Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ICE Is Refusing to Take Illegal Immigrants From Maricopa County Sheriff’s Offices (Video)



Chicago Politics a la Obama Administration



From Gateway Pundit

By Jim Hoft

December 22, 2011

The Obama Justice Department already revoked Arpaio’s deputies’ ability to check immigration status inside the county jails. Now ICE officials are refusing to take illegal immigrants from the Maricopa County sheriff’s offices.

KPHO reported:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had his first run-in with a group of suspected illegal immigrants since things heated up with the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice recently revoked his deputies’ ability to check immigration status inside Maricopa County jails.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Justin Griffin says they pulled over a vehicle and have eight people in their custody for human smuggling at 35th Avenue and Durango.

Griffin says they attempted to give four of the detainees to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but MCSO says ICE is refusing to take them.

Griffin says, “We asked ICE, ‘If we were DPS, would you take them from us?’ And we were told specifically, ‘Yes.’”

Last week the Obama Justice Department issued a report saying Arpaio’s office carried out a blatant pattern of discrimination against Latinos.

Now the Obama Administration is refusing to take illegal immigrants from his jails.



PHOENIX –  Sheriff Joe Arpaio says a scathing U.S. Justice Department report about his office’s law enforcement tactics marks what he calls “a sad day for America as a whole.”

At a news conference, Arpaio says the government’s move will result in releases from jail of illegal immigrants who had previous been arrested for crimes.

Investigators interviewed more than 400 people, including Arpaio, reviewed thousands of documents and toured county jails as part of its probe, he said.

If the sheriff’s office doesn’t turn around its policies and practices, the federal government could pull millions of dollars of federal funding.

Arpaio’s office did not immediately respond to AP requests for comment.

The report will require Arpaio to set up effective policies against discrimination, improve training and make other changes that would be monitored for compliance by a judge. Arpaio faces a Jan. 4 deadline for saying whether he wants to work out an agreement.

If not, the federal government will sue him and let a judge decide the complaint.

The Justice Department said it hadn’t yet established a pattern of alleged wrongdoing by the sheriff’s office in the three areas where they will continue to investigation: complaints of excessive force against Latinos, botched sex-crimes cases and immigration efforts that have hurt the agency’s trust with the Hispanic community.



Stand strong Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  YOU, sir are upholding the LAWS of this country.  This just brings to the forefront the Obama’s Administration’s attempt to rule by fiat/edict a la Cosa Nostra  style politics.


As an ASIDE but just as important:

A problem within DHS that Napolitano’s crew is involved in:

Read at link below

EXCLUSIVE: Beset By Strife at Chemical Security Office, DHS Internal Report Claims Anti-Terrorism Program Now In Jeopardy



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  1. Obama can have his own army,why cant you Joe? Keep up the good work Joe Arpaio.

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