Remember this word: Communitarianism. The “New and Improved” Third Way to Transform America



No, not Communism………COMMUNITARIANISM.


As a background, read THESE first: Click on blue letters below to read.

“Serfdom USA”: The worldwide debut of the Communitarians


The Communitarian Movement: Liberal Style


Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm’s brother) is a Liberal Communitarian.

Communitarians see themselves as building a major social movement paralleling that of the Progressive movement in the early twentieth century. Their ideas have been very influential in academia, and have filtered into the Clinton White House.

While a few communitarians have developed refined institutional analyses to match their critiques—one thinks of liberal-communitarian Ezekiel Emanuel’s very interesting proposals on health care—communitarian thinking has not yet contributed to moving the debate on specific community and civic institutions substantially forward. This tends to give their arguments a moralizing quality, according to various critics.

From Ezekiel Emanuel’s book, “The Ends of Human Life” :

Look at the index of chapters.  This ought to make you feel “warm and fuzzy”

Then this:

Chapter 5:

The Liberal Communitarian Vision:

Background Tenets for Political Philosophy

The Ideal of Liberal Communitarianism

The Conception of Deliberation

The Conception of a Person

Political Rights and Goods

A Federated System

Liberal and Communitarian Facets



In the twentieth century, American society has experienced a “rights revolution”: a commitment by the national government to promote a healthful environment, safe products, freedom from discrimination, and other rights unknown to the founding generation. This development has profoundly affected constitutional democracy by skewing the original understanding of checks and balances, federalism, and individual rights. Cass Sunstein tells us how it is possible to interpret and reform this regulatory state regime in a way that will enhance freedom and welfare while remaining faithful to constitutional commitments.

Sunstein vigorously defends government regulation against Reaganite/Thatcherite attacks based on free-market economics and pre-New Deal principles of private right. Focusing on the important interests in clean air and water, a safe workplace, access to the air waves, and protection against discrimination, he shows that regulatory initiatives have proved far superior to an approach that relies solely on private enterprise. Sunstein grants that some regulatory regimes have failed and calls for reforms that would amount to an American perestroika: a restructuring that embraces the use of government to further democratic goals but that insists on the decentralization and productive potential of private markets.


Communitarianism (Idea and Movement in politics) – “With the demise of true socialism as a viable intellectual force, communitarianism is now the most active philosophical opposition to libertarianism. Communitarianism is usually presented in a vague terms, but it is probably best understood as a mild form of collectivism or “democratic socialism.” From the The Ism Book


Applying this perspective to current events, at a moment when powerful political forces in the United States are attempting to dismantle a weak welfare state, democratic communitarians will defend vigorous and responsible state action. LINK


WHY is this a topic to be understood?  Are we witnessing Communitarianism within the Occupy Wall Street movement?

The ONE THING the Communitarians think about is called The Third Way.


The Just Third Way:

Basic Principles of Economic and Social Justice

Louis Kelso (the philosophical father of the “Just Third Way”) and Mortimer Adler (the Great Books philosopher and Aristotelian scholar who once taught the Philosophy of Law at the University of Chicago Law School) articulated a classical definition of “justice”:
“Justice, in its most general formulation, imposes the following moral duties or precepts upon men who are associated for the purposes of a common life: (1) to act for the common good of all, not each for his own private interest exclusively; (2) to avoid injuring one another; (3) to render to each man what is rightfully his due; and (4) to deal fairly with one another in the exchange of goods and in the distribution of wealth, position, status, rewards and punishments.” [1]

Dr. Robert D. Crane, a global strategist, prolific writer on Islamic jurisprudence and another co-founder of the Center for Economic and Social Justice, has authored a brilliant paper published on the web site of the Global Justice Movement. His paper discusses how the seven fundamental principles of maqasid al shari’ah offer a “paradigm- for a spiritual renaissance in all faiths that can transform the world.” [4] Dr. Crane’s writings are aimed toward mobilizing “a minority of courageous Muslims determined to fill the intellectual gap that has weakened the Muslim umma for more than six hundred years.” These fundamental principles of Islamic law are, in my opinion, consistent with the “Peace through Justice” vision of our center, the founding ideals of America, and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Many aspects of the Just Third Way will be determined by reforming tax and banking laws that affect the process of democratizing productive credit. How this democratization is brought about – the timing, priorities and procedures – are social issues best discussed in an open and democratic fashion by people aspiring to build a free and just future for themselves.

We have reached a rare moment in history. Having discarded the failed systems of socialism and communism, many nations are now struggling to protect their citizens against the loss of economic sovereignty under the Wall Street capitalist model of economic globalization. Before the pendulum swings back to socialism, all nations of the world have a chance to implement for their citizens a new and bloodless economic revolution. This positive global revolution would be consistent with the unrealized ownership vision and ideals of America’s founding fathers and the ancient principles of justice expressed in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It could enlist the poor of the world to help win the war against global terrorism.

As they search for a better life, the citizens of developing and transforming economies – as well as those living in the developed countries themselves – need something better than the outmoded and dehumanizing systems of traditional socialism and capitalism. Nations now have the power to create new property for the poor, without taking existing property from the rich. Leaders who believe in Peace through Justice now have in their hands a new model for economic globalization, a true and just third way forward.



The most advanced experiment in building a supranational community is the European Union (EU). However, so far the EU has not developed the kind of social integration and shared values that a strong community requires.

A similar issue arises with regard to the global community, currently more an ideal than a reality. Could such a community be constructed top-down, say, through some kind of enhanced United Nations (UN)? Or will it arise from the bottom up, through societal processes and institutions such as international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the transnational sharing of norms (e.g., for protecting the environment), a global second language (about one quarter of the world’s population has at least a functional command of English), and other informal social networks? The question remains whether, ultimately, world governance can thrive without a worldwide community.



The Third Way: Obama and Fascism

February 2, 2010

There is a blog out there called “Third Way.” It is staffed by Obama supporters and three of its former chairs now serve in the senior ranks of the Obama administration. This is the sort of blog that Obama reads and the sort of blog that Obama takes his marching orders from. This blog is a fascist blog that preaches a fascist ideology.

While listening to the radio today, I was struck by the number of callers to both liberal and conservative radio shows that embraced the so-called third way- a political strand that emphasises its opposition to both communism and capitalism and attempts to embrace a variety of nationalism. The third way attacks big banks and big companies, all while owning larger and larger pieces of those banks and companies. The third way attacks communism by hurting labor unions and workers of the world and rejecting the workers of the world unite slogans, preferring instead to buy into a pseudo-populism. The third way is the way of the fascist regimes of Hitler and Mussolini, who both rejected the politics of the left and right in order to usher in a new era of hope and change.

The Third Way blog that Obama reads for his ideas is a ‘progressive blog’, and one would be wise to read about all the horrors of the progressive movement, from its support of fascism and eugenics to its oppression of free speech and individual liberty. The blog supports an economic agenda that is focused on ‘a culture of shared values’ and ‘a clean energy revolution’- clearly it does not believe in a culture of freedom and liberty and sensible energy solutions, but instead it buys into the same environmentalism that Hitler and Mussolini were both enamored with and strives to force everyone to buy into their ideology.

Interestingly enough, one of the major positions for The Third Way blog that Obama likes is that prisoners should work a 40 hour work week. I noted last month that the US Government Employs Slave Labor to Compete Against Private Companies, but astute observers would note the date that the US started to employ prisoners to compete against private businesses- Federal Prison Industries Inc. was created in 1934 by FDR at the height of the popularity of the third way, or fascist, movement.





“Common good”


“Collective Salvation”


Democrat vs Republican.

Democrats: Marxism/Socialim/Communitarianism that want “collective” mind set followers…..


Republicans: Individual LIBERTIES and FREEDOM.



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