The AFSCME and SEIU Want to Unionize Your Child’s Babysitter



From PJmedia:

By Walter Hudson

December 30, 2011

Meet Your SEIU Babysitter and the Left’s Scheme to Unionize Everything

The union has one eye on your children, and the other on your wallet

Of the services you employ on a regular basis, there may be none of greater import than the care of your children. It’s a tremendous responsibility which you delegate with extreme diligence. There is little margin for error, and it is unlikely you would tolerate many shenanigans from your provider.

Of course, that is predicated upon the notion of choice. You may impose your expectations upon your provider because you have the option to take your child and your money elsewhere.

What if you didn’t have that choice? What if competing providers were banned and you were forced to deal with a monopoly on its terms? Suddenly, your expectations would take a back seat. With nowhere else to go, you would work with what you had or not at all.

Such is the vision of the Association of Federal, State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and their parent organization, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). They have succeeded in unionizing home-based childcare providers in 14 states, and are working hard to add to that list.

But wait. How does that work? How do home-based childcare providers unionize? They’re self-employed, aren’t they? What, do they picket their own front yard? Not exactly.

Many of these home-based providers have customers who receive state subsidies for childcare. As the unions see it, such second-hand subsidy effectively turns providers into employees of the state. As such, it is said that they ought to be able to organize as state employees and collectively bargain for larger subsidies and favorable regulation.

It’s an extremely creative argument which if applied universally could expand union membership dramatically. At the risk of giving them ideas, imagine the same logic applied to grocers and gas stations. EBT is a subsidy after all. Doesn’t that make every mom and pop corner store a subsidiary of the state? That’s certainly the style of argument.

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Once the Government OWNS Your Children; What’s Left? The Obama “Plan” for America?

November 20, 2011


Not content with the massive government growth since Obama came into power, Comrade Pelosi wants even more. This time she’s campaigning for federal child care which is a true Communistic principle:


Communist society considers the social education of the rising generation to be one of the fundamental aspects of the new life. The old family, narrow and petty, where the parents quarrel and are only interested in their own offspring, is not capable of educating the “new person”. The playgrounds, gardens, homes and other amenities where the child will spend the greater part of the day under the supervision of qualified educators will, on the other hand, offer an environment in which the child can grow up a conscious communist who recognises the need for solidarity, comradeship, mutual help and loyalty to the collective.

The masks are coming off the Progressives. They don’t even try to hide their Marxist agendas any more. Pelosi wants to be reinstated as Speaker of the House (she must dearly miss the power that position has) and as her primary campaign topic, she is going all out for national child care.

Last week, the California congresswoman hit five cities in five days, barnstorming for money to try to win the 25 more seats it would take to regain control. And if that happens — or when, according to her — at the top of her to-do list, she says, will be “doing for child care what we did for health-care reform” — pushing comprehensive change. …

Of the need for child-care legislation, she says, “I could never get a babysitter — have five kids in six years and no one wants to come to your house. . . . And everywhere I go, women say the same thing” about how hard it is to find the kind of reliable care that would make their family lives calmer and work lives more productive. When it comes to “unleashing women” in a way that would boost the economy, she says, “this is a missing link.”

Congress did pass such a bill, in 1971, but President Richard M. Nixon vetoed it because he thought it would undermine families and force them to put children in government-run centers.


Tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like the Marxists in 1920′s Russia. They never, ever give up and have been pushing the destruction of the central family unit along with complete government involvement in child care for a long, long time. The Communists wanted women to have to work, so the government would get to step in with national child care and an iron grip on citizens from cradle to grave. She wants to resurrect the bill form 1971 that Nixon vetoed as her next big goal. Pelosi is just the corrupt, Marxist Progressive to get it done too. She is incredibly dangerous and evil.


If indeed Pelosi achieves her goal and the government does for child care what it did for healthcare, it might look something like this:

  • A childcare mandate requiring all parents to buy childcare for their children and enter the workplace.

  • A national electronic database of all parents and their parenting habits, ostensibly to determine and enforce the use of “best practices” for raising children.

  • Forcing all private-sector child care professionals out of business, creating a single-caregiver government monopoly subjecting impressionable young children to government indoctrination in everything from climate change to illegal immigration and abortion.

1984 comes knocking on our doors and our children are the price of government oversight. Makes you all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? More likely, it chills you to the bone and there is fear in the pit of your stomach for your family and children. You have to ask yourself, “Once they own your kids, what’s left?”






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