Eric Holder Junkets to Caribbean as Calls for his Resignation Heat Up



November 17, 2011

On Thursday morning Louisiana Republican Rep. Charles Boustany became the 44th congressman to demand Attorney General Eric Holder’s immediate resignation. With his addition to the growing call for Holder to step down, ten percent of U.S. House members are now convinced that the attorney general should lose his job without delay.

Boustany’s call for Holder’s resignation comes while the attorney general is on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Caribbean. Holder has said he is taking a five-day junket to Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic for law enforcement reasons.

“Attorney General Eric Holder has failed to uphold the duties of his office and must resign immediately,” Boustany said in a statement. “The Attorney General has not been forthright in providing information to Congress relating to the botched program, ‘Operation Fast and Furious.’”

The left-leaning Daily Beast reports that Holder brought staffers and aides on the trip junket, including a spokesperson. It’s unclear if that spokesperson is Tracy Schmaler, who has declined to answer questions about Operation Fast and Furious.

The House Judiciary Committee is also seeking to interview Schmaler to learn information about Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s involvement in preparing the White House’s legal defense of the president’s health care overhaul. A growing chorus of conservatives in Washington has begun to insist on Kagan’s recusal from the Supreme Court’s review of the health care law on the basis of a conflict of interest.

Schmaler didn’t return The Daily Caller’s request about how much Holder’s Caribbean trip is costing taxpayers.

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Do any of YOU find it curious that besides feeling the heat from Congress about Fast and Furious, that Holder is taking his junket NOW…..while the “Occupiers” situation becomes more heated?  When did he know about the November 17th “We are One” uprising in SEVERAL CITIES?

***Note: The link above is an interactive map. Yesterday (Nov. 17th), for the “Big” #OWS demonstrations, the light blue balloons (past events) were dark blue (upcoming events).***






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