‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…..In America 2011



“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the zone,

The Obama blog sitters were busy; leaving no one alone.

The keyboards were tapping, the Axelrod quips were ablaze,

Their words are the only “gold” everyone at media matters sayz.


They are the only edumacated souls; they consider you a dummy.

They think we only sit around, watch TV and play gin rummy.

But, what to our wondering eyes do appear?

Facts and research that they can’t spin…….Oh, Dear.


A couple of Progressives like to hit my site from time to time,

Carl Davidson a social democrat; more like a Marxist sublime.

Ben Hoffman a Progressive sitting at NRDC next-door to WaPo,

He states he doesn’t always side with Obama…….Maybe Bo?


You see they claim I’m a Republican; no I’m really an Independent they love to attack,

They should be really careful because one day my friends might bite them back.

Some Independent voters, old Reagan style (Blue dog) Conservative Democrats, have realized WHO they are,

And have decided the Center Right is where we “sit” and really know WHO we are.


For those that read my blogs; thank you from my heart.

Don’t let the Marxists and Progressives tear our country apart.

STAND for your convictions, realize the newspeak they spew,

And vote for WHO you feel can protect and LOVE America whether Red or Blue.


May the spirit, love and meaning of Christmas be a blessing for you,

Take in the sites, the sounds, the season; no reason to be blue.

Expect miracles; place them near your heart and hold them tight,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to all my friends at this site.








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