US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%. The USA has now joined Greece in Massive Debt


From Hyscience:

US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%

December 22, 2011

Congratulations, America … our debt-to-GDP has just passed 100%, which means that we’ve now joined with Greece as members of the triple digit “debt to GDP” club:

… US debt, net of all settlements for all already completed bond auctions, is now at precisely $15,182,756,264,288.80. Why is this relevant? Because the latest annualized US GDP, according to the BEA, was $15,180,900,000.00. Which means that, as of today, total US debt to GDP is 100.012%.

And it’s growing every minute. In fact, as pointed out at Zero Hedge, the debt-to-GDP of 100.012% is purely “on the books” data. If one adds the NPV (net present value) of all US liabilities, and adjusts GDP for such things as today’s housing contraction, then the magical triple digit threshold was breached long, long ago and we’re much closer to Greece than the ‘100.012%’ implies.



To all the “occupiers”, the Marxists/Socialists/Communists that have the gaul to say our country is not broke:

SHUT UP!  Quit looking and acting as stupid as most Americans think you are.



It is TIME for all patriots within our country to gear up and work to elect ANY candidate that is a CONSERVATIVE.

 Beware of those in sheep’s clothing (RINOS and fake Tea party candidates).  

Vet your candidates; ASK QUESTIONS about their views on budget and deficit in Washington, D.C.  

LOOK at their voting records.

Volunteer for your candidates.

Be a Poll Watcher during elections in 2012.

Make sure ANY Secretary of State candidates that may be running in your state is a CONSERVATIVE.  George Soros funded Democracy Alliance and the New Organizing Institute is working to put as many progressive/liberals in this position.



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