Marxism in America: Researcher Trevor Loudon Connects Obama,Van Jones, Valerie Jarret,



New Zealand Researcher exposes the lower and upper networks of Marxists in America; a trail that leads to our White House.

By Trevor Loudon:

Marxism in America with its connections to Russia and Cuba.


Part #1: Obama, Van Jones, Valerie Jarret and the network


Part #2: Van Jones and the Venceremos Bridge






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Radical Ties To Obama AND His “Green Czar” Van Jones: Weather Underground and New Party Maoists


Venceremos Brigade ties to Radicals in America and Cuba


From Web Cached page:

Note: “Marxist Humanist Initiative” links are disabled.

MHI Editorial: We Protest, We Condemn

NYC demonstration at the Federal Building against the FBI raids, Sept. 28 
MHI demands the U.S. stop attacks on Left activists;
MHI calls on the Left to cease “lesser evil” politics and to support liberation struggles

MHI condemns the FBI raids on Left activists that took place Sept. 24 in Minneapolis and Chicago. In Minneapolis, six Left and peace activists had their homes searched and their records, computers, and cell phones confiscated. Additional raids took place at an anti-war group’s office there and at two homes in Chicago. Those raided included some leaders of the 2008 demonstrations at the Republican Convention and people associated with one of the two Freedom Road Socialist Organizations

LINK to cached page


Marxist Humanism and the “New Left”


KNOWLEDGE is power.

Silence is acceptance.

Should the House of Representatives re-open HUAC?


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  1. A new, very vetted Committee on UnAmerican Activities should be instituted to oversee the current Homeland Security Dept; and, actually, the entire Obama administration.

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  3. […] Marxism in America: Researcher Trevor Loudon Connects Obama,Van Jones, Valerie Jarret, […]

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