In True Van Jones Fashion: Occupy Washington,D.C. One Question: Will the Occupy Movement Protest at 1825 K Street NW? If NOT, Here’s Why……


December 4, 2011


First from RUSSIA TV (RT):


Now, the NEW “Occupy” Movement for Washington, D.C. to commence on December 5, 2011 and scheduled to run for one week:


From SEIU:

Union Whose PAC Spent $27M to Elect Obama Organizing ‘Occupy’ Encampment at Capitol

By Fred Lucas

December 2, 2011

( – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), whose political action committee made more than $27 million in independent expenditures to help elect Barack Obama president in 2008, is now organizing a Occupy movement encampment scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. next week.

“It’s time for the 99%-ers to be a visible, peaceful presence in Washington, DC,” says a notice for the event posted on the website of SEIU Local 1991.

“By day we’ll show up at Congressional hearings and K Street lobbyists’ offices, and by night we’ll crash in church auditoriums, union halls, and in tents around the Capitol,” says the notice. “Our goal is to remind Congress their job is to represent all Americans—not just the richest 1%.”

In addition to living in tents on the National Mall (as well as at local churches, halls and homes), the campers are scheduled to “Occupy” congressional offices, march on K Street to visit “corporate lobbying firms that have polluted the political system and rigged the economy against the 99%.”

The SEIU political action committee made more than $27 million in independent expenditures toward the election of Barack Obama in 2008, according to the Federal Elections Commission.

Several of the union’s local chapters have received waivers from the requirements of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

The SEIU Local 1991, based out of Miami Gardens, Fla., is the contact organization for the weeklong event “to show Congress what democracy looks like, shine a light on corporate greed and human suffering it has caused, and demand justice for the 99 percent,” according to the draft itinerary.

Read more here………


ADD THIS: From USAction

Take Back The Capitol!


NOVEMBER 29, 2011

The 99% are taking Congress back from the 1% next week in Washington D.C.

Hundreds of activists and jobless workers from around the country are coming to Washington to fight for JOBS, not cuts.

Check out next week’s schedule:

Monday, December 5: Set up the People’s Camp 
After checking in, pitching tents, and making signs and banners at the People’s Camp (near 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, Northwest), dinner and entertainment will be hosted by OurDC, a local organization of unemployed and underemployed residents.

Tuesday, December 6: Take Back the People’s House 
From the People’s Action Center (Lower Senate Park, near C Street and New Jersey Avenue, Northwest), we’ll form groups and fan out to congressional offices, to remind members of Congress that the Capitol is the People’s House, and demand that they represent the 99%.

Wednesday, December 7: “Make Wall Street Pay” 
We’ll swarm K Street, the lobbying center for the world’s most powerful corporations, and track down those responsible for crashing the economy and causing millions of 99%-ers to lose their jobs and homes—while failing to pay their fair share of taxes.

Thursday, December 8: Demand Justice for the 99% 
The day’s events will include multiple speak-outs throughout the Capitol, a national prayer vigil with unemployed folks and faith leaders, a mass march on key congressional leaders, and a lively jubilee action.

Friday, December 9: Take It Home 
We’ll pack up and head home, and keep the pressure on our representatives in Congress to do right by the 99%.



1825 K Street NW Suite 210

Washington, DC 20006


USAction Connections

===== = =============

AND THIS: From the Progressive Site of Campaign for America’s Future

Why We Must “Take Back The Capitol”

By Isaiah J. Poole

December 2, 2011

“Take Back the Capitol” is a week of actions intended to expose and challenge the dysfunction in Washington fostered by the intransigence of conservative ideologues, the rapaciousness of corporate lobbyists and the cowardice of those we would expect to stand against them. As a flier promoting the week explains, the aim is to “show Congress what democracy looks like, shine a light on corporate greed and the human suffering it has caused, and demand justice for the 99 percent.”

Several thousand protestors—bringing together the Occupy movement, organized labor and other progressive activists—will converge on the National Mall starting Monday as Congress is deciding what action it will take on a continuation of a payroll tax break for workers and aid for the long-term jobless. The plan is for participants to go directly to congressional offices Tuesday with their “jobs, not cuts” message, condemning Congress’ failure to send legislation to President Obama that would use the resources of government to put people to work while the private sector economy recovers.


Campaign for America’s Future / Institute for America’s Future
1825 K Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006


This ties into a blog posted recently:

Okay Obama; the BALL is NOW in Your “Court”. Still want to Back the Occupiers? Or Did YOU (Obama) Approve of This?



The labor and Occupy Wall Street movements are joining forces again – this time to launch “Occupy Congress.” Evoking memories of the Resurrection City encampment in the nation’s capital during the civil rights struggles of 1968, the plan involves setting up tents housing jobless workers from every state in the union, with the numbers of unemployed emblazoned on signs outside the tents.

“We decided to take back the Capitol. We want them to stare the unemployed workers in the face,” declared Service Employees President Mary Kay Henry over the phone from her union’s headquarters in Washington. “What we’re doing,” she said, “is setting up a people’s camp.”

In addition to SEIU, other unions, including the Communications Workers of America and the Steelworkers, are already calling members and supporters to build support for Occupy Congress. Groups such as and the Center for Community Change have announced that they too plan to participate. The action is also being discussed in Occupy Wall Street encampments and meetings across the country.



Are a MAJORITY of the “Occupiers” that will be in Washington, D.C. actually HYPOCRITES?

Quotes from above:

[SEIU] the campers are scheduled to “Occupy” congressional offices, march on K Street to visit “corporate lobbying firms that have polluted the political system and rigged the economy against the 99%.”


[USAction]:We’ll swarm K Street, the lobbying center for the world’s most powerful corporations 

BUT if you do an internet search this address:

1825 K Street NW

Washington, D.C.,


Here are SEVERAL lobbyists at ONE address on K Street

Read by clicking on blue lettered link below:

How Many Organizations Can Operate From This One Address:1825 K St NW Suite #210 Washington,D.C. 20006? Here Are Just A Few!Look!

1825 K St NW #210 Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone: (202) 263-4520

If you do an internet lookup of just the address you find:  : United Food and Commercial Workers Union USAction


The above are organizations connected to this one address.

If you do a Muckety Map of USAction you see this:

Of Note Here:

William McNary: President of USAction

Also director of : Women’s Voices.Women vote that is connected to the Democracy Alliance And John Podesta of the Center for American Progress AND Center for a New American Security (Blair one of Obama’s Czars involved here).

If you go to and look up Non-profit organization related to USAction you see this:

If you click on the USAction Education Fund you see this:

This “Education Fund” has NOTHING to do with Schools; it is in VOTER Education and actions to help pass the demogratic agenda (Obama).

What I would like to know:

Type of Foundation: USAction Education Fund

Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public

Amount reported: $5,500,000+ for 2007.

Another person of interest with the connection to USAction is Heather Booth:

Discover her networks here:

A radical activist from the 60′s that continues her activism today.

These are only two activists connected to ONE of the above listed organizations.


Jordan K. Rinehart

Field Associate

1825 K Street NW Suite 210

Washington, DC 20006

United States

USAction on the Web:


Grassroots campaign professional with experience in managing information systems and data, staff recruitment, hiring and training, internship curriculum development, event planning, contract management and door-to-door fundraising operations.

For inquiries regarding USAction’s internship program or economic justice campaign program, email

Work History

Washington, DC, United States
2008 – Present
Field Associate

West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund

Charleston, WV, United States
Civic Engagement and Research Coordinator

Obama for America

Huntington, WV, United States
Field Organizing Intern


An INTERESTING group listed at the above Address:

Ives Hall Consulting

Our Building Block: An Innovative Strategic Approach

Our approach is customized to produce the best design for success because we believe that every organization/region is made up of unique variables, assets, and individuals. IHC will partner with you to conduct an initial assessment and provide both initial and comprehensive assistance to help you develop the best innovative strategy to reach your goals.

How Can We Help?

Management Capacity
IHC partners have over 50 years of combined management expertise in the areas of education systems and compliance; workforce, economic, and community development; federal, state, and local government affairs; and international development.  Our team can support your existing organizational structure or work independently to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Economic and Community Development Strategy
IHC specializes in strategy development that will accelerate regional competitiveness, and will work with your city, state, or region to investigate and develop the best strategies that will align and leverage local and regional assets to include workforce, educational,  and other anchor institutions, businesses, government, foundations, and the local community. IHC will work to explore and adopt various economic models i.e. regional innovation clusters frameworks or other growth models for US and international partners.


IHC’s core team has worked or partnered with the following businesses, academic, government and non-government organizations:

View Portfolio

IHC’s core team of partners have collective years of experience working within and/or as partners with the following businesses, academic, government and non-government organizations:

    • Afro-America XXI, Colombia, South America
    • Bert Corona Leadership Institute, Washington, DC
    • California Department of Education
    • Capital Area Assets Builders
    • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    • Dominican National Roundtable, Washington, DC
    • Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, Los Angeles , CA
    • Housing Development Corporation of The Council of Churches, New York, NY
    • Interstate Migrant Education Council
    • Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC
    • Levantamos, Salvador, Brasil
    • Penn State University Economic Partnerships
    • Texas Education Agency
    • University of Virginia Office of Economic Development
    • US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
    • US Department of Commerce
    • US Department of Education, Washington, DC
    • US Department of Housing and Urban Affairs
    • US Department of Labor
    • US Small Business Administration
    • White House Office on Urban Affairs
    • Win Worldwide Systems International
    • Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

Ives Hall Consulting, Inc.

1825 K Street, NW, Suite 210

Washington, DC 20006





At the Address:

1825 K Street NW

Suite #400

Washington, D.C.

Health Care for America Now



Campaign for America’s Future / Institute for America’s Future

1825 K Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006

CAF Board Members

IAF Board Members



Convicted Felon and Democrat Strategist Robert Creamer Visits White House FIVE TIMES in August 2011; Tied to #OWS?


Van Jones Calls on Occupiers to Block Major Ports.



Crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction. Because it is limited to organizing and encouraging opposition to government rather than directly participating in its overthrow, sedition is regarded as falling one step short of the more serious crime of treason.
In the U.S. the display of a certain flag or the advocacy of a particular movement, such as syndicalism, anarchism, or communism, has periodically been declared seditious. More recently, the courts have applied a more stringent test of sedition to ensure that constitutional guarantees regarding freedom of speech are not abridged. See also Alien and Sedition Acts.

For more information on sedition, visit

Read more:


Is the Above Freedom of Speech OR Sedition?



Sunshine is the BEST Disinfectant against Marxism/Communism/Progressivism/Anarchism in America.





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