Encounter with Occupiers in D.C. and an Ex-Soviet Reports from Occupy LA



From Canada Free Press:

By- Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

November 13, 2011

Walking down Pennsylvania Avenue on a blustery day, I encountered one of the makeshift squalid camps of Occupy D.C. The colorful and dingy tents were empty. A few homeless people were milling about waiting for capitalist lunch delivery to the camp. They would have had to wait a long time under communism to have anything delivered free. If you did not work, you did not get food or shelter.

Environmentalists, anarchists, and communists want us to live this way in filth, squalor, no electricity, no water, and no sewage, all in the name of saving the planet. These occupiers are their ideal useful idiots.

The crudely hand-lettered cardboard signs read, “Welcome to Occupywashingtondc.org,“ “Job, Schools, Healthcare Are a Right,” “Party for Socialism and Liberation,”  “Billionaires your time is up,” (PSLweb.org) “Keep your promise, British Petroleum, make us whole,” “MOVE OVER AIPAC! Time for real democracy in the Middle East! Global Exchange” (moveoveraipac.org). For graphic impact, someone had drawn a very large fish swallowing a tiny one. To make sure that nobody misunderstood how Marxist these campers were, the signs were done in vivid red.

No need to explain that the PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation) are the American Marxists and moveoveraipac.org are supporters of the non-existent state of Palestine, supporters of the so-called Arab Spring (the take-over of the Muslim Brotherhood of the Middle East), and supporters of Iran (the state that wants to wipe the state of Israel off the map with nukes).

The second Occupy D.C. camp was located in McPherson Square. General James Birdseye McPherson must be rolling in his grave about now, terribly unhappy with what these malcontent anarchists and squatters are doing to our beautiful capital and its parks.

On the 41st day of “occupation,” the Washington Post dedicated two full pages and a half to this Big Labor supported and funded anarchy, under the whimsical title, “A Square Gets Hip.” The fact that the National Park Service is allowing them to set up a continuous elaborate camp on public property indefinitely is a mystery in itself.

Although “camping is not officially permitted,” officers are asking “visitors” to move their tents every four days to prevent damage to the turf. Since the whole area is covered with tents, it seems like an exercise in futility. Keeping soft drinks away from the stonework of Gen. McPherson’s statue is encouraged. “Littering and public urination are prohibited.”

When the tea party had a one-day event in the same square, they had to clear the premises before 6 p.m. They had to obtain numerous permits and were not allowed to set up any tents or start the event before a certain time. Attendees were not permitted to stand on sidewalks and police presence was heavy.

The tea party in Richmond, Virginia paid fees in the neighborhood of $8,000 in order to hold an event yet the squatters of Occupy Richmond are charged nothing.  A lawsuit by the tea party group is currently underway to recoup their money.

The Washington Post writer is calling “Camp Malcolm” of Occupy D.C., improvised “vibrant urbanism, an aesthetic and cultural phenomenon, rooted in pedigrees in the world of art and architecture.” He continues his lofty praise of these young malcontent communists as pioneers in “a living exercise in do-it-yourself urbanism, a trendy movement that strives to engage ordinary people in a hands-on approach to shaping and claiming public space.”

They are trashing our beautiful public park and capital with their tents, teepees, and destroying the turf.  They are using AFL-CIO showers down the street, two SEIU donated port-o-potties, donated food, donated books, donated money and clothing, public water, public resources for cleaning and extra police protection paid by taxpayer money and yet want to live simply. Who is going to pay and subsidize their “simple living?”

The concrete walkways through the park have been renamed Ghandi Avenue, Che Guevara Avenue, Angela Davis Avenue, Malcolm X Avenue, and Harvey Milk Blvd., leaving no doubt about their communist ideology and intentions to “fundamentally change” our republic into a communist regime. Only Marxists would idolize Che Guevara, who contributed to the death and murder of thousands of innocents.

Good ole capitalist Starbucks is providing the camp with day-old pastries, Wi-Fi, and restrooms before the portable johns arrived. Who knew that anarchists, who want to live so simply off the work of others, need Internet connection and electronic gadgets in order to exist in their workers’ paradise under total government control?

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Ex-Soviet Reports From Occupy LA

***LOVE the REASON for the Occupation by Leon Weinstein:  E-N-V-Y.*****

Leon Weinstein:

On the 94th anniversary of the Russian Revolution (November 7) an ex-Soviet visits Occupy LA to videotape & report to his Russian friends if Americans started their own Socialist Revolution.

Mr. Weinstein is the author of “Capitalism 101″ which can be found at: http://capitalism101.net



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