Warren Buffett Sues the IRS. **PLUS** Obama’s Hypocrisy and his THREE best friends



If one does not see the irony/hypocrisy in this……


Buffett Sues the IRS

November 19, 2011

Warren Buffett, who has been running around complaining that the government should “stop coddling the super-rich” and should raise taxes, is  reportedly suing the IRS to avoid $643 million in taxes that the government says Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets subsidiary owes the government for failing to collect ticket taxes from NetJets customers (who include Mr. Buffett himself). The suit against the IRS is filed by NetJets Large Aircraft Inc., not by Mr. Buffett himself, but Mr. Buffett is CEO of NetJet parent Berkshire and its largest individual shareholder.

Neither the Bloomberg News article, which is by Don Jeffrey and was edited by Charles Carter and Andrew Dunn, nor the Wall Street Journal story, by Erik Holm, comment on the obvious irony or inconsistency of Mr. Buffett running around claiming the government should raise taxes on other rich people while going to the unusual length of suing to avoid paying taxes the government says his company owes on behalf of its private-jet-using clients. When the tax man doesn’t coddle Mr. Buffett, he sues! Whatever the merits of the underlying case, and whatever distinctions might be made between Berkshire the company or its customers and Mr. Buffett as an individual, it’s still an amazing situation. Or maybe not so amazing to those of us who have argued all along that the tax increases Mr. Buffett favors would barely apply to him and would actually improve his position relative to his competitors. When it comes to a tax that actually hurts him or his company, he’s willing to sue so that he keeps getting coddled.



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Warren Buffett, hypocrite


We can’t forget Obama’s “Bud” Jeffrey Immelt and GE:

GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits


Obama “Bud” and Master Financier George Soros:

Economic Warfare Against the West

Soros engaged in a complex financial transaction that resulted in the Bank of England losing billions of dollars defending the British pound before having to devalue it. This assault on the British currency has not been analyzed to the extent necessary. One author, George Taylor, wrote a book, Germany Tries Again,9 offering the theory that Soros benefitted from inside information from the German government, and that Germany is attempting to re-establish a position of dominance in Europe. The author notes that both Germany and Soros favored the break-up of Yugoslavia and support for the Muslims in Bosnia. Other analysts suggest the so-called “rich Europeans” who invest with Soros and conceal their identities are based elsewhere and have greater influence over him. Other analysts raise the possibility that Soros is supported by either China or Russia.

In any case, the idea that his wealth has resulted from his own deep understanding and analysis of global financial markets has to be challenged. The secret nature of his trading and currency manipulations lends itself to speculation about whether or not he is in cahoots with other special interests, including those hostile to the U.S.

Significantly, Soros recently failed in his effort to have the European Court of Human Rights lift his conviction in an insider trading case in France.

In a major U.S. court case filed by the law offices of David H. Relkin, Soros was charged with “money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, and bid rigging” and of having a “pattern of money laundering activities.” A Soros representative was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying that the lawsuit was completely without merit. 10

The suit reviews some of what is known publicly about the history of Soros’s investments: “In August of 1990, according to Reuters News Agency, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents claimed that Banco de Columbia and other banks were conduits for Latin American drug money. In or about August 1994, according to Reuters, Soros acquired a nine percent interest in Banco de Columbia.”


Soros has categorically denied receiving money from drug cartels or any form of criminal activity. The fact remains, however, that at least some of his financial operations have been based offshore, in banking and financial centers that are reported to be considered conducive to money-laundering.

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Obama’s “Buds”……..

One doesn’t pay taxes and is suing the IRS.

One doesn’t pay taxes on 14 BILLION in PROFITS.

One has monies offshore to avoid paying taxes and has possible ties to money manipulation.

Yet Obama has the AUDACITY to say the rich should pay MORE?



Hey you Useful Idiots at Occupy Wall Street……..do you have enough know-how or brains to assimilate this?



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