Is it TIME to Stop Funding the UN and Remove it From U.S. Soil? UNESCO Promotes SYRIA to Human Rights Position



UNESCO Promotes Syria to Human Rights Position


November 18, 2011

The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported yesterday that the UNESCO committee on human rights had accepted Syria as a member:

A short time after UNESCO, the UN’s organization for education and science, accepted the Palestinian Authority as a full member despite strong U.S. and Israeli opposition, it is now Syria’s turn to receive a present from the organization.

On Wednesday, the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad was chosen to be the Arab representative on the UNESCO committee the deals with issues relating to the implementation of human rights.
UNESCO’s decision comes after Assad’s regime managed to kill 3,500 demonstrators and arrest tens of thousands, without any due process whatsoever.

Israel has now responded, according to the news website

“We are talking about an outrageous absurdity,” one Israeli official told Israel Radio. “UNESCO is legitimizing Syria [as a human rights champion] even as it is slaughtering its own people.”



What are Susan Rice’s views on this and the Palestinians granted UN voice by UNESCO? Where IS Susan Rice?


And Samantha Power, one of Obama’s foreign policy advisors, response to this?

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Obama is proving he is pro-Palestine day after day and with the company he keeps including Rashid Khalidi; and giving Mary Robinson the Presidential medal (Durban I conference).

Samantha Powers (Pro-Palestine and anti-Israel)  is married to Czar Cass Sunstein and a friend of Mary Robinson.



STOP funding the U.N. with U.S. taxpayer dollars!

GET RID OF THE  UN on U.S. soil!




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