Hey Occupiers! Read THIS: Insane Government Employee Pensions.



Occupiers: Information you are NOT being “fed” at your General Assemblies. Will YOU wise up?

By BLAIRE BRIODY, The Fiscal Times

July 13, 2011

When it comes to government employees, there’s plenty of news about laid off social workers in Florida, furloughed forest rangers in Minnesota,  and underpaid teachers everywhere else. Yet even during these hard times, there are thousands of government employees who still earn great, big salaries – many of them hundreds of thousands more than the $400,000 Obama pulls down each year. In 2009, 347 Texas state employees earned more than the president; 53 of them made more than $600,000. In New York, 35 employees were paid over $400k last year. Since 2005, the number of Federal employees earning $150,000 plus has jumped tenfold: going from 12,399 to 171,689. Much of the increase has been in medicine. Doctors at veterans hospitals and prisons averaged $179,500 in 2010, up from $111,000 in 2005.

See our slideshow here on 10 insanely overpaid government employees. We reported all their yearly earnings, which in addition to base salary, includes bonuses, overtime pay, and other pay. The “other pay” can be things like unused sick days–$594,976 worth of them for one California employee – something private sector employees could only dream of. Oh, and did we mention all of them are men?







Perhaps the greatest, and, most obvious hypocrisy of all is that, unless born into privilege — as is the case with some of our celebrities below — it can be argued that none of these high net-worth individuals would be where they are today without having availed themselves of the advantages of capitalism.

Here is a list of the 10 wealthiest celebrities supporting Occupy Wall Street. According to Celebrity Networth, the site that compiled the list, they have a combined net worth of $1.255 billion.


***The following list is from 2007; imagine what they claim for salaries FOUR YEARS later…..***

Top 10 Highest-Paid Union Bosses
By Human Events
Posted 07/17/2007

Reported by the U.S. Department of Labor

1. G. William Hunter
Executive Director
NBA Players Association
Salary: $2,185,446

2. Eugene Upshaw
Executive Director
NFL Players Association
Salary: $2,064,526

3. Donald M. Fehr
Executive Director
MLB Players Association
Salary: $1,000,000

4. Jimmy Warren
Financial Treasurer
Steelworkers and AFL-CIO
Salary: $825,262

5. Gregory J. Hessinger
Chief Executive Officer
Screen Actors Guild
Salary: $803,399

6. Alan Eisenberg
Executive Director
Actors and Artists, AFL- CIO Branch
Salary: $720,743

7. Jay Roth
National Executive Director
Directors Guild of America
Salary: $686,673

8. Don Hunsucker
President and CEO
United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1288
Salary: $679,949

9. John McLean
Executive Director
Writers Guild, West Headquarters
Salary: $650,402

10. Gerald McEntee
State, County & Municipal Workers
Salary: $629,291


*****BUT they claim to be for the members and the working class, right?***



The poor Occupier lemmings; they don’t realize they are being played as USEFUL IDIOTS.

In political jargon, the term useful idiot was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. The implication is that though the people in question naïvely thought themselves an ally of the Soviet Union, they were actually held in contempt and were being cynically used.

The term has been extended to other people perceived as propagandists for a cause they do not understand.





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