While Obama Asks Americans for Ideas to Fix Economy: Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Chuck Schumer Shuts Down Sen. Bell’s Panel Discussion With Tea Party about Debt



Tea Party Debt Commission was scheduled to announce their recommendations to cut $9.7 trillion and balance the budget in four years in the Russell Senate Office Building. Senate staffers told them to leave. Senator Mike Lee wasn’t having it.

**Listen carefully from 0:24 seconds to 1:38 of video**




Remember this?

Barack Obama – National Debt

***9 Trillion while Obama running for POTUS…….NOW in 2011 we are at 15 TRILLION dollars in debt***

Did Obama LIE?


In 2006, then Senator Barack Obama and Harry Reid voted against raising the debt ceiling. That year, the National Debt according to the Treasury Department was $8,506,973,899,215.

NOW, in 2010, the National Debt stands at a historic high of $14,010,072,800,000 and President Barack Obama is pushing for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.

**In November 2011……debt is NOW $15 TRILLION dollars. ***  http://www.usdebtclock.org/




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