Filth of OWS goes beyond sanitation



From Canada Free Press:

By Judi McLeod

November 15, 2011

Memo to New York City authorities and their ‘compulsory cleanout’ crews: You can’t clean up OWS (Occupy Without Sanitation).  They stink from their inner souls to their outer skin.

Protesters can return to Zuccotti after compulsory cleanout, according to the cops.

A joke without a laugh line!

This morning’s early police bust of Zuccotti Park proves only that OWS control our cities.  At best the cleanout is a bureaucratic foul up, at worst it’s part of a well-orchestrated plan to allow the Obama-endorsed OWS to carry on in a slightly cleaner environment.

Like rats soon scurry when driven out of their nests in barns, OWS activists, driven temporarily and in high drama from Zuccotti Park, are already setting up in other camps like Foley Square.

They just managed to make another joke of authority, one that comes with a chilling warning for the rest of us not to expect protection from authorities while taking a stroll through a park.

We live in an era where OWS literally stole the news.  Citizens, who have to scramble to find out about ObamaCare reaching the Supreme Court, are saturated with news about OWS rapes, drug overdose deaths and the outbreak of both sexually transmitted disease and ones like tuberculosis.

OWS grab news headlines for fighting the capitalist pigs in the banking business while giving the capitalist pigs in senate and congress a free ride.

The only cleanliness associated with OWS is the purity of their Marxist strategy at play.  They deflect and distract from the Fundamental Transformation of America ongoing at the White House.

With each and every passing day it becomes more obvious that the OWS movement is Barack Obama’s deluded answer to the Tea Party.

Indeed the only reason OWS exists is for the Obama regime to have something with which to compare the dreaded-by-government Tea Party.

In almost every other nation except the United States of America, protests are toppling elected governments.  Protesters are replacing governments in Europe with One World Order elitists; protesters are handing over Middle Eastern countries to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In patriot-proud America, Obama knows he cannot possibly win re-election by ordinary, non-cheating means.  Obama and his dirty Democrats were shellacked by the hated Tea Party in midterm elections.  The arrogant, high-handed Marxist Messiah will not let it happen again even it it means suspending elections.

At no matter what park, in no matter what weather, OWS activists, who work in shifts with Starbucks coffee breaks part of their pay grade, will be on the streets fomenting for Revolution right up until polls close on Nov. 6, 2012.

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A recommended book: Educate yourselves America before November 2012.

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