Are Russia, China and Saudi Arabia the New Trilateral Axis of Evil? If the Euro FALLS; America needs to be Prepared **UPDATED**



Russia is saber rattling; now going to protect Syria (just tortured and murdered 200+ children).

China owns American debt.  And Obama and his minions just keep borrowing more……

Saudi Arabia is one of the most oil rich nations.

If the Euro falls, Europe will face major Recession and American businesses doing business with European countries will suffer great losses.

America, are YOU prepared should a MAJOR Recession hit YOU?

From The Blaze:

Prior to discussing foreign policy and the emergence of a new axis of evil, Bachmann also spoke about how Americans can prepare for potentially “very difficult” times ahead. Citing the ripple effects — namely a recession — America will feel as a result of a European Union collapse, Bachmann expressed disappointment in the fact that “we are hearing more about the Kardashian wedding” than the impending economic implosion of the EU and subsequent U.S. risk.

While Bachmann acknowledged that the U.S. stands to lose $50-60 billion, it will be U.S. companies overseas that will be the hardest hit in such a collapse.

Glenn also pointed out that the U.S. comprises nearly 27 percent of the International Monetary Fund, and because of that will be forced to bail Europe out.

“I wouldn’t,” Bachmann began. “I wouldn’t put U.S. taxpayer exposure at risk.”

Bachmann asserted that the world’s financial resources are either sitting in China, or held by Saudi Arabian sheiks and Russian oligarchs.

“We‘re broke but we act like we’re still on top of the world,” Bachmann said.

“For the first time we’re making decisions that a Banana Republic would make,“ not those ”a first class nation” would make.

“What would you say to the American people about preparing their own house?” Glenn asked Bachmann.

“I would tell them that EU economic collapse could mean U.S. recession,” Bachmann started, qualifying that she would “urge people to not give into that form of panic but think about their own resources” like food, water, and the basics needed for survival.

Bachmann noted that every home in Switzerland is required to have a bomb shelter, food, water and a firearm, suggesting the European country is a potential model for the U.S..

Bachmann urged that Americans “just need to take precautions” in the event of a military or economic “disruption,” however unlikely that may seem, and asked people to consider supplying themselves with what they would need to survive a 7 to 30 day period.

No matter how you may feel about Michele Bachmann, she does speak TRUTH to power in this video:

Link to video


Related Link:



Never mind the stock rally from Monday or the massive sales figures from Black Friday, CNBC’s Jim Cramer had a very grim outlook for the global financial markets going forward. In sum, the European crisis is so bad that the U.S. is grave danger. Business Insider explains:

In his opening segment on Mad Money tonight (via The FlyJim Cramer warns that Europe could easily spoil any party we’re having in the US due to the collapse in credit.

He walks through a fairly long (but very basic) explanation of what credit is, and how central it is to the economy, before (around the 6:30 mark) declaring that we’re in “DEFCON 3, two stages from a financial collapse so huge it’s hard to get your mind around.”

He tells everyone to “curb your enthusiasm.” If you want to stay happy, don’t watch the clips below. But if you want the hard truth go HERE and watch the Part #1 and Part #2 videos.



Central Banks Unveil Coordinated Action to Ease Credit Conditions


Breaking: The Federal ReserveEuropean Central Bank and four other central banks unveiled a coordinated action to provide liquidity to “ease strains in financial markets.”

The central banks agreed to lower the pricing on existing so-called dollar liquidity swap arrangements by 50 basis points. As a contingency measure, they also plan on establishing “bilateral liquidity swap arrangements.”


**Yep, just print more “Monopoly Money” to throw at the problem.  It you don’t fix WHY you got there in the first place; you can liken it to giving a gambler $20.00 and ask them to make it last for a month.  End result?  **


Are YOU prepared America?

Prepare like you will experience a winter blizzard for at least 30 days.

Prepare like you will experience a Category 5 Hurricane for at least 30 days.

Whatever your realm of abode or realm of mind…..don’t say you weren’t’ warned.


Obama’s response to America’s future?

America’s need to prepare if the Euro falls?




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