Union Bosses’ NLRB Rams Through Ambush Election Rule. Is FORCED Unionism of Businesses Obama’s Goal?



While YOU were paying attention to the faux fighting in Congress over the payroll tax fable the Republicans were handing you……



Union Bosses’ NLRB Rams Through Ambush Election Rule

December 22, 2011

by LaborUnionReport  

For more than five years, Left-wing union bosses have tried to ram union representation down the throats of America’s union-free workforce. They first tried, through their bought-and-paid-for stooges within the Democratic party, to enact the delusionally-dubbed Employee Free Choice Act. After that scheme failed, they opted for Plan B: Using Obama’s appointments of union extremists at the National Labor Relations Board to issue a slew of pro-union decisions and usher in changes that make it easier for unions to pick off job creators and their employees.

On Wednesday, the union attorneys at the NLRB adopted a final rule on their controversial proposal that paves the way for unions to conduct ambush elections on America’s union-free workplace. While the rule will not go into effect immediately (it takes effect April 30, 2012), the substance of  the rule goes to the stripping of due process from the minority of employers who challenge the validity of a union’s petitioned-for voting unit.

As the result of removing an employer’s right to object to the petitioned-for unit through a regional NLRB hearing and request for review by the NLRB in Washington, not only does it enable the NLRB to conduct “quickie” elections (in as little as 17 days from petition filing), but it will also likely cause more employers to use the federal courts as a means of redress against a blatantly pro-union NLRB.


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Dismissing reservations expressed by business, NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce and Member Craig Becker voted in favor of proceeding with publication of the final rule, while Member Brian Hayes voted against it. The final rule, championed by unions, will restrict or eliminate an employer’s right to challenge pre-election and post-election issues. This could limit an employee’s ability to make an informed decision when choosing if he or she wishes to be represented by a union. The rule, barring judicial action, becomes effective April 30, 2012.

“A fair elections process that unions, businesses and employees have agreed works the vast majority of the time has been unnecessarily altered to benefit union organizers,” said ALFA president and CEO Richard P. Grimes. “With this rule, the labor board continues to enable unions to organize workplaces at the expense of employee and employer rights.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace have filed a lawsuit in federal court to challenge the rule.


Once AGAIN Obama has successfully circumvented our Congress.


Is Obama a UNIONIST?

Obama SEIU’s Agenda is My Agenda


Uncovered Video Obama Leads SEIU Chant After Vowing to Paint the Nation Purple

***Listen carefully from 0:20 to 0:40: “going after companies that won’t let you organize”




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