Occupy and Obama Fail: A List of Occupy Mayhem Sorted by Type



From Verum Serum:

November 16, 2011

Just Like the Tea Party: A List of Occupy Mayhem Sorted by Type

John on November 16, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Rather than just an unordered list, I was thinking it might be helpful to categorize the mayhem by type.

  • Occupy Boston – Two drug busts in a week
  • Occupy Boston – Another drug arrest
  • Occupy Boston – Heroin dealers busted were living with 6 year old boy directly behind welcome tent
  • Occupy Portland – First hand account “Drugs. Selling…Heroin. Meth.”
  • Occupy Portland – Video of open drug use in the camp
  • Occupy Portland – I get high
  • Fraud
  • Occupy Oakland – Fatal shooting
  • Public disturbance
  • Occupy DC – Let’s have a coup by taking over the military
  • Ted Rall wants occupiers to choose the path of violence
  • Occupy DC – Mike Malloy incites crowd to cheer for President Bush’s execution
  • Suicide/Overdose
  • Occupy Portland – Theft is ongoing
  • Occupy Boston – Store owner suffers 4 break-ins since camp began
  • Vandalism

I’m leaving some out, but these are the ones we’ve covered on the blog so far.








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