Restoring the Constitutional Republic Rally in DC



From Canada Free Press:

By Judi McLeod

November 11, 2011


Washington,DC–  Cold bitter winds blowing through Washington, DC today didn’t stop patriots from coming from as far away as Hawaii, Kentucky, South Carolina and Michigan to the Washington Monument to take stand for the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence at the Restoring the Constitutional Republic 11.11.11 rally.

US Patriots Union founder, columnist JB Williams and Veterans Defenders of America leader Col. Harry Riley, who organized the rally knew in the planning stage that no matter how many the rally gathered, the snub of the mainstream media would be the same.

Along with JB, CFP columnists Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill and Dr. Ileana Johnson were there.

CFP editor Judi McLeod felt honoured to be asked by JB and Riley to address the gathering.

The following are some of the remarks from her address:

“Few eras in American and world history are more critical than the one we are all living right now.

“For this is the dark chapter when an undocumented ‘president’ works round-the-clock to deliver to global elitist power brokers his promised Fundamental Transformation of America.

“But as I stand right here with you at the cherished Washington Monument and see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, your passion and unbridled patriotism, I take heart.

“For the presence of every single one of you here today tells not only me—but freedom and liberty lovers everywhere that American patriots will NEVER let the Obama-vowed Fundamental Transformation of America go down in history!!

The motto of my newspaper Canada Free Press states outright on its banner; ‘BECAUSE WITHOUT AMERICA THERE IS NO FREE WORLD”  That’s the motto that should be on the New York Times the Washington Post and on all American newspapers who are in business only because of their readers and advertisers!

“BECAUSE WITHOUT AMERICA THERE IS NO FREE WORLD” should be the one chant shouted from every rooftop because it is the one chant that is the truth!

“The sun came up on a beautiful day at the Monument and CFP’s Brian Thompson, sussing out the site for Occupy Wall Street activists, said that the sun rising over the Washington Monument was an image that would live in his heart forever.  And, like every other day just before sunrise, the Creator’s Orchestra of trilling, chirping birds warned of the dawn of another God’s day.

“The Occupy Wall Street crowd, incidentally, were still asleep in their tents or at home sleeping….They work in shifts and only appear mid-mornings.

“The sun, at least figuratively speaking,  would not rise in Athens, Paris or Rome without America.  America, no matter how politicians portray it, is the leader of the STILL-FREE West.  America earned that place as world defender of democracy and it was paid for in the sacrifice of human life in wars whose ultimate goal was to keep the Free World Free.

“There would be no rising sun for many average little people raising families in far-flung corners of the world without America, whose ingenuity, courage and outstanding generosity have kept freedom alive in the West and abroad.

“All of us here know it has been a long three years,  with an almost every Friday night shock thrown at the American people from politicians using the evil Marxist Saul Alinsky ‘Demoralize-the-Masses’ Rule Book.

“We all know that we are on the Last Mile and that the Last Mile—marked between right now and the November 6, 2012 Election will be the longest last mile of our lives.

“Think about it.  Next Veterans Day, exactly one year from today will be AFTER the 2012 presidential election.

“Yesterday while driving through beautiful Pennsylvania to get here, I couldn’t get over the houses tucked in the deep valleys and up the majestic mountains, many likely there through long generations.

“Are these the ‘rich’ the Obama administration and their Occupy Wall Street friends squatting in the parks want to wipe out?  Ordinary, industrious, hard-working Americans?

“That very memory of driving through Pennsylvania brings me to a specific message in my address to you today.

“For three years Barack Obama has travelled the world complaining about America and Americans.  We know this to be true, but in order to win the fight against his fundamental transformation we must look into the reason why he constantly puts down an America that afforded he and his wife a life of privilege, including his election to the Oval Office.

“Obama needs to destroy American exceptionalism and to destroy forever the American ideal.

“The reason for that is Obama wants to hand America over to greedy and corrupt power brokers who see people as serfs—their serfs. In other words, Obama is doing nothing less than selling America out!

“No matter what happens on the Last Mile, those here today will look back to today.  They will remember how the US Patriot Union and the Veteran Defenders of America told you here that today was not the end—but only the beginning of the battle ahead to Restore the Constitution and the American Declaration of Independence.

“It starts with the full confidence of knowing that Obama cannot take America—when Americans won’t give it away to him or any other politician.

“Everything is worth fighting for if there is to be any kind of legacy of freedom for our children and grandchildren.

“Obama and the power brokers whose employee he is never counted on the fire of patriotism imbued in the hearts of American patriots that has never died out since the day of the Founding Fathers…the day when men were statesmen and not career politicians.  We the People never forgot it, only the politicians trying to cling to power did.  But politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are no different than other politicians, who like the leaves of autumn, are here today…and mercifully gone with the wind tomorrow.

“The things that matter most to a free people who come from a glorious history as Americans do are NEVER forgotten or let go.

“So besides saying God Bless America, God bless each and every one of you, I will end this the way I left the South East Michigan 9/12 Project when I spoke to them two years ago this June.

“As I was leaving the podium, I shouted out the one slogan heard and cheered by freedom lovers all over the world:  That is: “USA!” “USA!”

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***Emphasis added for focal points***





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