Protesters of Kafranbel, Syria, Carrying Amazing Signs



From Trevor Loudon:

December 23, 2011

Not everybody in the Middle East hates the US.

***Stop the video at 0:15 and read the sign**


**The protestors are against the Baath party of Assad (the same party that was of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship) that is currently reigning in Syria.**


From Twitter:

Syria Days of Rage

@SyriaDayofRage… (12-20-11) Khattab #Hama | Students Call for the Fall of the Baath Regime #Syria


Remember this? From 2007



Pelosi receives warm welcome in Syria

April 03, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived Tuesday in the Syrian capital, where she is expected to tackle an issue complicating the U.S. mission in the Middle East — Damascus’ alleged support for militants in Iraq and Lebanon.

Though her visit conjured a strong rebuke by the White House, Syria seemed to welcome the 67-year-old California Democrat.

After arriving in Damascus, Pelosi visited a centuries-old market district, where she mingled with Syrians. She also visited the Omayyad mosque in Old Damascus, which is considered one of the most sacred sites in the capital.



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