The New “American Revolution” & Obama’s 2012 Re-election Strategy



From Canada Free Press:

November 17, 2011

By – Rob Cunningham

Are you, your apolitical family members, friends or neighbors even the least bit curious about Obama’s full endorsement of the ongoing ‘Occupy’ protests sweeping America?

If so, you may want to encourage them to visit the Obama Campaign’s actual 2012 Re-election Strategy Homepage.

Obama, global labor union leaders and avowed Marxist organizations have openly, brazenly joined forces to promote Obama’s 2012 re-election. These groups are hell bent on ensuring Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America is not stopped. Global redistribution of America’s “ill gotten” wealth is their common mission. Free enterprise and American capitalism is their enemy. The US media is providing 100% cover, aid & comfort for these OWS anarchists. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC and most print media publications are direct enemy combatants in this philosophical war against America.

My friends, this is exactly what “community organizing” looks like on an international level.  Obama, the DNC, the media, labor union leaders, far left political activist groups and assorted anti-capitalism, anti-America groups from around the world are working in total solidarity.

Another financial crisis of epic proportions WILL occur before the next Presidential election.  It will occur in a calculated attempt to benefit Obama’s reelection. It will be fully blamed on the “evils of capitalism” and used to agitate and energize the tens of thousands of OWS protestors.

Thousands of OWS choreographed, “in your face” protests are already planned for every state, city, town, nook and cranny of America in 2012.  At the appropriate time, “the match” will be lit, via the next financial crisis, providing maximum anger designed to further motivate OWS rioters.

Make NO MISTAKE about this reality: Global leaders from the Middle East, Palestine, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria and many other anti-American national governments will provide direct and indirect financial aid for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and in an exponentially greater manner than they did in 2008. And who will stop this illegality from happening? Eric Holder? The American media? The feckless Republican party?

In short, the Political Left’s 2012 strategy is based on: 1) Emotionally & financially demoralizing as many Americans as possible, 2) Pit Americans against one another by creating as much incivility, division, chaos, class and race warfare as possible, 3) Leverage the absolute full power and force of the US media to mischaracterize, deceive and ridicule Republicans, conservatives and grass root, Tea Party groups and candidates while, 4) Ignoring, trivializing, or otherwise mischaracterizing the failures, lies, corruption and illegalities of Obama, socialism and crony-capitalism and lastly, 5) Introduce maximum societal chaos and fear as humanly possible by creating a calculated event that scares the majority of voters into pleading for “someone, anyone” to simply “rescue them” (think Katrina victims in New Orleans begging for government aid) from the national chaos. Conveniently, the Obama administration WILL be ready, willing and eager to offer the “perfect solution” to “save” Americans from the “failures of capitalism” and the media will assure the entire nation that only Obama’s solutions can possibly rescue America from imminent collapse. Team Obama is plotting the imminent 2012 chaos and will also be offering a Pre-packaged “solution” in hopes the American people will be gullible enough to “take the bait”. Of course, the only way Obama’s “solution” can possibly work, we will be told, is to reelect Obama.

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The Elections of November 2012 (IF Obama does not suspend them) will NOT be Democrat vs. Republican……

IT WILL BE Marxism/Communism, tyranny and gulag ideology the likes of Mao, Stalin and Che……


Liberty….Freedoms and our AMERICAN Heritage.


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  1. […] The New “American Revolution” & Obama’s 2012 Re-election Strategy […]

  2. […] The New “American Revolution” & Obama’s 2012 Re-election Strategy […]

  3. […] The New “American Revolution” & Obama’s 2012 Re-election Strategy […]

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