America: Love it or Leave It But Don’t Destroy Her



By Romanticpoet

November 24, 2011

America the Beautiful for spacious skies, freedoms and liberty a motto of yore,

Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists rising once again like an ugly sore.

Is America’s salvation one of a Conservative awakening; a moral society?

Or one of a false utopia; a falsetto of Marx style manifesto and a blind morality?


Virtues nonexistent in the Occupiers realm,

With Anarchists and Marxists at the helm.

Leading useful idiots with Newspeak in Assemblies and on mic-check,

Utilizing Capitalism to message the world; they sorely need a reality check.


Are the parents of these bloviators really proud of their offspring and give mirth?

Or have they been doomed by governmental interference from their child’s’ birth?

Love America or leave it should be the signage; the new slogan to hold dear,

One way tickets to communist countries for occupiers; most today would actually cheer.


Progressives have been trying for over 90 years to destroy America from within,

Blinding youth with the teachings of equality and justice and quotes of Howard Zinn.

Using children/young adults as shields as well as teaching Marxism at worship is within their din

Top down, bottom up, inside out their theory of Marxist utopia; beware America there are enemies within.


Free markets, capitalism and government out of the way,

Is the way to make the economy recover and should be the mantra of today.

Regulations where needed but without Nationalization by Congress,

Maybe, just maybe will get our Nation out of this mess.


We do have a hidden leader; one that feels he is not currently worthy of the Office of President,

He is a true Conservative, a true leader, a 21st century George Washington and a Florida resident.

When will the Republicans wake up and think of whom, for our country, is best?

Independents across America, in a heartbeat would vote FOR Allen West.


Until we SEE a true, honest and worthy leader for our land,

Patriots will march against tyranny; not stick our head in the sand.

America the beautiful; will we again see amber waves of grain?

Or will an American Revolution rear its head once again?


America is a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY; get that through your head,

Show us you leftists understand this; that your brains aren’t full of lead.

The Communists have no use for useful idiots they actually loathe them one and all; they are Marxist RED not blue,

Once in power, the Communists will issue commands; go against them its starvation or a gulag for you.


What, you say, they would never do that to me or you; think the Democrat Party is really BLUE?

Continue to listen to your false leaders; they live in luxury and its a tent or the streets for you.

Awaken all the children and young adults across our land,

Please take your heads out of the continually shifting sand.


Our military, God Bless Them, they fight to give you freedoms to speak your mind,

But occupying private property is NOT a freedom; it is Anarchy… THAT what you have in mind?

SHOW the Patriots within our boundaries you truly love our land.

Find a job, no matter how menial instead of stretching out your hand.






Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries


Apocalypse Audio




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