’s socialism has been Florida freshman Allen West, the caucus’ only Republican.

Now after some particularly egregious remarks from the likes of Indiana’s Andre Carson, Congressman West is seriously reviewing his CBC membership.

This shouldn’t be a hard decision Lt. Colonel West.




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Tamron Hall, who anchors MSNBC’s daily program, ‘NewsNation.’

Just a day after The Blaze exclusive story introduced controversial video of Indiana Rep. Andre Carson saying the Tea Party wanted to see him “hanging on a tree,” another possibly startling revelation is coming to light: an MSNBC anchor was there to witness it. But not only witness it, the anchor moderated that event.

Why is that important? Because Carson’s controversial comments were first brought to light Tuesday by The Blaze, not when they happened last Monday — and not by MSNBC or its anchor who was present.

So who was the anchor? You need only to listen to the audio again for your first clue. In it, Rep. Carson can be heard referencing “Tamron.” He says, “I’m sorry Tamron” as an aside during his tirade. Who’s Tamron? fills in the blanks:

Miami’s town hall, which takes place at 6 p.m. at Mount Herman AME Church in Miami Gardens, was set to include several Caucus members, along with Don Graves, the Executive Director of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall will moderate.

Not surprisingly, Hall and MSNBC are taking heat from some conservative sites. And while there are several reasons for ignoring the comments (i.e. maybe logistics, maybe they had poor audio, or just got to it late), some see a more sinister possibility:

[One possibility is that] Tamron Hall understood the newsworthiness of the statement, but kept her mouth shut so as not to cast a negative light on Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus.

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Obama is stirring up his base for re-election.

1.  The CBC stirring up the African-American vote.

2.  Hilda Solis signing edict to give ILLEGAL immigrants rights in America. LINK

3.  Making kissee-face, nicey-nice to UNIONS via Richard Trumka. Don’t forget that Obama, within TWO WEEKS (February 6, 2009) of his inauguration signed an executive order for PLA’s. LINK





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  1. i hope you will stay on more of the left journalists and anchors. tamron hall is definitely racist, her reporting is very ‘coded’, her ‘special reports’ have always been to showcase a white person doing wrong.
    i haven’t watched cnn for years because of that. keith olbermann on current and rachel maddow (madcow disease) msnbc, are so vile and live to hate, especially hate white conservatives.
    thank you for your amazing and courageous work to expose every last one of these parasites and bring them under the light.

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