Obama Fails George Gilder’s ‘Israel Test’



From CNS News:

By Ken Blackwell

November 25, 2011

In these days of Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the U.S., it’s important to see what motivates Obama administration policies here and abroad. Mr. Obama, as a candidate, had to bat away accusations that he was close, too close, to Rashid Khalidi, a radical Palestinian Arab intellectual. Candidate Obama then soothed worried friends of Israel, by minimizing his intellectual fealty to Khalidi, saying merely that “[Khalidi provides] consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases” on matters related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. How humble. How becomingly modest.

Rashid Khalidi is a professor at Columbia University, Mr. Obama’s alma mater. Khalidi holds the Edward Said Chair in Modern Arab Studies at that distinguished Ivy League school. The late Edward Said (sigh-EED) gained respect among left-leaning intellectuals for his numerous writings onOrientalism, the notion that Western colonial powers viewed Arabs, Asians, Africans and Latin Americans as lesser peoples, as “others.” But, Said was most famous—or infamous—for some direct action. He was photographed throwing stones at Israeli forces as they departed South Lebanon in 2000.  Harmless, Said claimed, he was only practicing with his son. But deadly stoning was the weapon of choice for the intifadas engineered by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas against Israeli soldiers. Arafat and Abbas knew that teenage boys throwing stones with lethal accuracy would play well in the Western media, including especially in the pro-PLO precincts of CNN.

At home, the Occupy Wall Street crowd quickly descended to anti-Semitism. They are protesting income inequality, they say, but their cry of 99% against the 1% is a veiled reference to American Jews, who constitute less than 2% of the U.S. population. More than a few anti-Semitic signs and demonstrators have been drawn to Zuccotti Park, in Lower Manhattan.

In Israel, author George Gilder points out, Arabs were wealthier on the West Bank of the Jordan River and in the Gaza Strip than any Arabs in the world. This, in territories administered by Jews that had no oil. From 1967, when Israel won the Six-Day War against four Arab enemies, until 1991, when Arafat instigated the first of his intifadas (stone-throwing riots by youths) and initiated suicide bombings as a terror tactic, Arabs working with the Israelis prospered and lived healthier longer lives.

Despite vast oil revenues in much of the Arab world, Gilder notes in his important book, The Israel Testthe Arab peoples who live in these countries are poor. We have only to contrast the vast wealth amassed by the late and unlamented Muammar Gaddafi (estimated at $200 billion) with the wretched state of the average Libyan to see this. This was equally true of Iraq. The Saudi people, while materially better off than many Arabs, nonetheless are denied religious and civil rights. Arab rulers keep their peoples at bay by blaming all their troubles on the Jews, on Israel.

Gilder sees a direct link from attitudes toward Israel, attitudes toward Jewish excellence, and attitudes toward free enterprise itself. Occupy Wall Street today is protesting against income inequality. They have been embraced by President Obama, whose stated goal is to “spread the wealth around.”  Asked by an interviewer if he would seek tax increases on the wealthy even if that meant lower tax revenues for the government, Mr. Obama said he would, for the sake of “fairness.”

From each according to his abilities to each according to his need: that’s the standard Marxist formulation. Left unsaid is that it is Mr. Obama and his administration that decide whose needs are met and how much to take from those with abilities.

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Excerpt from a speech Glenn Beck gave at David Horowitz’ Restoration Weekend:

November 2011

Hammered in January.  I have been looking for the Archduke Ferdinand moment.  Tunisia, I said.  A man sets himself on fire.  That is the Archduke Ferdinand moment of this generation.  It will cascade across the land.  It will sweep the Middle East.  Radicals, communists, socialists, Islamists, revolutionaries will collude.  To collapse the Western way of life, they will destroy Israel and the United States of America.  And anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s will return.

Of course, I was a crazy man.  Unless you read the papers today.  Israel is our only real friend.

And we have betrayed them.  We are doing more than that.  We are betraying ourselves, our God and our legacy by not standing up now.  I studied Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gandhi, Martin Luther King.  The reason why Bonhoeffer lost in Germany is because there’s a short window.  You cannot play the games of marchers out in the streets like Martin Luther King to a society that has gone to hell already.

There’s this amazing speech given by Adolf Hitler, where they started to actually — the idea was to take the SS, and — you can rat on your neighbor.  If you see something, say something.  Rat on your neighbor.  Well, the people of Germany were so far off the scale that they were taking things from somebody who screwed them in middle school, like — oh, I’ve always wanted to get them back — and turn them in.  Hitler actually said — I’m paraphrasing — it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.  This is Adolf Hitler.  He said — what the hell is wrong with you people?  Adolf Hitler!  Looking at the Germans, and saying — you disgust me.

That’s when he knew he had them.  Because they were so internally corrupt that he could do anything.  And he did.

There’s about an 18-month window.  And I contend we’re in it.  An 18-month window that if you don’t slip through that window, there’s no going back.  And in that 18-month window, that is the moment that a Martin Luther King, or a Gandhi, or an Abraham Lincoln need to appear, and need to lead the people to righteousness.  Or profound global darkness will come.

Occupy Wall Street is some of the most dark, evil stuff I’ve ever seen.  I am moving out of New York City.  I attended a movie in the park with my daughters and my wife this summer.  I’m used to getting the slings and arrows.  I get it.  But leave my children alone.  My children were a block away from me.  And people — women! — were standing up and pointing, and screaming at my children — get out of New York!  My children.  I wasn’t with them.

The country is splitting.  But Martin Luther King was right.  If you put goodness next to evil, if you compare them, and you let people see them — that’s what they’re trying to do at Occupy Wall Street.  They are trying to make the police officers look bad.  Those police officers — I got news for you.  I’m about ready to go club a few of those dopes in the head for them.  These police officers are amazing!  They’re standing there now for, how long, two months?  Standing there.  Being called every name.  Being pushed and poked and prodded.  And they do nothing.  Those are Americans.

We have people who glorify cop killers.  We have rapes going on.  How many people have died?  Seven?  And the media says nothing/






A chilling video…….MSA “hosting Hitler Youth Week.”  MSA student’s ideology exposed….

***Make sure to watch video all the way to the end!***



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  2. […] Obama Fails George Gilder’s ‘Israel Test’ […]

  3. […] Obama Fails George Gilder’s ‘Israel Test’ […]

  4. […] Obama Fails George Gilder’s ‘Israel Test […]

  5. […] Obama Fails George Gilder’s ‘Israel Test […]

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